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  1. MPI public meetings.

    Morning all. Could anyone going to the MPI standards meeting in Palmy today please let me know if they think it's worth attending the one in Hamilton tomorrow. Many thanks
  2. Pollen patties

    Is anyone using a concrete mixer to mix up patties ???
  3. Wax moth

    My husband just rang me to say we finally can put all our wax moth to good use !! Lizzard food ! He got a call from a mate in Warkworth that there is a shortage due to main producer having a failure. They are selling for nearly $1 each...... might make up for the shortfall of honey.
  4. Feeders

    hi. We're having a bit of a debate at the moment. Partner wants to change all our 2 frame feeders to top feeders to help avoid drowning losses. I think it was partly due to feeding cold syrup, we are fixing that by getting a pump that heats the syrup. I also think the cold syrup finishes off bees that were weak anyway. Keen to hear other opinions.
  5. Hi all We are importing some of these swienty varroa testing systems. They will sell for $90 incl postage. Gas canisters will be $ 7 each and you will get about 6 tests per canister. I'm at the hamilton home and garden show until sunday 6pm, stand 129. Anyone wanting to have a play with one come and see me. A5258 [media] [/media]
  6. 3/4 nuc boxes

    HI, does anyone here know where we can buy 3/4 wooden nuc box's. We want to build/buy 50. would be happy to buy the kitsets and assemble ourselves. thanks
  7. Bees to the south island

    My husband went to the South Island last week. He saw this sign at the interislander office. Is this an old sign ? As far as I am aware hives are able to be migrated to and from the South Island.
  8. Dump site

    Over the past three days i've driven from auckland to ahipara, down to Wellington via the middle of the Island and then back to Auckland via the coast. Along the way we always look out for beehives. This site was huge !! We couldn't count all the pallets but had to be over 50 with 4 hives on each one. (couldn't get them all in the photo) I'm guessing they are there for stimulation feeding before going out to Manuka sites as the sign on the gate said they are Manuka specialists. What especially worried me was the mountain of new and old gear stacked around the yard just out of the shot. Some very old and manky looking boxes and pallets of new gear left out in the open. This yard is on a main road and I think a bad look for our industry. Honey bee factory farming at its worst.
  9. Apiculture nz

    I have just been sent a leaflet from apiculture nz. They have a list of things that they are working on for 'us'. One point is they will oppose the import of honey and bee products from countries of known risk...... I want a ban on all imports. The risk of honey and bee products being imported into, say aussie from China, being re branded and then imported into nz is too high. Keen to hear others opinions.
  10. Thieves caught

    Have just been told that a group of hive thieve's working down in wanganui have finally been caught. A beekeeper saw them in action and called the police so they were apprehended on the job !! Good work !!!
  11. Apiculture conference 2017

    I just received an email to advise the conference will be in Rotorua again in July next year. Rotorua was a great venue, but I was looking forward to heading to the South Island.
  12. Hive thefts in Wanganui

    Hi all Yet another hive theft. This time a friend of mine has lost 30 hives south of Wanganui. She went on face book (police havent turned up yet ) and has had several sightings of them on the back of a long wheel base vehicle (sadly no license plate) The boxes are bright blue and very distinctive. They were taken from a no exit road and were behind a padlocked gate. Please keep an eye out if you are anywhere near there. Had to be beekeepers as they sorted the boxes and left the empty ones behind, just took the bees and the capped honey. Is there a chance we can keep a register of stolen gear, box colours and distinctive marks. Then anyone suspecting they are dealing with stolen gear can check. ?? I guess the most likely place for these to turn up it at a processing plant.