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  1. Picking it be much the same 15 for under 5 and 25 for over 5. That's fresh though.
  2. Catch some wasps from the hive put them in a jar with baby powder . Half an hour before dark let them go a lot easier to see let a couple go each hundred meters till you find there nest. Best when no sun out easier to see. Someone suggested this on here a couple of years back works a treat. Enjoy killing the nest. I do. Also don't use jam or Honey. You will kill others bees.
  3. Yep one of my apiries under attack. The weak hives are now stuffed. I'm going to shift the other 20 tonight. Two weeks ago just a few hanging around today thousands.
  4. Just keep an eye on the flowering. Once we have 18 degrees it should be good to go. Watch food stores and just feed them enough to keep them going till flow starts properly. Also a pollen substitute helps. Also watch out for karaka flowers.thats what I learnt last year any way.
  5. So who to next. do we as bee keepers take mpi to court. ? They blew there trumpet way to early and has put a whole lota people's lively hoods at risk.. I'm only semi commercial and it's hurting. Are we all to stand back and twiddle our thumbs. Can someone help those in need out. It's criminal. It really is. Mpi you are a bunch of f.... h...ds. or those who blew the trumpet is. And needs to be replaced. ? (I feel better now.)
  6. Kia ora Kiwi. Have I missed something. Let your rights be heard.
  7. That could be a secret they've kept to them selves. I've seen bees gathering honey dew off the upper branches of Manuka and kanuka
  8. petrol petrol petrol. or if it's a kauri block entrance over night and suffercate.
  9. howdý man. that honey you had tested was it fresh or had it been in drums for a year or so.
  10. Hi all. I've been sitting back watch reading waiting. I thought I would be able to make some decisions. life decisions. my future my wife's and my buddy I'm in kahoots with in our little venture. after hearing 9umf is not classed as Manuka has me a little dumbfounded. that 9umf must have more kanuka than Manuka but still has this good umf .will moi sort this out with more testing ? . surely. what other honey has these properties . will they have a so called Manuka honey and a honey with reasonable umf of say 9 we can still go under.... we have held back for the last 8 months looks like more
  11. why cant people give a striaght answer. some times its better to say nothing than stupid replies to a beginner thats just curious. [Removed]
  12. Hi Fraz we have had succession meetings with our family farm. and a so called professional succession planner. didnt go well. it is two families turned into one .very hard and uncertain times. greed the main motive. but i guess not all are the same. good luck.
  13. i was hoping this rain would have drowned a few wasps . doesnt seem to be the case.more than ever !!!
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