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  1. Type in canda honey prices on google Sorry cant link it
  2. I read today thay canda honey prices have drop 50 percent so that means rest of us i talked to my honey buyer today he thinks we will drop by 60 percent this year so watch out new beekeepers
  3. I have the odd hives that could swarm but not To worryed yet another 2 or 3 weeks
  4. Feed suryup yesterday and a lot happier willow dew must not be doing the trick this year previous years have been fine it's a lot harder in the frames this year
  5. Yes done mite checks shakes are 1 /3 and 3/9
  6. Hey all went to one my yards yesterday and 9 hives bees were very lifeless you hit the top board they drop like sticks and hardly flying not active on comb but they have plenty honey by its willow dew and heaps pollen new queen varroa treatment in to me they look hungry any ideas would be greate
  7. What's the best brush type or best tool for waxing plastic frames
  8. Hey I would be more then happy to will be checking some hives close tmrw
  9. Yup 12 of them Most them where on side road but feel so dodgey being in someone's yard with all the scumbags round Lat eye don't won't people thinking bad of me cheers guys
  10. Yes I do small contrey community I have permission to be on there land there's bout 4 yards of 50 in 2km radius of me
  11. Hey all if there's swarms in a tree in someone Commercial bee yard and they haven't been to there bees in weeks can I go in therE yard and get them as the all looks cold and it's been raining or is there a 3ft rule or something
  12. is jasmine any good source for bees plenty flowering at the moment
  13. i feed my bees sugar suryup last week was this a bad move .
  14. hey have seen lot of manuka in full flower dose it flower this time of year??
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