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  1. They say there is a first time for everything. I have made an official complaint about the two news items and encourage others to follow suit. I have grown increasingly tired over the years of seeing beekeeping(news) stories that have just been taken word for word from someone with their own agenda . Mostly they have been pointless bits of fluff that do nothing but misinform the general public and raise my blood pressure but this last effort !. A month in the making! You would think even a television journalist would realise they were being led round with a ring in their nose by that
  2. My API web account is now working as it should.
  3. Just how high up is this wound.?
  4. I don't normally need to raise any queens in the spring and if I do I wouldn't start before mid September. It's an interesting little micro environment where I live. Absolutely amazing for mating the odd Queen but completely useless for honey production. If it is warm enough they get a gum flow most of the winter but they do lose a lot of bees because of it and tend to come through pretty weak. Strong hives tend to lose about half their bees over the winter and weak hives tend to die out. I think it is partly losing flying bees when the sun goes behind a cloud and partly Nosema brought on by
  5. I had a group of beekeeping students from the EIT come around yesterday so I broke one of my own rules and opened up a couple of hives to show them. They actually had a little bit of fresh honey coming in and the stronger one even had a small patch of drone brood.
  6. I have made inquiries and it is a fault with the system. They were very helpful and I'm sure it will be fixed in due course. Hopefully the new system will be up in January and will run a bit more smoothly.
  7. I have done all that Trevor and the apiary report page still remains blank. Perhaps it is just one of those days.
  8. I am more concerned about getting my own information out of API web than someone else getting it . I got one of those all-too-familiar emails this morning telling me that two of my sites have had AFB found within 2 km of them. I use my own site numbering system which is different from API webs so I went online to find out which sites have been affected. All my personal details were their but there is nothing where my apiarys details should be. I checked with their help system to make sure I was doing the right thing and I was. Logged out, log back in, exactly the same result.
  9. Adam. I'm glad you didn't initiate the story but purity does come across as cheering it on. I know when you do this sort of thing you have no control over editing and hindsight is a wonderful thing but every beekeeper and packer in the country should have steered as far away from this thing as they possibly could of.
  10. Yes. I am playing devils advocate here a bit as I have been one of the people pushing for harsher enforcement for a long long time. Like I've said before I don't know the intimate details of the beekeepers involved and suspect they were initially targeted because of complaints from neighbouring beekeepers suffering from AFB outbreaks and wondering where it came from.I can feel sympathy for people with a major AFB problem but it has to be dealt with. I have no reason to doubt the integrity of the people currently in power . As of this moment I am very happy with what they are doing .W
  11. Okay. I read the whole thing and found it a bit wordy and hard to follow. You have my full support up to the point where one person (AP 1) has the power to order of the destruction of nonclinical possibly\probably contaminated equipment. I fully accept there are times when the destruction of this type of material is a really good idea and I'm sure a lot of thought and consideration goes into the making of this sort of decision but there seems to be no provision for arbitration. The penalties listed at the end are interesting. I had forgotten just how severe the penalties for break
  12. Apparently roundup will kill gorse but as far as I can find out is not the spray of choice especially for large areas . It would be nice to make TV one apologise to the beekeeping industry for all their factual errors but the unfortunate reality of this sort of crap is the sooner it dies away the better. Gorse has no nectar and while bees do work it freely for pollen it generally flowers at a time of year when there is no major honey flow so I find it hard to imagine how it could be a source of roundup contamination even if it had been sprayed.
  13. Nope, I still get a daily paper although sometimes I wonder why. I have noticed as I have got older I pay a lot more attention to the death notices. If glyphosate really is dangerous then MPI should do something about it and if it is not then they should be more careful about what they do with potentially damaging information.
  14. What a blatant piece of advertising from purity to the detriment of every beekeeper in New Zealand. As for some of the crap from the other beekeeper . Saying that hives have died from roundup poisoning is unbelievable. Hives do get killed by operators spraying gorse but it is not roundup. Poisonings of this type are almost invariably caused by organo- silicate surfactants which the powers that be refuse to label as an insecticide because it's a sticking agent despite the fact that it is lethal to bees wet or dry. We now have the general public thinking our honey is poisonous (except for
  15. I am not trying to put you off and beekeeping can be absolute magic but you do need to realise that there are way too many beehives in New Zealand already and if you are anywhere near manuka then there are probably hundreds if not thousands of hives within a 5 km radius. The National average production is closer to 30 kg and that doesn't take into account the amount of sugar people feed. I had a hobbyist friend who once got 200 kg off one hive in one year but with overstocking crops have decreased dramatically in a lot of areas and expenses have gone way up. As a very rough rule of thumb I e
  16. I hope this is just a stupid beat up that has been created by the anti-chemical lobby. If it turns out to be deliberate negative advertising by a honey company I think we will all have the right to be pretty upset with them . There was a time when that sort of behaviour would have led to the person being ostracised by the beekeeping community but these days most of us won't talk to half the other beekeepers anyway.
  17. There is a perception among some beekeepers that small\medium beekeepers are targeted more and treated more harshly for the same offence than large corporate's. Hopefully things are changed but a few years ago a group of local concern beekeepers including myself approached the agency because of the concerns about the number of AFB hives people getting with the only thing in common being a particular corporate beekeeper as a neighbour. I have to say I was very underwhelmed by the response to this major problem. I could of course name names but I have nothing but strong circumstantial evi
  18. As I see it there are three main difficulties to the eradication of American foulbrood. Number one is beekeepers who lack the experience to identify an AFB infection. Many in fact most of these beekeepers these days will have had the necessary education to identify AFB but education and experience are not the same thing. Number two is beekeepers who have both the experience and education but have some sort of mental block which prevents them from seeing AFB in their hives. I have seen this on a scary number of occasions. They will pull out a frame of brood, look at it and put it back
  19. For myself I would use table grade in preference to medicinal Manuka and I would rate manuka comb honey as a bit better again. It's not just the UMF factor that makes honey an effective wound dressing.
  20. I have just watched the big expose on TV one about roundup in manuka honey. Man they must be short of news to put on such a anti roundup biased piece of garbage. No mention of other honey types which if they come from pasture you would expect to have higher residues and no mention about residues found in meat or vegetables or anything else we eat. End result will be a drop in honey sales for no practical good. I'm not a huge fan of roundup but it is a legal product used very extensively in New Zealand farming and beekeepers can't avoid it. All right they did mention that beekeepers could
  21. I don't believe you can stop inspection but you have always had the ability to have it done at a different time for a good reason. One good reason would be if you had just re-queened the hives. In my opinion doing hives in the middle of winter is another one. When I was an AP two I occasionally stopped partway through an inspection because I considered the hives were unsuitable to do at the time usually because of either re-queening or because the hives were in a stupid place and working them (even very gently and quietly) was a danger to the general public. In theory an AFB che
  22. My friend certainly has the impression that it was an AFB inspection . I know the AP2 who wanted to do the inspection and I don't have any problem with his abilities, just the time of year.
  23. The change from only ordering destruction on clinically infected hives to ordering destruction on both clinically infected hives and stored gear is a pretty radical change to the status quo and such changes are always going to raise questions which need to be answered . It is my understanding that at least some of the beekeepers who had their gear burnt felt somewhat aggrieved by the process . Quite a few things have changed under the new management,mostly for the good but some of the changes like an AP2 wanting to inspect my friends hives in the middle of winter are not so desirable.Pers
  24. The bell cherries have just started to bloom up the road and my almond has its first two flowers out. Plum pollination started last week although most are nowhere near out yet. Nice and warm today but blowing a gale. Wattles are well out.
  25. My personal feeling which I have stated before is that board members should be elected, not appointed. I did try unsuccessfully to get on the board a few years ago. I am a member of both organisations and far more interested in how existing methods and new technology can be used to further the goal of elimination than in any political machinations.
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