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  1. Where abouts are you Jason?
  2. Great story, I cant offer any work but if you're up in Northland and find yourself in the Hokianga Harbour - i can offer you a place to stay and a glass of mead!!
  3. Hi Daniel, will you - or would you make another = with the new job, do you have time?
  4. Varroa, idiots, mud, wind, overcrowding, overcrowding & overcrowding...........
  5. Wow mammoth - but great read, been really interesting to see how this has developed. I used the scott shop towels last year - was undecided how well they went. Hats off to Philbee,Glynn and all the others for their work on this and their sharing of the results.
  6. Thanks frazzledfozzle - i'll do a better search. I interpreted it to mean every super as well - pleased that's not the case. i have my anti theft - i'm a local stencil with all the particulars on it, that i have always used on the brood boxes but usually nothing on the supers. Come to think of it most if not all of the big commercials never have an ID on sites here, convita just has their barcode thingie. cheers
  7. Just wondering what others are doing or planning to do to become compliant with the new standards? They may change some of the blather over what is or isn't Manuka, but i can't see anything changing on the hive supers and numbering. The whole paddock to plate thing is ridiculous - But..... I wondered if going along with a cow tag pen was acceptable or am i going to have to create Q codes and stick them to boxes?. And is anyone using or looked at using the software that the kiwi crew has put together?. Actually is anyone using some kind of computer based software, and if so
  8. Hi all, been awhile since posting - but i now have an opinion i'd like to add ...... Being in the thick of tai tokerau - i think "maori" agenda is the same as Pakeha agenda - make money & gain sustainability - of the brand as well as the manuka plant. to talk of a separatist agenda stinks of racism, red neck chest beating, and more ridiculous conspiracy theories. It's not needed nor wanted of course this is purely my opinion
  9. Paulownia is naturally pretty waterproof, i use it to make surfboards - don't know how much absorption you'll get.
  10. I also have treated 50 hives today. I used the 'Scott original shop towels' that the original scientific beekeepers study uses. Two half roll towels per hive. I haven't as yet treated any nucs - what do people think of treating un mated queens? Brood break enough to stall the cycle?. Will be treating 50 more tomorrow. Havent put in sticky boards or done a sugar shake - just seems to be no time ......
  11. Put the bait on the ground or even better over a crack in the ground under a bucket. Bees will never see it
  12. The small ones are native and harmless. The big black ones are introduced pests and emerge that size and eat grass and it's roots overnight like locusts. As a kid any outside light or street lamp was a magnet. Millions upon millions congregating under each pool of light
  13. we used to mix up the user friendly, oats/wheat in a concrete mixer mixed with maldision. nails em
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