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  1. If your hive box has drawn comb in it they could be smelling the honey and trying to rob it out. Even if it's all gone now. Try putting it somewhere dark and cool.
  2. There's some well meaning uninformed people. Last week a different two people commented on our local FB page about swarms of bees around their houses. When questioned one said she put out honey water for the first bees that turned up thinking they were hungry. She was surprised this lead to all the bees in her area turning up for a free feed. πŸ˜“πŸ˜±
  3. I've had 3 calls in the past two days about swarms of bees around people's houses. They're in the same area so I'm not sure if it's one swarm on the move or someones hives are in real trouble.
  4. Around here, booze . One young guy I know thought he'd buy himself a car.
  5. I was told you get to keep it. Don't hold your breath on 4 weeks though. I reckon we could go the full 12 weeks. A lot of people will have spent their payout by week 4 and be in the poo.
  6. A friend of my husband's came to stay with us for isloation. He packed something like 160 beers. He boredom drunk his way through 3/4 already ! ADHD and lockdown don't go together easily.
  7. I'm too much of a townie to slit it's throat. Husbands even worse than me. He can't even look at the pigs or sheep while I butcher them. Once it's dead im all good to hang and butcher it though. Looks like the sheep will be off the hook πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ for a while
  8. No. Marinas have shut now so we’re all in this together. It’s already getting to us v’s them standoffs at The shops. (Day 5!!) a few Boaties are wreaking it for the rest by ignoring lockdown and diving, fishing and moving around the island as usual. I hope they send the navy out to control boat movement. For the first time ever I did wash the veggies.
  9. Our local stores have pretty much everything except bacon. Which is a huge problem to my family. We email the order at night, they pick and pack it and text to say come get it. No extra charge. We Drive around to their cart dock and they put it in the boot. It's So good. No risk to us or them, no impulse chocolate. I wish they would work like this all the time. We blew the while survival food organisation. We figured we've got sheep in the paddock and Cray's and fish in the sea. Only we aren't allowed to go fishing, even off the rocks is banned and the home kill guy can't come to our place.πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ˜© We still have plenty of flour so are all comfort eating fresh bread.
  10. It's really easy. You dont have to provide evidence if you have a business or ird number. Both of you can apply as either part time or full time workers. Go to //www.workandincome.govt.nz/products/a-z-benefits/covid-19-support.html#null
  11. $1.86 last time my husband checked.
  12. We get one aggregate sample per bach. We have had some purchasers test each drum but that was their choice and cost.
  13. We had a honey this year with a 2map of 15.
  14. And me !! Three gates to get to the road.
  15. Scratch that. James said he hasn't heard if it. He'd love to talk to you about pickers though 😁😁
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