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  1. The queen in our hive with 24 mites had been on a brood break, was broodless for at least 4 weeks by my records. She must have started to lay again about 2 weeks ago. this extended brood break while the staples were at their freshest would have meant a very effective treatment which is why I suspect they have been robbing hives around the area.
  2. That’s what I decided too. Also they were in 3 boxes , all with staples but probably didn’t need to be so they’ve been packed down to two so they have no chance to avoid the staples. In one the queen and started to lay in what I expected to be the empty bottom box with old comb to be cycled out. She was hiding from the staples with brood in frames 2,3,4. No pollen and hardly any honey.
  3. I washed a site last week. The single hives that were autumn nucs all came back 1/300. by comparison my two strongest and most aggressive hives in that apiary came in at 17 and 24 !!
  4. Our bees love the Woodstock cans at the recycling depot.
  5. The program says the afb dogs are putting on a display Thursday lunchtime... is someone else doing it ??
  6. Yep. Woodbond and staples. The odd one the front face warps and pulls the staples but so few it’s not a big issue.
  7. And the synthetic strippers are from ??
  8. Moonshine is Something we know how to do. tinctures and complicated soap recipes are beyond me. Better to let those that know make the lotions and potions and maybe we’ll just spend more time on the moonshine.
  9. You need a Chemist degree just to read some of the recipes. I couldn’t even summons enough concentration to finish reading the ingredient list. End of the dream for me. 😜
  10. Ha, I just got the same one. And the beeswax alchemy. You diversifing too ???.
  11. I got a new beesuit, that’s about It for me.
  12. Yes. I’ve dropped it off
  13. I’ve though about feeding them to the chickens but I was worried the wax might bung then up
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