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  1. Resistance starts with one or two individual varoa and then they spread because they are survivors. The theory behind using two different products is that those one or two individuals will be killed off by the other product and so never go on to reproduce and spread. On the other hand not all chemicals are compatible and combining them can make them ineffective or you can have a synergistic effect that makes them even more potent against the varoa or possibly the bee itself. In theory anyway combining two varoa chemicals should make it a lot harder for the varoa to become resistant
  2. There has been a lot of talk on and off about different additives you can add to sugar when feeding. This includes everything from pollen substitute and seaweed to various methods of stopping the sugar fermenting. I really have to question the wisdom of adding anything to sugar that might end up in the honey. Even without the modern ability to test down to 3/5 of 5/8 parts per billion I am not convinced that adding anything is a good idea. You can of course make the argument that feeding sugar in itself is a contaminant and personally I save honey to feed back to the hives but I norm
  3. What has happened to the marketplace section on the forum. Have I missed something.
  4. I must've missed your post Trevor. I'm sure the drought had some effect but willows and to a lesser extent poplars have been dying in Hawke's Bay from the effects of giant willow aphids for several years. The first tree I ever noticed them on was a really healthy crack willow hanging over my favourite swimming hole and that tree has been dead for two years. I was asked to take part in putting out giant willow aphid parasites this autumn and I sussed out a few sites. One month later when I went to put the parasites out the tree I had picked as the best candidate was still alive but all the lo
  5. I will attempt to get one up for you. You might have to wait a few days until my technical advisor comes home.
  6. It's a truly glorious day here. Fog this morning and then fine with not a cloud in the sky or a puff of wind. I'm still about 10 days off starting my spring round but if you want to do you certainly could have played with bees today . Spend the morning making hive tools on the forge. Must be getting old, five hours hammering and I have had enough for the day.
  7. And I wake up this morning to a Facebook feed from ATA regenerative leading with a picture of a dead bee. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and actually read the whole article. The video interview is actually quite interesting and a bit scary although once again it's really hard to tell what's pseudoscience and what's real. The whole thing is some pretty effective scaremongering. I really hope they are wrong , I don't have the background and knowledge to judge how much of it is factual except when they are talking about bees and in this they are 100% wrong which does nothing for their
  8. In the past we have been told that everything is safe from x-rays to licking your paintbrush when painting luminescent dials on watches. Agent orange was harmless along with thalidomide, DDT, lead in petrol, lead in paint, asbestos,tobacco, giving women the vote et cetera. Couple this with the fact that man is just a superstitious monkey who is still afraid of the dark , the bogeyman and Democrats and you end up with a large percentage of the population who will believe anything they are told. Even those who try and be rational will have that little doubt in their head after watching
  9. A few years ago I had a wisdom tooth removed and ended up with a dry socket which is quite unpleasant (seven on the male pain scale). The dentist plugged up the hole with some fibrous material. I don't remember what it was called but it had the taste, smell and texture that led me to believe it was probably made from the scrotal hair of an extremely old and unwashed bull camel . It fell out almost every night and you would wake up with a mouthful . During this time I was called up for a large search and rescue operation and had to get a jar of the stuff plus a pair of sort of bent tweezers and
  10. I have friends who have also treated a horse with honey and it worked fantastic.
  11. On one hand we have various packers saying how wonderful their manuka sales are and on the other we have huge amounts of manuka that hItasn't been sold . You have to wonder how much of it is hype to keep their bankers happy because in the real world of beekeeping you don't see much sign of it.
  12. There is a much more balanced article on honey\glyphosate in the farmers weekly. I would post for you except that I am technically challenged.
  13. I doubt that was the exact scenario Dennis but I have seen some pretty awful things done by both beekeepers and packers. Some of those things were done deliberately and some of them were just done stupidly. Nothing much surprises me anymore (although it still disappoints me).
  14. The whole thing was alarmist, damaging and poorly researched but if that was a criteria for complaints there would be very little left on television. I submitted that there was a lack of balance but mainly focused on the fact that they had a beekeeper making completely false and untrue statements although he may well have believed them to be true. It's not something you can make a complaint about but the whole thing smelt very strongly to me of anti-spray hysteria similar to articles from anti-vax campaigners and animal welfare articles written by members of SAFE.
  15. Generally speaking there is less hive damage from all kinds of sprays than there was 20 years ago and that was way better than 50 years ago. My one exception was around six years ago when I lost 50 hives when gorse was sprayed on an adjoining forestry block. I have no doubt at all that it was caused by an organo- silicate but the spraying was done sometime in early winter and several months have passed before we found out about it. The hives were full of dead bees inside and out but they were too old to get decent samples.
  16. They say there is a first time for everything. I have made an official complaint about the two news items and encourage others to follow suit. I have grown increasingly tired over the years of seeing beekeeping(news) stories that have just been taken word for word from someone with their own agenda . Mostly they have been pointless bits of fluff that do nothing but misinform the general public and raise my blood pressure but this last effort !. A month in the making! You would think even a television journalist would realise they were being led round with a ring in their nose by that
  17. My API web account is now working as it should.
  18. Just how high up is this wound.?
  19. I don't normally need to raise any queens in the spring and if I do I wouldn't start before mid September. It's an interesting little micro environment where I live. Absolutely amazing for mating the odd Queen but completely useless for honey production. If it is warm enough they get a gum flow most of the winter but they do lose a lot of bees because of it and tend to come through pretty weak. Strong hives tend to lose about half their bees over the winter and weak hives tend to die out. I think it is partly losing flying bees when the sun goes behind a cloud and partly Nosema brought on by
  20. I had a group of beekeeping students from the EIT come around yesterday so I broke one of my own rules and opened up a couple of hives to show them. They actually had a little bit of fresh honey coming in and the stronger one even had a small patch of drone brood.
  21. I have made inquiries and it is a fault with the system. They were very helpful and I'm sure it will be fixed in due course. Hopefully the new system will be up in January and will run a bit more smoothly.
  22. I have done all that Trevor and the apiary report page still remains blank. Perhaps it is just one of those days.
  23. I am more concerned about getting my own information out of API web than someone else getting it . I got one of those all-too-familiar emails this morning telling me that two of my sites have had AFB found within 2 km of them. I use my own site numbering system which is different from API webs so I went online to find out which sites have been affected. All my personal details were their but there is nothing where my apiarys details should be. I checked with their help system to make sure I was doing the right thing and I was. Logged out, log back in, exactly the same result.
  24. Adam. I'm glad you didn't initiate the story but purity does come across as cheering it on. I know when you do this sort of thing you have no control over editing and hindsight is a wonderful thing but every beekeeper and packer in the country should have steered as far away from this thing as they possibly could of.
  25. Yes. I am playing devils advocate here a bit as I have been one of the people pushing for harsher enforcement for a long long time. Like I've said before I don't know the intimate details of the beekeepers involved and suspect they were initially targeted because of complaints from neighbouring beekeepers suffering from AFB outbreaks and wondering where it came from.I can feel sympathy for people with a major AFB problem but it has to be dealt with. I have no reason to doubt the integrity of the people currently in power . As of this moment I am very happy with what they are doing .W
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