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  1. No money in beekeeping when I only have 7 hives that's why I have a day job and the iphone comes with that. If weather doesn't improve shortly then there won't be any honey this season either.
  2. Looked like one of the hives I opened on Saturday
  3. It is standard practice for the new CEO to write down assets and blame it on the previous CEO & Chairman. Next year they will write those assets back up saying they are now performing and show a good profit and claim their bonuses and so the cycle starts all over again.
  4. They are probably hoping the interest earned during the 3 months will be able to keep paying @yesbut 😁
  5. I built that as an observation hive. I replaced the side by the window with glass so I could observe the bees from inside the house and the chimney was so the bees would fly high and not bother you when you were outside.
  6. He will need to hurry because I will be in Hanoi tomorrow then Halong Bay lying back on a deck with another cold one.
  7. Saw these hives when having lunch on a Mekong River cruise They are right around the restaurant for the tourists Their bees are much smaller and very calm. Sampled some of the honey which is light and very runny. They served it with some pollen and tea made from pandan leaves. It was quite nice.
  8. Put OA staples in on 23/2/19. Checked them over weekend and at 1 site there was 1 hive the had no stores. It is all 3/4s with 2 brood boxes and 1 honey super which was half full of nectar/honey when staples went in. The population looks about the same as when the staples went in and there are not a lot dead bees around hive entrance. Could it have been the bees were sick and the OA killed all the foragers and the new bees are just starting to get back to work?
  9. The frame to the right of the bucket stand looks like a one frame observation hive.
  10. Here is link. It is at about 13 minutes in https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/one-news-at-6pm/live
  11. That is why we ended up with a minority government.
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