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  1. Because they spend it very badly. As the government, I would like all their accounts made public before we even get to the discussion table.
  2. If I was the government, I would contribute to the industry but only if an when The Management Agency gets their act together and prosecutes. Otherwise is money down the toilet.
  3. @Rene Gloor I am very interested in discussing a visit from a dog. However, we have very few hives, and don't produce honey for commercial purposes. We are a small urban beekeeping operation, but recently had a AFB text and email alert about an outbreak in one of our main areas. At the same time, we got a phone call from a neighbour who has this beehive in his backyard, put there by a commercial beek as a favour. Said beehive hasn't been checked since last Autumn, when appear strips went in. Our neighbours have been ringing and texting the beek but no response. The hive doesn't have any regis
  4. Ok, the Subaru got “upgraded”, and the hippie beekeeper is quite happy with the trade. Surely, I miss the AWD and the apparent relief of petrol stations. But my concience is at peace with our choice. Good for us, good for Bees, good for the planet. And apart from the initial investment, pretty cheap to run too!!
  5. We asked around to put hives in people's places, but maybe because we wanted to play with Top Bars, or because it sounded too good to be true, we didn't have many takers. We also manage hives for people who don't have the time and experience, and we mentor a lot. We organise courses, as well as give talks at garden centres, community gardens and schools (talks are always free). Hopefully it puts us in the "Good Guys" basket. As an anecdote, one of our families have 4 children, and they all love it when I visit the hive and they are home. On one of my first visits after the hive was
  6. My 2 cents on why some people enter the hive rental scheme, from the customer side and from the beekeeper (me) side. The Customer wants what @kevin moore has explained, and very well so. I would add that in the same way we (as in the general population) prefer to eat our own produce (use of pesticides in commercial crops, don't trust what we are being sold, prefer to have a more realistic view on how hard it is to produce that jar of honey we don't want to buy as it is $25 at the shops for maybe less than 1/2 a kilo, or simply because we want our children to know where food comes from, an
  7. Well, according to other threads on this very forum, it could happen to very experienced beekepers as well. I think we need to stop looking down on "new beekeepers" and start helping everyone, new and old, as we are all here to learn. In any case, it is said that humans are the only animal that trips over the same rock twice....
  8. To me, this whole topic shows how we have to be patient with (new or old) beekeepers that want to try alternative ways i.e. treatment free or organic treatments, different hive configurations, etc. There doesn't seem to be a silver bullet with varroa, and, sooner or later, if not vigilant, our bees will suffer.
  9. Swarms are a thing, whether you have seen one before or not. Just out your name down on a swarm catcher's list, Facebook group or whatever, and keep checking. It can happen!! And to me, the best ever way of getting bees!!
  10. Thanks @Timw, I would put 4 Bayvarol strips, as per packet instructions. There is no economy in saving 1 strip for later as the foil is already opened, and in the 8-10 weeks of treatment the bees may very well start expanding to the bottom box and if they decide to put brood in there, then there isn't too much product. Bayvarol is slow release, so no harm done. Let us know how things are going!
  11. Bayvarol advises 4 strips per brood box. How many brood frames (top bars) have you got?
  12. It's already been said, but we have managed to grow a thick skin
  13. I think they market it as "the feta cheese holder", or mozzarella cheese...
  14. Ps: takes awhile to get the sublikiwi up to temp...
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