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  1. I was hesitant initially to actually name the product but apitraz is what seems to be causing the problem with my friends hives. I will see if he can find the batch number. It seemed to work fine on my hives and those I checked with an alcohol wash had zero mites. The only reason I went away from Apivar is that ripping the strips apart aggravates a bit of arthritis I have in my hands (so much for bee stings preventing arthritis). It does look on the surface anyway as if there has been a problem with the product rather than resistance which is great for the on going use of the product but prett
  2. Someone like Dr Mark Goodwin could give a much better picture of how prevalent subclinical AFB was in the past but I do know there were large areas where it was exceedingly prevalent and that was using the old testing methods. The new test is incredibly sensitive. Given that this new tests can detect the merest sniff of a wiff I think we can expect positive results from hives within cooee of your own or someone else's infection. There is ongoing research to quantify just what different spore levels mean in terms of infection potential. This is amazing science and has huge pot
  3. I have seen plenty of incompetent beekeepers with AFB problems . I have also seen far more competent beekeepers with AFB problems caused by incompetent neighbours. I was in this situation last year with two becoming infected in my home apiary. I was asked to join a study on subclinical AFB and was not surprised to find that the majority of hives in my home apiary had subclinical infections . That is what happens when a neighbouring beekeeper has robbed out hives (I am right next door to Arataki and it wasn't one of theirs). The vast majority of subclinical infected hives do not go on
  4. The compulsory destruction of beekeeping equipment because it is contaminated with AFB spores raises a lot of questions and fears. I have to emphasise that I know nothing directly about these cases but I think it's fair to surmise that some beekeepers with a very real AFB problem were forced to destroy clinically infected hives and spore infected gear. At least some of these beekeepers were not at all happy about this and went to New Zealand beekeeping Inc for support. Burning of gear with a high degree of AFB contamination is very sound practice and one that I have seen use many tim
  5. I once got asked to move a yard of bees because they were attacking a woman's house. I don't like causing anybody any hassle so I went and had a look. The house was over 200 m from my bees and she was renting it. Turned out that there was a camellia in full flower next to her door. I know what I wanted to say to her but I just politely suggested she cut the tree down if she didn't want bees around.
  6. The girl guide camps I went on had same set up (yes I went on girl guide camps and yes it explains a lot). My sons in-laws in Norway have a three hole long drop next to the cowshed with a big, medium and large hole.
  7. We have all heard stories of new beekeepers with thousands of hives and miraculously they are so wonderful at beekeeping they have never had a case of AFB. Plans are in place for a lot more testing of honey samples. There is a very clear correlation between spore levels in honey and levels of clinical and subclinical AFB in hives. If your hives are truly clean then your honey will be to . Very soon the management agency will have verification of just how accurate beekeepers ADR reports really are. Most will be very good and a few will get the inspections they richly deserve hope
  8. The current limit is set at 100 times lower than what would make you feel even slightly ill. The best solution if you have hives in a high-risk area is to take some scrape samples from each batch before extraction and if they are high then just save the honey for feed. It's a real pain when companies extract from other people and one pallet of very high tutin ends up mixed with the whole days extraction. Some contract extractors now make it the responsibility of the supplier and if you're not careful you can end up paying for massive losses. Blending is absolutely fine but only if the ho
  9. Marketing spiel still works for 20+ UMF honey even though all research suggests that 10+ is sufficient for treating wounds and that any level of UMF has no proven benefit when consumed internally.
  10. I have always taken comb honey with me (not to Australia) when travelling to Europe and have never had any problems. What is the difference between carrying it in your luggage and sending it by mail. There are a lot of bureaucrats in New Zealand that would benefit from having to work for a living.
  11. different beekeepers react differently to AFB. I would regard a 1% infection in my hives as an absolute disaster and a major problem. I have known beekeepers who regarded a 5% infection rate as normal or even an improvement.
  12. I have just checked my ventilated suit and as far as I can see there is no name on it at all. I will still get four or five new veils but I might also get a couple of those light bra types for those really hot days in summer and perhaps wear a cotton apron when taking off honey so I don't get too sticky.
  13. Tristan,, I used to occasionally wear an old version of that with a pith helmet and short ventilated top that tied under your armpits. It was known as a suicide veil which given the bees at the time wasn't far from the truth on a bad day. I guess I should get something like you have for those really hot days but I hate being sticky and in general would much rather be a bit hot than stick to everything I touch including myself. I also have a confession to make here. I am mildly allergic to honey on my skin and get a burning itching rash from prolonged contact. For those of you wh
  14. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was getting two dollars for clover and four for manuka. We thought we were made. New truck, new shed, no mortgage. Good times.
  15. Pouring down at the moment (thank goodness at last). Will check the brand in the morning for you. It's nice and cool if there is a bit of a breeze but it doesn't soak up sweat so there is little or no cooling by evaporation. If there is a bit of a breeze then I don't get too hot in my standard veil anyway.
  16. New Zealand pork struggles because it has to compete with imported product that doesn't have to meet the same standards as here. I applaud the fact that we have animal welfare standards and can't comprehend why any imported products don't have to meet the same standard. MPI tell us that we have to do this that and the other thing to meet expectations of importing countries but when you go to those countries you find that while they have regulations they are not the same as ours and in many places not even close. Personally I think this failure is caused by people in the bureaucr
  17. That video certainly shows how China can produce royal jelly cheaper than we can but it doesn't explain why that Royal jelly gets sent to New Zealand where it is misleadingly packaged and then sold back to Chinese tourists.This practice might meet the letter of the law but ethically ? Surely if this product is of such high quality that it is imported into New Zealand in preference to using the local product then it is good enough to be sold under under its country of origin.
  18. I am soliciting opinions on the the best bee veils. I was planning to do this investigation at this year's conference but that ain't going to happen. I know it's hard to get beekeepers to agree on anything apart from the really obvious things like the best smoker (stainless steel 4 inch Dadant) or hive tools (my own hand forged ones obviously) but I would like some opinions on currently available bee veils.. My current ones are an older model Ecroyd and while they are not perfect they are very good and have lasted for many years but alas they are almost worn out. I prefer
  19. For many years I used to lick the grafting brush clean after use. Not sure if it did me any good or not but I finally worked out by trial and error that I got better grafting success from just washing the brush in clean water.
  20. Not sure why or how you could pick drone brood out of Royal jelly because bees don't feed drones on Royal jelly. Way back in the day when we used to do some Royal jelly we always picked the Queen grubs out but I know there are some cultures that believe that for men to get the full effect the whole lot should be eaten. Not that I need it but if I did then swarm cells ,grubs and all ,straight from the hive are the bees knees. (So I've heard).
  21. Sorry Maggie but I'm still sort of half in the bubble at the moment and the thought of getting on a plane does not appeal. I know they are claiming that planes are bastions of fresh air and cleanliness but more often than not one I have flown anywhere I have got crook for my sins. Flying and chicken pies , risky business.
  22. It sounds like an amazing gathering and in any other year I would be tempted. The mainland is a magical place and the whole event sounds like fun (except for the pumpkin).
  23. Maverick is the Common name for the chemical used in apivar . I probably shouldn't have used it but I'm a bit dyslexic and my voice recognition software can spell Maverick but not (AP the). I really need to get over being embarrassed by my poor spelling ability.
  24. I believe there was a huge import of propolis from Argentina last year , not sure if any comes from China or not.
  25. I expect crystallised rata to be one of the whitest honey is there is and can't help thinking that labelling the honey as wildflower with some northern rata would have been a lot more accurate.
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