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  1. Just trying to take the labour out of makeing my own strips, the cardboard does that. The result is ive got more bees than I need so i'm happy with that at this point
  2. I used cardboard with toothpicks the bees often chewed around them and they fall down. Trying to find thinner card that will bend over the tops.
  3. I have 8x6 frame nucs with 2x brood boxes each, 3 of them have 2 honey supers on now full of necter the others not far behind
  4. theirs plenty of youtube vids on making kombucha, just sub the sugar with honey
  5. my wife's been making kombucha using honey, it tastes good
  6. I just started drinking a larger which I made using the cheapest extract kit I could find with 1kg light col honey, clover I think. No problem with the yeast.
  7. Had a hive go queen less first week of May 2x queen cells being drawn out so left it as we still have drones flying, took the wasp screen off to give her a chance to get back, checked yesterday to find a queen in the hive with eggs in cells. Can anyone tell me is she likely to fly again as I need to get the wasp screen back on.
  8. Not sure if its the original, the guy claims to have spent a long time developing it and it did seem to work really well for him, but guess what, it didn't work for me. Maybe it was to hot today, it just made a mess of the frame, uncapping fork saved the day. will try again when the weather cools down maybe
  9. saw it on face book ordered 2 they arrived in the country in 3 days from Turkey, one with a broken weld but it will be easy fix
  10. I use monofilament, its a smaller dia so you can get more on the bobbin, 30,000 m on a roll. load the bobbin as you sew and dont cut it loose till your ready to use it or it will spring off the bobbin
  11. mickey

    bee gym

    Has anyone seen this ? It looks like the bees actually use it to knock the mites off. Thought I would try making one to see if it would work, put it in about six weeks ago. have been noticing usual dead mites dark brown colour on the bottom board also lite brown col live mites in the area under the device. Could it be working? So I checked the brood comb, of all my four hives this one looks the best. What do you all think?
  12. Hi. Thats a lot of money. I just paid for and its on its way from Turkey a gas fired vaporizer 175.00 USD. Still need a gas bottle and reg but should make the job easier about 20 sec per treatment. Check it out https://www.gurlearicilik.com/product-page/mg-15-oksalik-asit-buharlaştirma-aparati
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