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  1. john berry

    Question Sloped site and sheep

    I have a few apiarys with long grass and apart from stamping it down a bit as I work the hives I find it makes no difference at all to the hives. I certainly don't spray, mow or trim. I prefer to have sheep ran the hives to keep the grass down just because it's easier for me.
  2. For the record it wasn't me who sent this email, but I wish I had.
  3. Many years ago I was invited to visit Parliament with a group of beekeepers and it was pretty obvious that the government blamed beekeepers for varoa. The interesting thing with varoa is that we didn't get small hive beetle and more especially tracheal mite which you would have expected had it come in on a swarm or even cage Queens. My guess would be varoa came in as a single varoa either on someone's clothing or more likely on imported flowers and a bee just happened to land on the flower and that was it. The chances of that happening are not great but it only takes one varoa. Chalk brood came in with the illegal importation of Caucasian queen So I don't discount that somebody was stupid enough to do such a thing but they would have brought tracheal mite at the same time . What I would like to know is who told the government that beekeepers were responsible for an own goal and did they have any evidence to back it up.
  4. There is no doubt the government wants to pay our share when it comes to bio security. What I want to know is why the people importing the risk goods are not paying. There are serious bio security breaches on an almost weekly basis which suggest something is wrong with the system and beekeepers, farmers and horticulturalists paying for the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is not going to change that. As for beekeepers not paying their share, we didn't import varoa and we're still paying for that mistake.
  5. john berry

    Native bees quite at home in Botanic Garden

    Mason bees are a type of wasp that live on spiders so I doubt they do much pollinating stop
  6. I am pretty sure they do it just to annoy me because I speak out against such practices. They come and go but sometimes they stay there for months and they are making an apiary my family has had bees on for three generations no longer worth having. That amount of hives of course effects every hive for at least 8 km which includes another couple of my sites and some other beekeeper friends .
  7. Another definition of a corporate beekeeper. Someone who knowingly puts 220 hives one paddock away causing me to have to work flat out to control the robbing on the hottest day of the year.
  8. john berry

    Question Sloped site and sheep

    I have seen a sheep that was sleeping between the hives get a fright from we turned up and knock over six hives in panic but generally they leave hives alone and keep the grass short. I used to do a fair bit of AFB inspection and my pet hate was hives placed too close together to work from the side. Hives are designed to work from the side and are best kept in groups of two, in fact there is a fair bit of evidence to suggest they do better in twos than in singles.
  9. john berry

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    Raw comb honey. Makes no more sense than raw honey to me.
  10. Grant. I was at the meeting when the Honeybee Society changed it's name to New Zealand beekeeping Inc and I strongly suggest they didn't use the name because it would lead to confusion with New Zealand beekeeping. I regret their decision but democracy rules.
  11. I think Daleys description of a corporate is perfect. I personally have been adversely affected by at least four of these entities and know that Arataki (large but family-owned) have been affected by many more. You can't compete against someone using someone else's money. I often wonder whether they deliberately act so badly or whether they really truly are ignorant. Certainly in the one case when I did tell them I had a site right beside theirs (been there for 60 years) they completely ignored me.
  12. john berry

    What is Raw honey in 2019

    I have run into this to and as far as I'm concerned it is just a buzzword with no meaning. The bees keep the hive at around 38° which to my mind is pretty warm. Last weekend I had several people asking me if my comb honey was raw and I'm not sure they believed me. Raw to me means uncooked and I think most beekeepers are well past those days. Unfiltered is what you call it when it's full of bees legs et cetera and I agree with Tristan that the risk of someone swallowing a sting should be enough to put anyone off.
  13. john berry

    NZBF Honey gates

    It pays to settle your honey in a different bucket from the one you are pouring from. If you put honey and wax straight into your pouring bucket the wax will rise but some will get trapped inside the tap
  14. john berry

    Wasp nest close to my hives

    Lighting it is much more fun . Definitely not recommended but oh to be young and foolish again. most powdered insecticides also work well as long as the entrance is dry.
  15. I would hate to think that anyone couldn't comment on any subject in this forum . Both scientists and hobbyists have more time to look , study and learn than a lot of commercial beekeepers.