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  1. Bad news Manz and in trying times not exactly what anyone needs. Word to the wise: [.....our boxes are branded and lids and bases are our own design so we will know them if we ever see them again.....] Unless you catch them within a very short period (I'm talking in transport or shortly thereafter) you haven't got a show! General modus operandi of these scum suckers is to swop the mother load (Frames, stores, brood & bees) into their own gear in the first instance then get rid of the branded and recognisable components (stands, boxes, Lids) by burning or dumping. Your
  2. Love the sentiment; it would be great to have rational people working with each other and everyone getting a fair shake. However I can’t say I’m taken with the idea off a council or any other arbitrarily driven entity creating a legal mess on this matter in the slightest. I can see the perspective where corporate beekeepers and Landowners relatively new to the industry may well see the idea as a magic elixir with regard to poaching, however family and other beekeeping concerns should be aghast at the possible ramifications, indeed once the Corporate concerns were entrenched the legal and
  3. Must be Manuka eh! Nah sorry Gino can't rationalise your message!
  4. Fredericks been busy wiping the egg off his face ‘not’! I started this forum because I considered the negative brigade were dominating the debate and delivering an unbalanced picture of both the Levy Vote and APINZ on multiple platforms with a small number of individuals exhibiting deep seated distrust and vitriol towards APINZ I stand by comments I’ve made through this forum, the main message being: APINZ with a new ‘post yes vote’ board structure would’ve delivered the desired commercial representation to effectively send ‘APINZ incl the commercial sector’ along a new path pre
  5. Crikey I'm glad the votes done and wait for the result like everyone: Hopefully its not a 'Heads we lose / Tails we lose' scenario! Thought it pertinent to requote the following paragraghs from my opening post: Forget the Manuka producers should pay more perspective: Just set the levy at a level accommodating to all (I suggest 10c/kg fits the bill) or do we bitch endlessly of the inequities of various industry income streams! Forget the Manuka’s ruining the industry perspective as follows: Manuka’s not res
  6. No worries Grant understand your position and while I stand by my comment I'm not interested in pushing anyone's buttons! I suggest there's been a reasonable sharing of perspectives particularly later in the forum and I repeat: The most negative perspective in this forum has been the incorrect comments made in relation to the APINZ Hobbyist Rep which I note no moderator / administrator picked up on nor commented on (I suggest a personal apology is warranted). Re: What I do not like is repeated asking of the same questions that have been repeatedly answered. To keep aski
  7. John I'll concede to your appraisal to a degree but only with the rider: These issues aren't the sole domain of the corporates!!
  8. Grant I pushed the parcel with this Forum in an attempt to stimulate discussion on aspects of the Levy vote I considered were being overlooked. Primarily the aspect of the commercial sector attaining what the professed to want with what was sitting on the table with this levy vote. If you read all my main posts and then want to have a crack at me all very good but I stand by the comments I made to Frazz and others earlier in the piece! The most negative perspective in this forum has been the incorrect comments made in relation to the APINZ Hobbyist Rep which I note no a
  9. A voting block from the likes of NZ Beekeeping could be the biggest player on the block? But really I can't say any more than I have apart from, I'm willing to go down this path!
  10. Crikey Daley your definition of corporate is obviously pretty wide reaching; from my experience while not particularly wide spread the practices you describe above are evident in most if not all beekeeping groups from family, new, company and corporate. These issues aren't the sole domain of any one of these groups! And while we might like to think we can influence the business practices of the industry you'll find it hard to regulate most of the above. A strong organisation making representations of your behalf might be the best starting point!
  11. The spends pretty straight forward: It'll ultimately be set by the Commercial sector (those paying). Payment; can't help you there a fact is a fact; I'll live with it!
  12. We'll have to agree to disagree there Daley. I just don't see the corporates having weight of numbers vote wise and I certainly don't see the corporates all agreeing and block voting either!
  13. I completely agree. Would have also added lack of values and ethics. Over the years I've come across many established beekeepers, a good number of new beekeepers and a few corporate beekeepers. I've seen questionable practices that show a lack of beekeeping and industry nous, knowledge and common sense and those I would consider that lack values and ethics. These issues aren't the sole domain of any one of these groups! By far the greatest majority of people and businesses I have associated / dealt with in beekeeping are decent rational people; a good many c
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