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  1. thanks for that, I think I have one of those codes, we imported a piece of machinery from China a few years ago and had to get an importer number to facilitate through customs etc, might give that a go
  2. I just read through the updated GREX and still no the wiser if I can send a couple of jars of honey overseas to family. I'm a RMP operator listed to extract/pack etc for EU etc but we are not Exporters. Grex definition of export is export means conveying bee products overseas for reward or for the purposes of trade;, so I assume that me wanting to send parcel of honey to family as a gift is not an export. But later on in the GREX document 4.5.3 When a transfer document is not required. states that (3) A transfer document is not required for parcels of bee
  3. I don't think selling the hives is the answer and the cost to quarantine and check and administer a sale would suck up even more resources. If they are not prepared to pay for an Apiary site be $15 or $50 bucks would you want to buy their hives and bee stock?? Destroy them and prosecute the offenders, a massive fine, jail time and court costs should deter for next time and make others thinking about think twice. Unfortunately I think we need a few examples made of
  4. That is exactly what they said today, that it is too expensive to prosecute offenders at $100,000 a go and the most that would happen would be that they would destroy the hives if found. When we challenged that they can't find the hives when they are registered and gps on Apiweb how on earth are you going to find hives that are un-registered in peoples backyards. One of the new proposals of money spent is to set up an app so beekeepers can dob in sites where they think there are unregistered hives!!!
  5. We were at the Beekeeping Conference today in Blenheim for the announcement and quite frankly I am shell shocked. We are a Beehive Rental business and as an owner who 100% plays by the rules, our AFB PMP levies are going to go up from just under $4000+gst, (already a massive amount) to $12500+gst in 5 years time, assuming that we don't grow any more customer and apiary locations. 95% of our Apiary sites have 1 hive on them. This new cost to us is going to be so detrimental to our already shrinking bottom line that right now my head is still spinning. We spoke to Clifford King? head of AF
  6. got a vertical humma, not sure whether first or second model, but no instructions on operating and speeds to run at etc. Have already dropped a load of honey and wax on the floor shutting down incorrectly, which was great to clean up. thanks for any help
  7. it was bound to happen hopefully pricing won't get out of control
  8. try the motion activated cameras the may help
  9. inside my nose really makes your eyes water
  10. they make some pretty good motion activated crammers with black light flashers that may help
  11. thanks guys, probably just buy the cream from the chemist!!!
  12. call me silly, but it's not like milking a cow, how do you collect bee venom. Is it something that can be done small scale, and what sort of quantities would a couple of hives create.
  13. this recipe sounds great, how much room do you leave in the top of the bottle, have you tried with anything other than ginger for flavouring?
  14. why not get it tutin tested and give some excess to one of the food kitchens in your areas. they would be very appreciative
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