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  1. last year the manuka in the hills didn't didn't really flower. But low lying areas a reliable. With kanuka having a huge flowering this year it really shows how much it's outgrowing the manuka in some places.
  2. We've been harvesting. It looked like we'd get another 2 or 3 weeks of flower but the hives have very little fresh nectar and are storing pollen. Time to start thinking about autumn !
  3. A hive with a high mite load is unlikely to produce very much surplus honey. I’d do an afb check, remove the honey boxes to another, stronger hive to finish off and then treat this one. Close the entrance down so it’s not robbed out, spreading the varroa to all your other hives. Have you done a sugar shake on the other hives too?? As some else said, here’s a good chance they have high mite numbers too.
  4. Yes plastic frames. The boxes are ok, a couple were nibbled by the moth but still usable.
  5. We left a lot of boxes in a reefer about 3 years ago. Frames are now clean and ready for rewaxing thanks to the wax moth..
  6. Hopefully the driver makes a quick recovery. Rough blow lossing your honey crop like that. Sounds like Who ever has hives near there will be missing a few bees too.
  7. Our kanuka is still going strong., huge flowering. Also the best pohutukawa flowering in years. Manuka has finished in some places but still going strong in others.
  8. Sorry to hear. What a bunch of ##%%%#. Was the honey still on them ?
  9. Have to ask. That do you consider borderline c3/4 sugar number.
  10. We offer bee tours for $75 per head. Seems like a lot but I only take up to 4 at a time so they get a good chance to see in the hives and tours are tailored to their interests. We had a tour company ask us if we could take 20 at a time but declined. Too many bee suits to wash for starters.
  11. Just curious, what does radish honey taste like ?
  12. Thanks. Hmmm, I think there’s something in that. my worst site is the one closest to an absentee commercial Beek.
  13. You’re right !!! No one would talk about THAT spot. 😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑
  14. you tend to get less Honey from a hive in Manuka than other sources. So need more $$ per kilo to be economic.
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