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  1. Hebe wiri mist or a sub variety of that.
  2. As I said different parts can equal different mechanical issues that can occur hardly vague . Obviously your a fan as you brought one which is great. i hope it works out cheaper new vehicle that are reliable all for it. But not going to have a agurement with you regarding my answer.
  3. Very true, but they have know issues because of this, and the parts used are not the high quality parts of these brands. Some people love them but look how cheap you can pick up a second hand one for, compared to an Isuzu, ford ranger that retain there value etc. Personally cheap doesnt work out and ends up costing more in my opinion.
  4. Just buyer beware, they are cheap for reason, different parts from different manufacturers and issues can occur. I was to kept away so listen to that person. But each to their own, just not a vehicle for me.
  5. Keep away @Rob Stockley cheap for a reason. Ask me tomorrow
  6. Great idea my kids love bees especially the 3 year old, thankfully we have the arataki honey shop which is free and has a live hive etc. Kids like to touch and interact so take some wax to hold and smell, honey to taste, a veil to wear and a empty smoker.
  7. This happened last year, as well and will keep happening no real surprises there, until the boom ends.
  8. Fatsia japonic most areas have them growing in full bloom now
  9. Snail, slugs have cream colured eggs but usally in a cluster, not a wax moth larva in its cocoon
  10. Flick me a text if your doing its next weekend .
  11. Looks easy like the first one you did.
  12. All depends where you live and if you have childern and are entitled to goverment assistance and grants which would help you, still would be a struggle with kids, mortgage living costs etc.
  13. Agreed dont worry about joe blogs beekeeping down the road and what he is paying and doing. Focus on your staff and business if you can afford to give raises and your staff have preformed well do it. Its all relative to your bank balance and profit margins, and staffing requirments.
  14. Agreed but if you are not making money you need to be careful, that you dont over extend your businesses capabilities be as fair as the business can be, big picture Problem is, word would get around that you pay poor, ditch people and then the only people applying for there replacement are rubbish. The ones staying will be waiting to leave once they get experience, and your business will suffer.
  15. Then increase there wages if they have preformed well and bonus if they have exceeded expections. You can increase it by cpi inflation rate otherwise. Keep in mind your profit margin and how your business has preformed. Employees leaving can cost a business up to twice or three times there salay in training, time etc so be fair.
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