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  1. If you only vaporize during winter, when and what treatment do you supplement with, if at all?
  2. My question comes from the video below, I linked it where it talks about it. According to the video, proplis makes the hive healthier so beekeepers have been "roughing up" their hives so the bees surround the hive with more proplis, thus make it better protected and healthier. Is there truth to this and is there enough proven facts to warrant doing this? Video here:
  3. Does anyone have advice around preventing your plastic equipment from melting from being near or in contact with the oxalic acid vaporizer? This wasn't something I considered till I was swapping boxes and I noticed there is a hole in one of my hive doctor bases and the bottom of a few frames being disfigured.
  4. You mean they don't get stored in the freezer? If not, after the freeze and dry where/how do you store them?
  5. I don't have the space nor really willing to make the investment..
  6. Greatest struggle for me is preserving boxes/frames. I've built a thing that lets me store outdoor, sealed enough that bees can't get in but with mesh covering the gaps to allow air flow to deter wax moths. I don't get moths, but a lot of frames become moldy and I throw a heap out every year. Not really sure what the solution is yet..
  7. Collected a tennis ball size swarm last week with a virgin queen, guess I missed the big one
  8. I did see that too, and it's not the first she lost either.
  9. If I saw a swarm, this definitely would not be the first thing I would think to do.. But perhaps it's safe to say... shes a keeper?
  10. Thought I'd share my modified version a friend helped me with. Has an off switch just above handle for your thumb so you can operate it with one hand. Works like a laptop, has a battery that I can switch to for portable use. Or connect it to a wall power socket to use that and also charge the battery. All sits in a sealed plastic container with a top handle
  11. I think I got used to a few hives I have with extremely docile bees, no smoke but still no stings...
  12. For people that don't wear any protection, I've been wondering if their entire apiary has a bee line of very docile bees, or if they just put up with occasional stings. I've definitely had ankle stings and I've got a few aggressive hives and I can see them stinging my gloves and suit occasionally. Though I'm often not bothering with smoke which is probably part of the reason..
  13. http://www.magspy.com/southwest-airlines-in-hot-water-for-not-allowing-passenger-with-emotional-support-bees-on-plane/ For those that feel like starting their day with a laugh
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