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  1. Yeah my feeling after using one. More ticket clippers jumping in on the action
  2. I'm keen to hear feedback on the use of apps in beekeeping. There seems to be a fair few of them. Our company has MyApiary and to be honest I still cant decide whether it improves beekeeping above the old forms of keeping records - notebook and pen.
  3. Chinese crowding out local beeks....? Obviously you don't know the annual scene in manuka country.... you know, the one where everyone and their dog brings in hives - with no thought at all for the actual 'local beeks'. It matters not at all whether they are Chinese, Martian or any other outsider; they take the livelihood from truly 'local beeks.' Additionally, lumped onto the truly 'local beeks' is the constant threat of AFT from the growing number of cowboys jumping on the manuka-get -rich-quick bandwagon. Since outbreaks in our area years ago, I have been required yearly to subm
  4. Lucky southern beekeepers. Does that mean you guys dont have to have - and pay for - tutin tests.
  5. Hi Daley, is that the RMP regs kicking in that Stephen has described earlier in the thread?
  6. Hi Love Honey. I would be keen to have the Auckland contacts. <Content removed> looks very good, very compeditive, except that there are freight costs which I can avoid if I take the drum to Auckland, on my next trip up there.
  7. Sorry Stephen, god I must have been asleep, I meant to ask who is PBT
  8. Thanks for that Stephen. Who is RMP , i'd like to follow them both up.
  9. I have 2 200 litre drums of honey I want packed into 500ml jars. Does any member do this or know who does. Thanks guys.
  10. Ive seen a bit of willow dew (and aphids) but the bees dont seem to be touching it yet, thank god ( while manuka and kanuka is still flowering), so maybe its a poor nectar choice for bees until other sources dry up? Try the parked-car-under-the-willow test for levels of willow dew lol.
  11. The worry with willow honey seems to be the undigestable sugars(?) which are left in the cell. Will the bees clean that out would you think in the next flow?
  12. Yip makes sense John, and yes it was a heavy flowering.
  13. When it first showed up I thought yippee free autumn sugar feed! But yes now Im not so sure, particularly if it does bring about wasp infestation and stops the very needed spring willow flower. Though last season we had a good spring willow catkin bloom. I assume some scientist will be preparing their next funding proposal around this - hopefully.
  14. Now that many beekeepers have had two seasons with willow honey how are you finding it. I notice that while the bees will consume it, the sugar type which bees cant process is left in the frame. Will this mean next years honey crop being contaminated with this, or will the bees clean this residue out first? Interested in any feedback.
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