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  1. Not easy to find a bottle of wine with a cork these days. Best thing to do is shout yourself a bottle of bubbly..just for the cork of course.
  2. This was given to me a couple of years ago by someone who found it on the roadside in Te Puna. Could it be the beast you made Dennis? Darn good smoker!
  3. Seems they have the same problem..even without Manuka millions. Sticky fingers: The rise of the bee thieves | Brett Murphy
  4. And some interesting comments about Flow Hives. NSW Governor David Hurley joins swarm of new beekeepers
  5. Obsessive, compulsive behavior and beekeeping..is that likely? Bees in bed.pdf Bees in bed.pdf
  6. Here it is. Prison inmates are training to become beekeepers at a time hive theft is rampant Under a razor-wire fence, a queen bee scurries about a honeycomb, surrounded by thousands of buzzing workers and drones. A high-security prisoner kitted out in a protective suit checks the hive to make sure the bees are healthy, using a smoker to keep them docile. The 19-year-old, serving two-and-a-half years for burglary, hopes to use the skills he's learning here to get into beekeeping. Bees behind bars
  7. Killing tutu isn't easy. It seems to grow faster if you just spray Roundup on it. I have cut it back hard and painted a strong Roundup mix on the cut stems which seems to give it a fright, but even then it often comes away again from the base the following year. Going to try some other herbicides this summer. Best to dig the whole plant out if you can, being careful to get as much of the roots as possible. The other option is to spray Tutu plants with a residual insecticide when you see the PVH nymphs, usually November/December. They are little round jobs with fluffy bums that flick off in al
  8. Looks like good product. Do you coat the inside of the box as well?
  9. We are talking about 2 different things here; a criminal prosecution for off label use of an insecticide.That would be run and funded by the Crown agency responsible for enforcing the rules. They need to prove only the incorrect use to convict.The extent of damage to other beekeepers is only relevant to the penalty imposed. Unlikely that any of the fine would be paid to the beekeeper who loses hives. Standard of proof is the criminal one of beyond reasonable doubt that the insecticide was used off label. a private claim using the laws of negligence by the beekeeper who suffers the loss ag
  10. You can take all the responsibility in the world for your own actions, but things can still turn to custard. Insurance to me is synonymous with being able to sleep easy at night.
  11. Nice work JohnB. It is a good document to use with other Councils. Have you looked in to insurance to cover the indemnities that the beekeeper gives to the Council covering damage, losses etc?
  12. Bring on the Bees - Kings Seed Selections - Kings Seeds (NZ) Ltd Try this mix. Just scatter the seeds and walk away.
  13. I used the system last season. It worked well for me and I will continue with it. I have urban hives and part of the deal with the property owners is that I supply them with honey from the hive on their property. The system makes that easy. I give them honey taken off before Christmas to avoid any tutin issues.They often help in the extraction and then we then take it into the kitchen and tap it straight in to jars. Very happy people! All honey after Christmas goes to Grant. He takes care of the tutin testing. In previous seasons I have marketed my surplus honey myself, and there is a goo
  14. Quest for a Superbee - National Geographic Magazine Here it is.
  15. Sped up video of the first 21 days. Have a look at this from 1.46 in. Fascinating. Anand Varma: A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life | Talk Video | TED.com
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