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  1. Rimforsa

    Saw this in IKEA store in Sydney. A ready made frame stand for grafting.
  2. Beekeeping Documentary

    There is currently a documentary on Animal Planet on beekeeping in the UK. It is part of the Penguins on a Plane and it is intermingled in with it. It is about an English beekeeper importing bees from the South of France for pollination.
  3. A documentary on what Australia is doing to keep varroa out of the country Bee Patrol
  4. Taratahi are planning to run a beekeeping course in Dunedin but need a few more registrations. If you are in the Otago area and want to attend please contact them. The tutor is Brice Horner who was the tutor for the Agribusness course. It will be run on a similar format. I attended last year's course and when completed you get a colony of bees, a FD box and 2 3/4 boxes. It is a NCEA level 3 course and includes the AFB test.
  5. Bee Tourism

    Visited Grouse Mountain in Vancouer yesterday and during the summer months they have an apiary on the ski run where you can a book tour for $68.95 which includes a return ticket for the tram up the mountain. I didn't go on the tour but had a look around the information kiosk and the observation hive they had there. Could be something for those close to the tourist areas could do to supplement their income/offset their cost.
  6. I want to convert my FD brood boxes to 3/4 boxes so I will have all 3/4 boxes to make future management easier. Should I do it now or wait until spring?