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  1. I really need to go see @Maggie James my last graft was 0 from 40 grafts. They hadn’t even bothered to raise their own cell.
  2. Not particularly hot, perhaps due to the gulf cooling them down but can be strong and continuous. I’ve seen it blow almost the entire time the cabbages trees were flowering and the bees haven’t been able to get near the tress because of it. It’s our first real spring pollen source so we need it for the build.
  3. The cabbage trees are about to flower here. That means we’ll get the spring nor westers for the next 6 weeks.
  4. Nice work. It’s always exciting to see how many take.
  5. Me too. Had to go up a bee suit size this season
  6. Automatically i think. I had three letters that imply a swear word. The software changed it to PG.
  7. Areas that have slow spring build up, like ours, could be another market for excess bees.
  8. ‘What the dickens’, that’s not what I wrote but the sentiment is the same.
  9. So, we be been selling some honey for export. We got a phone call tonight from our contact in Aussie to say what the dickens about this article. He has now had 4 buyers from Japan, Germany and China saying they wouldn’t want to buy nz honey. It’s not necessarily the direct health risk they’re concerned about, it’s that the nz clean green image has been wrecked, and this in turn will put the end consumer off buying it. The buyers are now asking for Aussie honey over nz, including Manuka. Good work whoever thought this was a good idea, you’ve shot us all in the foot.
  10. That’s Great news. Will you get the gates back ?
  11. ... So much to pay for before we try to find a buyer. I noticed two labs had emailed us within 24hrs of the first article being released advertising testing. Another cost for the beekeepers to absorb if we want to sell our honey. It’s not so bad of you have big batches and can spread the cost, but all the extra testing will mean small outfits will be a thing of the past.
  12. Sorry to hear. I hope they’re the only ones you lost. Fingers crossed the queens had a life jacket on.
  13. It appears even Crims can be good guys. Our landi was delivered back to our mechanics today. Whoever dropped it off just parked it up and walked away without saying anything. @jamesc how did you get on with your gates.
  14. Yes. It’s being called a mini conference and been run by nz beekeeping inc in Taupo. August 21-22 with agm 23rd
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