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  1. Just as an aside to manuka honey, not too many years ago we sold comb honey to Germany, they tested the honey and found it was 49% manuka so we had to discount the price!!
  2. What's everyone's thoughts on the willow honey this year, are you finding much?
  3. Not really sure what the replies are about, phone number I have provided is for my Dad, John Wright, president of Comb Honey Producers which has been listed in Beekeeping Magazine...
  4. You'd be best to join Comb Honey Producers, give Dad a call (09)2360628. He's in right now, or this evening..
  5. I love your reply, I will show to Dad in the morning cheers:)) exactly, beekeeping and honey harvesting is hard work, my dad 76 and I his daughter sweat to put boxes on and bring harvest in...
  6. Just an observation. I was at Dargaville yesterday for my 10 yo sons swimming races. A chap asked our history abit. I mentioned we were beekeepers, he then said that it was an industry on the slide, I do agree with him. As far as we have heard, bees on pellets being burnt, foul brood spread on purpose. With us, hives stolen thru locked gates, bees and frames removed but boxes/lids/bases left behind intact, so you would not know...Not sure how to end my post, so..... Dad has been in industry for a while, hobby from school:)) Now 76 and still full on, just disheartening how things have become r
  7. had a call last night whilst still on way home from a fellow beekeeper whom in similar area had 32 hives stolen last couple of nights aroundabout
  8. OK, Dad's site's have been there 30 odd years for the frame stealing ones, and last year the ex Crewe farm, bought them of Ed Hillarys brother Rex 50 odd years ago. Friends have hives near, they got robbed last year as well. Dad is a well known beekeeper, president of Comb Honey Producers for along time now. Dad also is the person who instigated feeding of bees in orchards 30 odd years ago, took a patent out for a while. We just do our beekeeping work, me and Dad, try to keep a low profile. We know our fellow beekeepers, just not the ones who sneak in and steal them!!!! The x Cre
  9. I'll attach a photo of hives where the frames and bees were taken in my latest post yesterday. The top box, (2 in photo) you can see where the propolis is on the side of box, we used to have 8 woodframed sections in a frame. But anyway, that's what alot of the boxes are like that have been stolen, hope it makes sense:) In my photo above, you can see where they left behind 1 green plastic frame. Years ago we were supplied with a few of that colour, instead of the usual black and white ones, they obviously didn't want an obvious odd coloured frame..
  10. Only had 9 hives taken here as it has alot of the GWA honey which is quite crappy. Had some just over the hill, really close, but out of site, they were beaut hives, the thieves missed them, we have moved them now:) Must have taken them a while to swap over frames, especially as it was viewable from road, even though away from roadside, must have been late in day as no bees left behind, except for a half depth box, which must have been too hard to get frames out that they left behind, full of honey and bees..
  11. Following on from my last post re hive thefts. Today we went to a site, all our hives are there, little bee activity, on opening hives we find that all the frames and bees are GONE!!!!! Starting to feel overwhelmed right now....
  12. Also, at least 1/2 the boxes will be section full depth boxes, marks will be on inside where sections were, and other side where sections were closed in, identifiable to only our operation..
  13. here there is no reception in this area unfortunately, we have vodafone and the other is spark.
  14. Yes, you do get a glimpse of them going 1 way. Further down road, Arataki have moved a heap in..
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