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  1. Yes the smaller plants are more reliable but they also flower earlier then the big trees so it’s not always warm enough for the flowers to secrete nectar. We have a friend who trims our mid size Manuka trees after they finish flowering to make manuka hydrosol and oil.
  2. On barrier the kanuka will outgrow and shade the Manuka at 30-40 years. Farmland abandoned in the 60’s/70’s is now becoming mostly Kanuka unless it’s swamp or windswept hillsides.
  3. Fair point. Did they always use the +, that’s the part that links it to UMF to me.
  4. Really Interesting article, and a bit scary too. Airborne rubbish the mgo and umf values yet put 25+ on their label. Even if they have ‘pollen’ written under it, it still takes advantage of the umf branding and is another confusing measurement for the consumer.
  5. My husband is driving from motueka to Christchurch today. He’s just north of Murchison and called to say he just past a container floating down the river. Update... also someone’s hives
  6. No. We usually get a lot of winter rain then dry, windy springs. This year we didn’t get very much rain in winter so the water tables are really low. The rain we’re getting at the moment is just enough to wash the nectar out of the manuka flowers but not enough to fill the ponds.
  7. We’re getting daily rain and showers now . just as the Manuka is flowering .....
  8. To add to the confusion , lack of eggs doesn’t always mean the queen has died. This time of the year if the hive is about to swarm you won’t see any eggs either. The brood cells will be back filled with nectar.
  9. That’s the crazy thing, he’s a hard working, struggling beek just like all of us. He does pollination and runs hives all over the north island chasing Manuka. Hes probably doing the same thing to other beeks in other areas. he just doesn’t seem to get that overcrowding means everyone loses.
  10. We were there 4 or 5 years before he purchased. He knew dam well we had hives over the road when he brought the section. It was always about cropping our Manuka block. last year he only had a modest amount of hives there, that was bad enough.
  11. He doesn’t live here but has brought this section and another block around the coast. Ive tried talking stocking rates and reasoning with him but he doesn’t think putting hives 100-200 mtrs from ours is a big deal. We can try and shift ours further into our blocks but that will need diggers. It looks like it will come down to who can afford to stay in business the longest without getting a decent crop. Not a good outcome for anyone or the bees. Thanks . We’ve suggested the neighbours to complain to the council. We may all suffer for what this guy is doing. There’s 3 other beekeepers in the area that would be affected by the council having to step in.
  12. Yes they’re his and no he’s not crazy enough to live there. Hes just making life hard for the people who do live there. I’ve already had one lot say they’re having trouble with bees trying to get water from the only tap they have.
  13. Does anyone know if Auckland city have any bylaws about the number of hives on a section ? Our overstocking neighbour has gone into overdrive and put over 60 hives on his 3/4 acre section next to our 800 acre Manuka block.
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