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  1. Looks like the management agency now agree with you.
  2. Wood and wax is fine. Just extract it cold the first time it sees an extraction plant. The season after that you can put them in the hot room with zero issues. I actually find wood survives the uncapper and spinner much better than plastic. In saying that, I don't do manuka though.
  3. I Find the lugs to be quite brittle on the Beetek plastic frames. As far as I am concerned, wooden frames assembled correctly should be much hardier than plastic frames that chip and break when blowing and extracting. However I do have a number of plastic frames (full depth) as I really hate wiring.
  4. Don't worry, it happens down here too. Even more now a few of the corporates are in the process of over doubling in size.
  5. @tristan From what you have said, it doesn't look like a GVM upgrade. They have just put the springs on and said, "yep that's now a 1500kg payload". Although I see some online for sale, including other dealers, advertising a 1500kg payload like mine. Definitely worth asking my dealer when I see him. You may be right about the picture being overloaded. Including the weight of the deck I would have been about 100kg over GVM from Kerb weight. All of this aside, I am still happy with it. Does the same job as a landcruiser at a fraction of the price.
  6. The extra springs cost $2000 extra. Rides great, but I'm comparing that to a cab-over truck. I can't say I have had much problem with any lean. Even with the big load in the picture, it handled pretty well up the rough forestry track and on the road. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. There is no cert plate I can see, I even went outside to check. But looking at the GVM stated in the user manual I am short of what the dealer told me (3500). I'll ask when I'm in for the next service. If my GVM is indeed as stated in the manual and not what the dealer told me, then that would make my legal payload 1200kg, not 1500. Bummer.
  7. Yep. Straight from the dealer with Mahindra certified components. So no dodgy after market stuff.
  8. With a little bit of maths it turns out to be about 900kg load. Rated for 1.5 tonne with the extra springs. The boxes weren't jammed full. Even with the deck, I'm still under rated load.
  9. No mods except the heavier springs and aggressive mud tires. Came with the upgraded chips for the engine. Pretty much a standard single cab with wooden flat deck. Champagne colour. Will get pics for you later. How much load can you get on the back of yours @Alastair This is with 48 full boxes of honey on it.
  10. I have recently bought a Mahindra Pik Up, and so far I like what I see. I did get the springs upgraded by the dealer which helps with load a lot. The only problem is that it doesn't have a 4.5L V8 in it, so towing can be a bit sluggish. Other than that it has been great and far exceeded my expectations. Cruise control is nice, especially on a manual. It has a good warranty too, so gives some peace of mind. Also, the service provided by the dealer and mahindra has been amazing.
  11. Pasture honey is quite variable in price depending on the grade. If you have a good quality light coloured clover then you could have expected around $12-14/kg this year, depending on whether it was in your drums and who you sold to. If you end up with a dark poly-floral honey then you could expect between $8-11/kg depending on just how dark it was. But as it has been stated, that was this seasons prices. Lord only knows what we will be getting next year. Personally I'm banking on $18/kg, I really want a new shed.
  12. Beekeeping courses Scroll down and have a look through the courses. Some may be close to you.
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