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  1. That's really good info, unfortunately can't make the conference, but will get in touch with the local club. He's not allergic and will get both those books. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks Yesbut, we have found that link good. Definitely keen on any beginners courses here in the Bay, even for the practical would be very useful. Hopefully someone might know of any coming up in the Tauranga region or if any local clubs we could be referred to?
  3. Hi All, My hubby and I have just joined this site and are really enjoying all the info. We are based in the Bay of Plenty and my hubby is really keen to do a course (introductory or any) plus would love some experience or full time work that may be available for him to start in the bee keeping industry? He is avaiable from 1st July as changing his trade and is really keen to get started as a bee keeper, any information on courses or jobs available etc. would be great? He is very fit, out going and friendly, currently has his First Aid certificate, class 1 & 2 license, plus D &am
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