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  1. Ecrotek was formed when the plastic manufacturer Beetek purchased Ecroyds a few years back
  2. Spotted on my walk today , Blackwood in full flower and fodder willow just thinking about starting. surprised to see willow aphid so early
  3. been Extracting this week , 3 days left , happy to have very little granulation this late in the season . Hives and nucs have been wintered down and hives that needed to be moved have been moved , off to see @flash4cash tomorrow to pregnancy scan goats. leaving staff member to do shed Tetris to get the wets stacked away .
  4. Seen no signs of that up here , haven’t seen any type of ladybirds on tutu and other shrubs infested with fluffy bums
  5. What we have been finding , treated 1st week March
  6. As one of Tweeddales cell suppliers ( there are 4 ) the above is correct. start out with going on floor and later in season the cell is place up in combs from underneath to be in contact with the bees . as far as I am aware most hives are run as single broods with a queen excluder cell is supplied on day 11 to be closer to hatching. Their floor is solid with a permanent winter entrance, hives are slid forward for summer to give a full entrance . All hives that weren’t requeened by splitting in spring are given a cell over January to March period, a team puts out up 500 cells in a day The floor method came about due to queen excluder use to keep brood out of extracting room and the resulting low bacteria counts which gave a premium from corporate honey buyers . The logistics of moving 10,s of thousands honey boxes to put cells in was not a valid option or finding queens and killing them Another customer queried how successful the method was having found all cells had hatched but wasn’t seeing a brood break where the virgin had killed the old queen. Told him it is highly variable, working on a supercedure principal and you may not see a brood break , the ideal would to kill the old queen to give a good result and that is a fairly big logistical effort or you could go fishing, fishing won out as far as I’m aware
  7. I use carnica breeders ( pure and hybrid ) from David for 2 customers who prefer them , that may have to change if New owner doesn’t sell to non suppliers . The rest of my customers like Italian type . have used mine , Betta Bees A.I ( not sure if I will go there again) and Kirwee bees ( shaping up very well) this autumn. mine tend to have carnica in the mix so get black drones . my nuc yards now have a fair few neighbours ( both big corporates in range and other beekeepers have come in as well ) resulting in mixed mating on a regular basis . They may now become more Carnica now that David is now part of one of my corporate neighbours ( queen support yards on the next road) .
  8. Submitted on behalf
  9. Field day 2019.docx
  10. And the key word here is spring!! , natural reproduction urge . 2 queen hives are quite happy to go hang in a tree at this time of year if the weather is conducive, don’t even need eggs in cups
  11. You are missing the division board to seperate the top unit . some of your virgin may have ended up in bottom if you were lucky . I would lift the existing queen up above a div board and put cell in bottom and leave in that configuration for winter . personally I use mated queens for 2 queening hives using a div board until they are well settled . we have just busted up our 2 queen starter hives , bottom queen has 2 brood boxes and top has 1 and a top feeder , they will be united again around 1st week August . As I have said before a hives natural state is one queen ( maybe more when something is wrong with one ) and that’s what you need think about when considering something different
  12. Same here , just assumed it was a phone scam like numbers originating from Europe
  13. I would say with in margin of error, which is why I got a retest done for my own education. Got it over the line to mono and buyer took it as that having been informed it was retested there was also a suggestion I find a mate with a drum of nice kanuka
  14. After discussion with Lab when I got 1st result I got the same sample tested again
  15. Had 1 sample last season that had 2MAP at 4.9 and 3PLA at 400 which made it non Manuka so not either by the definition on retest 2MPA went 5 and 3PLA to 410 which made it mono Manuka
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