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  1. Been thru that experience. Not a good one. If caught these people need to be named. So that all in the industry can be wary of these operators.
  2. How does one reply to this topic and contact members through message.? It may be a simple answer but I would appreciate a idiots guide for navigation.
  3. Thanks for the replys, However makes one think there are "shysters" out there if they can't put their names to an email.!
  4. I received this in the Email today................No signiture and where is the origional email this all stemed from. How can anyone have faith in the industry and whoever sent this if they hide behind others??? Thought please.... lets have this out in the open PROPERLY!! "Copy and pasted from my email inbox" Updated version - thanks to our members for pointing our error in an email address below. Dear Fellow Beekeepers Today, many of our members, but not all, received an email from the AFB Pest Management Agency. We were appalled to read the contents of this email. Our members feel that this email was an outright attack on fellow beekeepers, who have worked hard over the years, within the constrainsts of the political environment of the time. We would like to point out that John Hartnell has been a member of the AFB PMP Agency for a number of years. Other members of the Apiculture NZ Board, who oversee the AFB PMP Board, such as Ricki Leahy, Dennis Crowley, former ApiNZ Board Member Barry Foster and current AFB Board Member Kim Poynter, have all had very close involvement in the Management of the AFB PMP during the time it was run by the National Beekeepers Association. By their own admission, in the email, they have admitted they are incompetent and failed at the running of the AFB PMP. The results of the recent Commodity Levy vote clearly shows that Beekeepers have NO confidence in Apiculture NZ! We ask YOU as a Beekeeper and Levy payer, with a vested interest in the running of the AFB PMP, to email Karin Kos (ceo@apinz.org.nz) asking for the immediate resignation of the above mentioned board members. We also ask you to email the Minister of Agriculture, Damien O'Connor (d.o'connor@ministers.govt.nz) asking him to remove Apiculture NZ as the Management Agency for the AFB PMP as they clearly admit their incompetence and failure.
  5. You may have missed seeing the freshly laid eggs when you first split the hive and put the queen in the bottom box. Remember that freshly laid eggs stand upright in the cell..... as the egg matures and is close to hatching the egg effectively is seen lying flat on the bottom of the cell. Therefore you could have missed seeing the fresh laid eggs in the frame that you put in the top box.... making the evidence of what you found when you opened up the top box after 3 days perfect timing. There are several ways to eliminate this happening and it all comes down to counting the days in the lead-up to a graft.
  6. Having made my own vinegar honey vinegar "otherwise known as Honeygar"is definitely an option. Yes the acidic reading needs to be above 4.5% or the produce you pickle will go off quickly. Honey creates massive " Mothers" Mine are between 1 & 2 cm thick. Take care to sterilize the vinegar to destroy any microbes etc before using.
  7. I understand that the price of honey needs to find it's true level in the market be it nationally or internationally. For the millions of tons of the blended honey that now sits in storehouses with next to no market to sell. I am indeed mindfull of the price of honey in the supermarkets presently. Food for thought, Ponder this....... If this honey was presented as own product at a reasonable price compared to jams and spreads. (Yes I remember the day when peanut butter and Marmite were more expensive and jam was always made at home cause it was cheaper as compared to the bulked out fruitless product that is sold today at the lower end of the $ value) Take all this honey sitting in storage with no market, Brand it and put it on the shelf for the average kiwi family to afford then there would be a win win for all. The amount of trolleys one sees with jam and spreads and no honey.... there is definitely something wrong with this picture. Yes Beeks are creating this void themselves and from what I see it will continue. Case in point. When a beek friend looses out his only Manuka site to another with a deal of 35% plus $ to place the hives on site on top!!! When questioned why such a deal? The reply was..... Wait for it...... We can afford to run at a loss!!!!! This is why the price of honey is unafordable to the general kiwi. Discussion is now aboutrefocus on the weekend markets and stalls. Jarring up honey and sell at the local market. Yea right.... With all the costs of jarring, wages, stall costs and the retail cost of the actual product. I watch these stall operators, maybe making a sale once every 1/2 hour, for a cost of no less than $12.00 per jar. People just walk on bye because they know they can purchase nutella, marmite and peanut butter or jam ( three of) for the price of 1 jar of honey. Is there any wonder why people are walking on bye.!!! Manuka may have been the fat cow, however the high prices have created a cost for honey across the whole industry that the average Kiwi family now thinks a jar of honey is like gold and it is a treat when presented for toast at breakfast. This I say as I did work the supermarkets back in the day, I was a chef and caterer in my previous life, I am a mum that brought up kids, worked the farm and now question the true value of what honey is produced for the local market. Ask children in the weekend market..... Does your mum buy honey... some kids don't even know what honey is!!! This fits in with children growing up not knowing what it is to pat an animal!!!! Come on there has to be some change to effect a fair deal for everyone and end result the sale of all this honey. Look at the local market and take a good kick in the pants some operators, being greedy hurts the industry and the people as a whole. Identify that the average family make up the greatest percentage of NZ population and the lower end of the income bracket and there leis an answer.
  8. Great step in the direction of opening up new opportunities. Having contacts and building bridges always a positive move. I may be newer to the industry however, watching the ups and downs over recent times highlights the volatility that exists in this industry. Resilience and diversity is a key element for success. Understanding that the high honey prices could not last. Yes honey price is supply and demand, however blending, fueled by hunger for the $$$ has certainly not made things any easier. Even more difficult for those of us that have stayed true to the character of the honey and restrained from offering a mixed blend just to get the $$$. Don't bite my head off!!! I follow and read a lot of threads in the hope of gleaning more info as to what is going on out there beyond my own beeyards. While always concerned about will the effort be rewarded at the end of the season.
  9. Well......... The wax from the cups must surely be NO GOOD for the internal workings of the dishwasher, and then further down the track clogging up the Waste drains.
  10. Flat paddocks are challenging, however think outside the square, how many times do you see the odd bit of culvert pipe, fence strainer etc left lying in a paddock, these make good mounting sites, the whole camera doesn't need to be visible, only the lens. I mounted one of mine in a dumped car wreck that had been left in the paddock years ago. If you want to mount a camera badly enough there will be a way, not everything is easy!" Necessity is the mother of invention"
  11. Yip Hokey Pokey, goes down a treat.
  12. I stand to be corrected, but from stories from my Grandad and Great Grandad and seeing them practiced. Sugar is used to make a poultice to draw out puss and boils, honey is used to keep the wounds moist, back in them days bush people used these methods a lot, my famz were definitely bush people but I don't know if a specific honey was used, it was more like whatever honey was found in the hive when the tree was opened up. I still use the old methods.... some of them are coming back into vogue, yip call it what you like, dockleaf included.
  13. Anyone thought of the liquor trade, I have made awesome spirits from honey. beautiful mellow edge to the finished product. Roll over honey mead, with the new equipment on the market now there should be a place for honey based spirits. Not talking health and nutrition here, just an avenue to put some of the bottom end honey to good use if it is a problem to sell. Definitely worth jumping through the red tape especially when one sees the new boutique "ciderries" and beer makers setting up. The sweet market is another option, ever considered why the most popular sweets for kids now seem to be sour and bitter? Definitely worth looking at using honey as a base. What happened to the days where a sweet tasted sweet? Now a mixture is sour, bitter, color free, sugar free and many other things. Maybeeeee Honey could beeeee the next big thing for sweets. Just thinking from a ex foodie perspective
  14. Can't say for your situation, however we have had 2 swarms each season come thru our property in town. not far from orchards. Guess is the swarms are coming from there. Last one arrived last week, moved right on into an empty box with dry frames I was about to work on, had it sitting on peice of 4x2 for air. Took 40 mins for the whole crew to settle in. Lovely queen and man what a size, certainly don't say NO to visitors that want to stay.
  15. Close to the Expressway, check with Them to see if any movement was noticed last night. Might be the route used for direct escape. I lost 54 hives last season and the police weren't helpful neither were the local beekeepers Assc. Almost have to sluthe the culprits on your own sad to say.
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