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  1. phew made it this far, fellow brothers and sisters a friend has asked about getting queens from nz to Italy > can we do it? Iknow Varroa not an issue not sure about afb or other regulations please and thank you if you could help....ps loving the season thus far,keep up the good work and get a sweat band for your head helps heaps.
  2. Doe,s any members have accurate results with these ?feel could be a good option for staff sneaking into hives with passion and curiosity and you just need a plan B. It,s a pregancy like test sold through ceracell, sounds like a good idea,and yes a DECA also etc...
  3. yes,im pulling honey ,but reluctant.....thinking of splitting instead. Coast has been its typical wet wild self,things seem to be hanging on and clover is waiting for warmth,as are we all.
  4. Hello everyone well i,m new to West Coast beekeeping and must say it is the challenge that i thought it would be. Yesterday i had 7 hives starved and others very hungry,for whatever reason weather,staffing issuse,s etc this has happened and have been caught short by a day or two.What is concerning is to be stood down , by my employer who by the way is new to beekeeping and to the coast.any feed back would be appreciated .
  5. Nice way to deal with honey in the feeders cheers mate.
  6. I collect the propolis off the top bar lugs at times ,often contains squashed bee parts etc,the I kneed it into small balls the once I have enough I Peres each one into the shape of a petal and wrap it around a rose stem.
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