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  1. And hobist beekeepers are doing it wrong, the worst type of beekeepers, spreading disease, dont care about the bees. I say come on you commercial beeks, you are susposed to be leading the industry, then lead by example. I know there is good and bad in every side, but there is a limit. If you get a chance go for a drrive around Pukekohe. There must be more than 100 hives all in a row being over wintered. Over stocked to the max. Another large commercial no doubt. Hobby beekeepers spreading disease. Yeah right. Or should it be Yeah left. I think I will just watch this forum from now
  2. Yes. I have since learnt that. Thanks Goran.
  3. Strong is 6-7 frames of brood remainder mixture of pollen and caped honey. I am sure it was opening the hives and feeding that has sparked it off. I will keep the ventilated hives locked up and get robbing screens on tomorrow. I will also move a few up to the farm tomorrow night. Thanks for your comments. Its apreciated.
  4. They were all strong full depth doubles. Most still are strong but two of them. Have reduced entrances to one bee space and locked up all hives with ventilated bottom boards. Will be making robbing screens flat out tomorrow.
  5. Gave them a feed on Sat morn and inspected a few. Found one nuc robed out and two full depth doubles almost robed out. I think the feeding and opening up the hives has sparked a masive robbing frenzy. Driving me nuts.
  6. Just wondering whos having problems with Robbing. My hives are going crazy with Robbing. It seems to be a bad season for it.
  7. Tom Stephenson


    Nice wee swarm I caught on Sunday.
  8. I had four carni hives that did exactly the same thing as your hives Gavin. Last year I took honey off during a break in the flow and it was like the queen's sulked and stopped laying. They came all good again in two weeks and are going strong this season. Bees will be bees I suppose.
  9. Im using manuka special wax also and mine are exactly the same as yours Frazz. I dont worry about it. Queens just dont like the wire. No real stress
  10. [USER=2230]@WannaBee2[/USER] egg cartons work great too.
  11. The man is a true inspiration. Good on him.
  12. Yes. Happy to help. Will donate a ten frame hive after the flow. I am like stalker at the moment. Need all the bees I can get. But happy to help after the flow.
  13. Do you have any flat pack FD boxes in Redwood that you can sell? I would like a natural timber hive in my garden.
  14. Tom Stephenson


    Would be great to roar a few stags in that valley lol.
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