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  1. @Philbee, I’m impressed !!! I checked these hives and expected to find dead and dying hives.... i thought they were too far gone. they look great !! The number of dead varroa on the tops of the frames and in the cells under the strips showed how high the mite load was. I tried to take photos but the bees were rushing in and removing the dead varroa too fast. Two hives still have visible mites and dwv bees on the frames and bees numbers are clearly down. I’ve treated them with bayvarol, shut the entrances right down and they will sink or swim. The rest look clean and healthy, bees numbers are still good. The queens have slowed right down on brood and hives have heaps of pollen and stores. What brood there is looks healthy and well fed. Half the hives had the staples removed and bayvarol put in, in hindsight I’m not sure we needed to use the bayvarol but will see if it makes any difference. Im a very happy beekeeper. 👍👍👍
  2. If they’re on the inside, I’ve seen this in very weak hives. It looks like the bees fall to the bottom board and aren’t strong enough to climb back up onto the frames. Perhaps contact the person you got the hive from and get them to check it.
  3. I think beekeeping is challenging where I live but down your way it seems almost impossible unless it’s the ‘one in seven years ‘ year. Imagine how well you’d do as a beekeeper in a good area 🙂
  4. Most of ours are broodless or with Eggs just being laid.
  5. Can you give the hive more brood from another hive when you put the new queen in ?? If the bee numbers get too low it will be robbed out by a stronger hive.
  6. Are the wings complexity missing or just screwed up as in dwv ?? I was checking some hives over the weekend, uncapping random brood etc. I found a few cells that were capped with a fully formed bee upside down inside. Anyone got an idea on what causes this ?? Bees looked fine but had died as they couldn’t get out. Not every cell, just the odd one.
  7. I’ve just cut them down on the band saw. Like the others, no need to glue the bottom bar back on z
  8. Also the wax is really only any good for making candles and lip balm. So limited value.
  9. I think those virus loads are worth monitoring via lab tests. Comparing the pathogen results to the honey per hive results the apiary with the least virus numbers outperformed the others. Shame we only tested 3 sites, the best, the dampest and the one that used to support 40 hives and now can’t manage more than 12. Will ask for budget to do more testing this year. 🤞
  10. They were shifted in October at the beginning good the flow. I was following up from a post I made about an apiary that was riddled with varroa. 1/2 the hives had been shifted north and 1/2 went to central north island. The difference in the varroa levels is huge yet they had the same treatment, so I am assuming location contributed to the difference.
  11. I’ve checked and put staples into the other hives that were shifted north. They are in way better condition, no visible mite damage. Queens are all just coming off a brood brake. Location must have had some influence on mite numbers.
  12. It’s better to cull the hive yourself than let it fade away and cause a robbing risk.
  13. our pohutukawa/manuka bush honey sets semi solid, almost naturally creamed with a small crystal. You can scoop it out of the jar with a knife but the spreads on your bread.
  14. That’s terrible. I wonder how often thefts like this happen. He should be banned from having bee hives for life.
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