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  1. You’re a mum now @Daley... better get used to it.
  2. We’ve been assured the levy funds will be decided by weighted vote, which I can understand. However the voting papers say the commercial reps will decide on the research spend so For me it all comes down to ‘can I trust the board members to look after my interests’. without knowing who would stand for election how can I answer that.
  3. nikki watts

    Agressive bees

    Good to hear some have been saved. I guess the next thing will be hoping all the vegetation hasn’t been burnt off and they still have something coming in until beeks can get in to check and fed them. 🤞
  4. nikki watts

    Agressive bees

    Have many hives been lost ??
  5. @Sailabee my post was incorrect. His bio had no interests in comvita listed. 100% apologies to Paul Martin.
  6. Dam. Pushed the wrong button, I had more to say but was too late editing cause I had sooo much to say . I dislike that this has turned into mud slinging and name calling from both sides, you’re as bad as each other not allowing others to have a say. And nothing new is coming out. I’m all for the levy but I don’t want to see it used to prop up apinz and I fear the big boys take over. I have spent enough time on trusts and boards to know most people stand with good intention of helping their greater community. However what a small operation sees as vital is very different to a corporate. We need a cross section of large and small business. I’d also like it if they were or had been all hands on commercial beekeepers. Presently even the hobbiest representative works for comvita. If we had some idea of who was going to stand we could decide if we were prepared put all our faith in them. It would also be better if the new board was in place before the first levy fund votes take place.
  7. Ok. heres My two cents. im over all this bickering. This has turned from constructive discussion into
  8. nikki watts

    Honey Label Legality

    Mpi ??
  9. nikki watts

    afb bonfire

    The law states it must be burned in 7 days. Would need a law change.
  10. nikki watts

    It is time to just vote

    @ApiNZ Levy Proposal What will be your process to elect commercial beekeeper reps to the board? will it be open nominations followed by election or will apinz choose. I’ve read through the website but can’t find the Answer. Thanks
  11. nikki watts

    Hive Doctor Bottom Boards

    Yep. Rats love our HD bases
  12. nikki watts


    As long as there is a good number of drones around and you can make really strong splits with plenty of stores then I’d split as late as early March. But I’m in a warm climate with queens rearing brood all year. Different in cold areas .
  13. nikki watts

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    I was of the understanding that it’s the research topics that will be discussed at agm not the whole budget ?? We’ve not yet had an answer on the multiple questions about who votes. I read it as a discussion paper being put out before and during agm and then it gets decided on by the board members, is that correct ?? From the website Levy payers will be represented by commercial board members, who will direct the investment of levy funds. Associate members will vote for remaining board members in the sector that represents them.
  14. nikki watts

    Bees and babys.

    Add in leeks in white sauce for me 🤮
  15. nikki watts

    Bees and babys.

    Ours too