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  1. Farmlands have it by the container in a huge bladder you can buy as much as you like just pumped into your drums or ibc @ $1.09 per L its easy, convenient and reasonably priced. And i think there is also some sort of rebate off that too.
  2. Have you considered hiring anyone that works both on the farm and on the bees kind of split between the two it would probably have a few logistical issues but someone who works on a farm is likely to be good in the bees too and you might get someone who's been farming and given a taste of the bees really enjoys it but wouldn't have thought of applying for a beekeeping job. At the end of the day its all farming and handling livestock bees are simply another class of livestock with a different set of needs and wants.
  3. I saw a trade me add with about 20 stupid comments on it the other day would have been an expensive hive with an extra $400 added in for stupid questions the other factor is that the people who post the stupid questions don't bid anyway.
  4. Thats a good idea if you have more than you need at the time it buys you some time to create a use for them. I don't breed my own so i just buy in as i need them but it makes perfect sense good idea.
  5. I haven't brought virgins so i don't have any experience with them to comment on but i have put out over a hundred cells in the last month and i have only had 2 that didn't hatch and i had found a possible reason for one of those i don't always get that strike rate but it is usually pretty good and notably cheaper to buy.
  6. I think you might be right there i have been watching trademe for a bit as i have been making nucs for sale and to be honest at the end of the day i haven't listed any there seems to be sooo many annoying and obnoxious people out there that have a variety of agendas i guess. There seems to be the same people who ask 20 questions on every auction and don't bid anyway because they are waiting and telling everyone that nucs will be down to $100 soon, they might be soon who knows its a fluid market but they are not there yet esp for something with reasonable genetic history. And if you do sell thr
  7. Thanks for that i used a couple of lots of hay yesterday and have to say i was very pleased with the results both lots gave me several hours worth of smoke out of something that was just lying about on the shed floor. not as smoky as the sacking at least on the first couple of attempts but fantastic for free i may just save the sacking for extra windy days. I didn't notice the extra tar that seems to come when i use pine needles however i will give them another go compacting them a bit more that may have been where i went wrong with them we shall see as i do quite like the smell of them and we
  8. I never seem to have much joy with pine needles I like the smell and the fact that we have plenty lying around but maybe I am picking up the wrong ones they never seem to last long before needing to be topped up, usually when I am in the middle of something, and the other thing is that they seem to make heap's of tar which clogged the smoker up. So what am I doing wrong any clues would be great Cheers?
  9. Completely off topic but i see that Taylor is looking for a job in palmy and i don't have the privileges to answer on his question but kintail were looking for someone recently for their bunnythorpe base and probably have staff coming out from palmy so should be able to get a lift, well potentially anyway might be worth a try. Good luck
  10. I have been meaning to do the Telford course for a few years but been too busy so I probably make my son do it probably a bit like doing the dishes but takes longer.
  11. Gotta have one of these I keep matches for checking brood but these are way more fun and work in the wind plus you can do lots of other things with them too and the cans of gas are cheap and last for ages.
  12. I keep a bit of coragated cardboard in the Ute just torn off a cardboard box year off a strip make sure that it's a bit frayed on one side roll it up to form a fairly compacted cylinder shape about the same size as the inside of the smoker, light the center at the bottom pop it in the smoker a few puffs and your away. Not as good as sacking but free and lasts for a while definitely better than nothing when I run out of sacking.
  13. Its a bit of a minefield out there with looking at prices i have been making some nucs to sell in reasonable numbers and it seems that there are people out there who are keen to buy however it seems hard to put a value on them as trade me is all over the place and not consistent at all. Any thoughts as to where a spring mated nuc laying well should be price wise at this stage of the game incl gst i guess? I know about the length of string etc just keen to hear others thoughts.
  14. I picked up a sack full of plastic tags each numbered (they were for numbering cows and tied around the cows neck somehow) from a clearing sale and staple one to each of the bottom brood boxes. It works fine they will last forever and i got 1000 tags for $5 so i don't expect to run out of them in a hurry. there are as many solutions as beeks to any number of problems.
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