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  1. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    Taste is a very personal thing but dew does have other uses , things like euthanising horses and special rendition.
  2. john berry

    What are bees foraging on at present

    What are bees working at the moment. Nothing. It never stops raining.
  3. john berry

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    Actually it's a pretty good rule for household harmony not to do anything bee related in the kitchen or using any of the kitchen appliances. Honey is bad enough but wax is unbelievably easy to get onto everything and really hard to get off, not to mention inflammable. Charity shops are are far safer source of household appliances than kitchens.
  4. john berry

    Laying Worker

    I seldom give up on hives but I knocked all the bees out of one yesterday and used the box on another hive. Despite several searches I never found the Queen although I assume she must've been there. It had a terrible brood pattern and looked like brood from a really bad drone layer but at least some of the brood was emerging as viable workers. I have been putting brood and eggs into this hive for several months with no change. The eggs in the hive looked normal and the hive was fine until it superseded.
  5. john berry

    AFB Proposed Levy Increase

    The only thing I get out of paying an AFB levy is the privilege of paying for some newbie or worse still an unrepentant recidivist AFB idiot to have their hives inspected. Money well spent. And I have to say that my initial reaction to the the changes is that they sound very promising and should be a major improvement. Being more directly involved with things like prosecution they will have to be careful they don't become little mini Hitler's but one has to assume they will have enough sense to leave most of us to get on with our jobs and it will be a real relief to have a few of the worst offenders dealt with properly as they should have been years ago. I hope they will also take this opportunity to move away from the ridiculous emphasis on that magical once a year inspection.
  6. john berry

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    I have never thought of washing the cell cups in the dishwasher, which is probably why I'm still married.
  7. john berry

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    I don't reuse them but feel guilty not doing so. Cell cups were made of wax and I believe there are still a few beekeepers doing it this way. They used to work absolutely fine but the plastic cell cups are easier to use. If you do make your own wax cups then use the most pristine wax you have and whatever you do don't use any fly spray anywhere near them.
  8. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    And I thought you had to be an optimist to be a beekeeper.
  9. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    Pure flax honey isn't my favourite but some people really like it and as a mixture it's quite nice. I've seen the boom and bust cycle in honey a few times but with pollen it seems to happen once or twice a decade. Prices get high so more people trap and then suddenly there is a surplus. I have seen so many beekeepers yards full of unused and unwonted pollen traps that cost a fortune to make. I think there can be good money in it but the market is so small it is incredibly easy to oversupply. Having said all that I haven't seen a lot of pollen round lately so if you could get some of those old traps cheap you might do all right.
  10. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    I forgot no added sugar - added sugar? No added water - honey mead
  11. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    Honey - honey pure - impure unadulterated - adulterated hundred percent - less than 100% raw - cooked tested - untested or worse tested and didn't meet the standard. Unfiltered - filtered (although why people want bees legs and hive detritus in the honey I don't know) and here's one I really love. Produced using organic principles - produced using inorganic principles. Highest quality - lesser quality. And then there are all the Facebook feeds being put out there implying all the honey in the supermarkets is adulterated which is probably at least partially true in America where the stories are coming from but they are being put out there like it's New Zealand where this is happening. There are other ways to market your honey without denigrating everybody else's.
  12. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    Raw is another term like pure and unadulterated that I'm not very keen on. I've had people ask me of my comb honey is raw.Duh . Generally the definition for raw honey is honey that it has been extracted settled and packed without any heat. Certainly the gentle warming involved in getting granulated honey out of drums would negate the use of the term. Using the term raw implies that everyone else's honey is cooked .
  13. john berry

    NZBF Strapping hives

    Spring, chain and hook is just as effective as strapping and about 100 times quicker. That and four-way pallets would be the greatest advance of beekeeping in my lifetime. I've never been that keen on change and takes something pretty spectacularly good to alter what I've been doing for years. I'll admit it took me a while to get used to pallets but the spring and chain with a hook on the lid was such an amazing advance over anything else I've ever used that I changed every hive over in one winter. Hives on single floors that are protected from stock and properly levelled don't really need anything unless they are exposed to considerable wind and in that case a large rock is both effective and decorative but won't help much with that occasional hive destroyer the earthquake. Any string, strap or tiedown can and eventually will get tangled around your foot and tripping over while carrying a box of honey is not one of life's little joys.
  14. john berry

    Honey Price Collapse

    Natural honey might be stretching it for one of two of those countries.
  15. john berry

    a way to increase manuka yield?

    At a rough guess I have been involved with feeding around 2000 tons of manuka back to hives over the years so I don't think there's a problem with them liking it.