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  1. If you ask the Tasmanian’s, manuka is an aboriginal word.
  2. You could always wrap some tin foil around the sides.
  3. They should finish it off. I think it would be better to leave the queen cell in the Stronger hive until it’s capped though as she’ll probably be better fed.
  4. I caught my first swarm of the season yesterday. It was from one of my hives and my fault it swarmed. I’d taken the queen out in a split and didn’t go back to the original hive to cull excess queen cells. Man, they were huge cells 😊 shame I didn’t use some of the frames with cells for splits. I did my first graft of the season yesterday too.
  5. Sorry to hear but well done spotting it.
  6. We used to use glass but have changed to plastic for all the reasons mentioned. Clients buying to take overseas preferred the plastic as it was safer and lighter in their luggage.
  7. Then as Daley said, Trust the bees, don’t remove any brood. Feed little and often until they can build under their own steam. Have you gotten on top of the varroa issue?
  8. Have a look at the larva, are the wings developed ?? they could just be almost ready to cap, I wouldn’t remove them unless your 100% sure they are unhealthy bees. Then I would remove the whole frame and give the hive a frame of healthy brood from another hive.
  9. Great ideas, I’d call dibs on that if I were you.
  10. Is anyone using these bee gyms ?? I’m inclined to think they’re a load of 💩 but I see ceracell are selling them now and I’d like to think they don’t stock things that don’t work.
  11. Is that a lot of spores ?? If so did this hive have dysentery ? We never see dysentery but some hives just never get going, even when I requeen or add extra brood to kick them along. Some spots I have given up on and just leave that corner of the pallet empty. I’d love to have the time/skill/technology to test the hives and see what’s really going on with the non achievers. Our lab testing budget all goes in testing the honey for sale.
  12. For us as soon as the cabbage trees start flowering the westerly winds kick in for the next 4-6 weeks. Right on cue this year. Are those nosema spores/bodies ?? Spring mating are a waste of time for us too. Our build up is too slow for many hives to have drones. And then the queens have the spring winds to deal with. Rewa is my favourite honey
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