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  1. Hi, so did you finally manage to get approved or is it still work in progress. Does NP1 cover both extraction and packaging from home for non export honey to be able to be sold locally ? Cheers
  2. hi, could anyone provide me with info in regards to Honey Dew ( Beech) . Wanting to know how long the trees flowers for , hive ratio and any other helpful info . Have been offered a location with plenty of large Beech trees but have had no experience with them . Thanks
  3. H Hi Alistair, what sort of truck do you have ? Looking at a winch currently for my Hilux . Cheers
  4. Tank is 566lt from TT Plastics , they do various size syrup tanks . had 2 X 50mm screwed fittings installed in the bottom corners for inlet and outlet , this should help with circulation. Need to shorten the pipe work this weekend and give it a run , only completed it last week . Same pump as Alastair.
  5. I used a 50mm outlet and inlet to be used for mixing . Installed a 50mm Tee with ball valve with a 25mm reducer and ball valve for the feeding hose and gun . This way I can mix and by opening and shutting a ball valve i can then start feeding .makes things very easy
  6. Could you post a photo of how you set it up ?
  7. They seem good , know 2 people with them
  8. Hi Chris , what make is your pump , currently looking for a reliable 2" unit . Cheers
  9. BamBam


    Hi, how do the galv lids compare to the plastic lids ? Seem to be more showing up around the place these days . Price seems about the same
  10. Hi, great looking set up . Where did you get the ezyloader from ? Cheers Nath
  11. Would suggest giving Stu ( The Hive Doctor ) a call , he's very helpful and a very straight up sort of guy . You can also move your base box back about 10-15mm and that opens up most of the front of the hive . He's also produce a bigger Nuc box that x2 fit the HD base . Great for wintering and longer term use
  12. Wonder if the price of honey will be affected , will it go up in value due to continued demand or come down due to all the new players in the market ? Everything seems to be going up including the cost of hive materials , queen prices , will the value of non Manuka honey rise to cover the costs ?
  13. Hi , What is a good price for clover and extraction ? Is bush and mixed worth the same ? Cheers
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