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  1. Thats what I had thought but some are saying its ok I could do oxalic acid do you have much experience there?
  2. HI a quick question can I use bayvarol this spring if I used apivar in Autumn I checked the active ingredients and it appears they are quite similar. If I cant I was thinking Apiguard but that doesnt work so well under 15 degrees - any hints?
  3. Thanks Matt your always helpful;)
  4. Hi where is the cheapest source of sugar for feeding. transport not included.
  5. thanks I suspect that they had been starving because the queens were laying and I recorded that some weeks ago I am kicking myself for not checking them more regularly, thanks for the feedback Thanks Rob I will do a quick check today using the icing sugar method I used apistan in spring for my varroa control. We have had really cold nights up here in the far north for weeks on end it quite unnerving. Kaikohe is written on my avatar info its in the far north between kerikeri and Hokianga.
  6. These are black bees man.... my question is are these old bees? I have some nucs that are predominantly black bees I am thinking combine these small units to try and save them because the virgin queens I introduced took so long to lay there are no more new bees...
  7. Are Black bees a sign of old bees? Or is this a strain thing? I might need to unite some hives there are a lot of black bees in the mix, could food shortages mean you have more black bees? Will queens shut down laying when there is no feed? I think my bees are starving but cant believe it because we should be in the flow so what is the problem?..... Thought I knew something about bees but know I am stumped my nucs have gone backwards I can only assume I should have been feeding them hard........ And yes queens that were laying have stopped....
  8. HI Trev just watched your video on these bases so you pretty much reckon that they are better than wood bases? Iimagine they last along time which is good. What are the main reasons you use these bases as opposed to wood bases?
  9. Can you elaborate? I dont agree the info I was supplied was from a respectable source from this forum.....?????
  10. Just went outside 6 hives which have near two year old queens are all buzzing you can hear each hive, and 5 that have one year old queens are very quiet. All have two brood boxes on so the lazy beekeeper can rest a bit easier in terms of swarms. I had read that 2 brood box units dont swarm hardly at all. I know I have a problem with the old queens, question is do you think they are noise is related to queen issues they might be all in supercedure mode? What are your thoughts? I know its probably that simple but still want some feedback....
  11. Hi any feedback on the easiest varroa count methods that are reliable I have done the icing sugar method before, I imagine you need to be fairly accurate with the number of bees in the sample.
  12. I put turf roofs on mine and you cant see them from space, really good if you chuck in clover too that way your girls dont have to fly that far for a feed......
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