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  1. Thanks for that Phil. I consider being ahead of the game not being willing to continually alternate between treatments which are potentially showing signs of resistance, and to do some research into alternative methods. I've read the literature but was just looking for some personal experience/anecdotal evidence in addition. Nice to hear you had no losses:)
  2. Hi there, We usually treat our hives by alternating Bayvarol / Apivar, but are considering using MAQ for the upcoming round (we have 1500+ hives). I'd really like to hear from anyone who has used this & what your experience has been (apologies if this has been discussed in other threads I haven't read through)...Were the concerns of overdosing / sufficient ventilation / timing / queen loss actualised? Any heads-up with the treatment? Thanks in advance!
  3. What do you mean by decent ventilation? Is there some other kind of ventilation aside from the hive entrance between bottom board and brood chamber?
  4. It's that time of year again: building, dipping, painting... My question may at first seem ridiculous, but it is something being hotly debated (i know, i can't believe it either) amongst staff & boss right now. I also can't believe that 'amongst' is not recognised as a word by Windows either, who insists on underlining it..but that's neither here nor there. And yes, my settings are British English. Oh man, winter tasks have got me already Anyway, here it is: My boss is of the firm opinion that supers should be painted white to keep the hive temperature down during honey season. He ins
  5. Awesome! yes, thinking winter weather upgrades! thanks x
  6. Hiya, this is actually a serious question - if someone perchance felt the need to tie-dye their beesuit, do you think the bees would react negatively? I have seen white, forest green and hot pink beesuits in the field (I work commercially) - how about a bit of multi-colour rainbow?? Thanks
  7. good to know, thanks for the input guys
  8. Hi there, I have been seeing a bit of crystallisation in frames recently, pretty sure it's willow...Something I was wondering is about the instances of a pure white sugary powdery substance within certain cells. It looks as if the nectar was potentially collected then just dried out fairly instantly - never made it to a 'honey' stage at all. Do you think that this could be an instance of the melezitose in willow dew and the bee's inability to convert it? (Thanks from a newbee keeper
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