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  1. Eating Drone Brood.

    Hi I have an insect farm in Thailand with my Wife's family running it while I am here at present. So today I munched out on some Drone brood , quite creamy and not to bad at all, just sucked them out from the comb. Has anyone else had a crack at this form of protein before?
  2. Makes you think.

    U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders 4 hrs · · Politics The drug industry's greed knows no bounds. There's no reason an EpiPen, which costs Mylan just a few dollars to make, should cost families hundreds of dollars. The only explanation for Mylan raising the price by almost six times since 2008 is that the company values profits more than the lives of millions of Americans. 2k Comments 13k Shares
  3. Help with plant please.

    I have never seen this tree produce berries, would love to know what it is. Thank you.
  4. Hallucinogen Honey Hunters - Top Documentary Films Admin edit: content added
  5. Plant Identification

    [attachment=8141:name] Can anybody ID this plant for me please
  6. Sacbrood

    Hello can I have some ideas on these photos. I think its Sacbrood. I was going through my hives and this is Swarm I caught 23rd December. Caps are not being chew open, just sunken and change of colour got my I attention. When contents is stirred no roping, just jucy slop. I can pull out all the contents and under mag glass can see segments still showing. I have a DECA but bugger all experience in the real world. Any input would be great to back up my gut feeling. Cheers Brett.