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  1. Must be Manuka eh! Nah sorry Gino can't rationalise your message!
  2. Fredericks been busy wiping the egg off his face ‘not’! I started this forum because I considered the negative brigade were dominating the debate and delivering an unbalanced picture of both the Levy Vote and APINZ on multiple platforms with a small number of individuals exhibiting deep seated distrust and vitriol towards APINZ I stand by comments I’ve made through this forum, the main message being: APINZ with a new ‘post yes vote’ board structure would’ve delivered the desired commercial representation to effectively send ‘APINZ incl the commercial sector’ along a new path predominately exploring and working for the success of the commercial sector. Effectively I was happy for a commercially dominated APINZ to handle the Levy which in my opinion should be spent 100% on enhancing the commercial viability of the Industry (with paid administration). I note SNI are now actively promoting themselves to take the lead on a levy; the only difference I can see between my message and SNI’s is I considered the end result was definitively ‘there for the taking with a yes vote’ albeit SNI levy structure/details differ ! Consequently they may well promote months of negotiation and angst ahead to possibly get back to where we’ve been: Maybe! In August I canvassed/surveyed a reasonable percentage of the commercial sector consisting of 36 mainly family businesses of 220-9000 hives (74000 Hives in total) and I note: 91% were at that stage against the Levy 42% of whom wouldn’t have a bar of it regardless of how it was presented I quote these figures to show that regardless of which side of the fence you sit on a yes vote for the Levy was virtually unachievable particularly given the history and perception of APINZ. Therefor a 24% ‘Levy’ vote wasn’t that unexpected albeit I do think they have a general support base above this percentage. I back ‘Professional Commercial Industry Representation’ which I still feel we can achieve through APINZ and should they wish to alter their board structure and operations to placate the concerns of the commercial sector and incorporate input from the various commercial entities I feel they have a future leading the Industry and I’ll definitely re-join! I was happy to go out to bat for this Vote and while it equated to the Foxton Old-timers 11 taking on the Auzzi Cricket Team I was happy to take the hits (glad I was wearing a box) and hopefully add a bit to the debate. I closing I’d like to say I hope my initial summary of a NO vote as follows is way off the mark: Vote No and see the industry wallow in a self-perpetuating interest group scrapping mess with no particular direction: Leaving the door open to influences from any entity or group that can gain the ear of MPI and/or the minister. Cheers Keith Rodie
  3. Crikey I'm glad the votes done and wait for the result like everyone: Hopefully its not a 'Heads we lose / Tails we lose' scenario! Thought it pertinent to requote the following paragraghs from my opening post: Forget the Manuka producers should pay more perspective: Just set the levy at a level accommodating to all (I suggest 10c/kg fits the bill) or do we bitch endlessly of the inequities of various industry income streams! Forget the Manuka’s ruining the industry perspective as follows: Manuka’s not responsible for the Honeydew, Bush-blend and Pasture-blend price collapse; it has however been responsible for providing those producers considerable additional income over the last few years. The fact blenders can no longer pay over the odds for these lines doesn’t cancel the previous benefits received.
  4. No worries Grant understand your position and while I stand by my comment I'm not interested in pushing anyone's buttons! I suggest there's been a reasonable sharing of perspectives particularly later in the forum and I repeat: The most negative perspective in this forum has been the incorrect comments made in relation to the APINZ Hobbyist Rep which I note no moderator / administrator picked up on nor commented on (I suggest a personal apology is warranted). Re: What I do not like is repeated asking of the same questions that have been repeatedly answered. To keep asking the same questions is to try and tie up peoples' time to keep answering the same questions. This (to me) is trolling. I wasn't aware I was repeatedly asked questions I only recall expressing my opinion and answering questions? So be it!
  5. John I'll concede to your appraisal to a degree but only with the rider: These issues aren't the sole domain of the corporates!!
  6. Grant I pushed the parcel with this Forum in an attempt to stimulate discussion on aspects of the Levy vote I considered were being overlooked. Primarily the aspect of the commercial sector attaining what the professed to want with what was sitting on the table with this levy vote. If you read all my main posts and then want to have a crack at me all very good but I stand by the comments I made to Frazz and others earlier in the piece! The most negative perspective in this forum has been the incorrect comments made in relation to the APINZ Hobbyist Rep which I note no administrators picked up on nor commented on. Odd you'd enter with such a negative jibe so late in the piece: Maybe you might have something constructive to say in due course
  7. A voting block from the likes of NZ Beekeeping could be the biggest player on the block? But really I can't say any more than I have apart from, I'm willing to go down this path!
  8. Crikey Daley your definition of corporate is obviously pretty wide reaching; from my experience while not particularly wide spread the practices you describe above are evident in most if not all beekeeping groups from family, new, company and corporate. These issues aren't the sole domain of any one of these groups! And while we might like to think we can influence the business practices of the industry you'll find it hard to regulate most of the above. A strong organisation making representations of your behalf might be the best starting point!
  9. The spends pretty straight forward: It'll ultimately be set by the Commercial sector (those paying). Payment; can't help you there a fact is a fact; I'll live with it!
  10. We'll have to agree to disagree there Daley. I just don't see the corporates having weight of numbers vote wise and I certainly don't see the corporates all agreeing and block voting either!
  11. I completely agree. Would have also added lack of values and ethics. Over the years I've come across many established beekeepers, a good number of new beekeepers and a few corporate beekeepers. I've seen questionable practices that show a lack of beekeeping and industry nous, knowledge and common sense and those I would consider that lack values and ethics. These issues aren't the sole domain of any one of these groups! By far the greatest majority of people and businesses I have associated / dealt with in beekeeping are decent rational people; a good many colourful characters I'd acknowledge but on the whole so many good people. Corporates are with us one way or the other moving forward and I don't see them dominating beekeeping as as I've elaborated in my original posting in the forum: [...The corporate model just doesn’t work on a beekeeping/hives in the field level and as various corporates work this out and move to alternate share-farming/equity models we will hopefully see a rise in individual Beekeeping Business opportunities for the up and coming in the industry!...] I don't think anyone should allow their distaste of so called 'corporates' to influence their vote in the levy and industry's future!
  12. I'd encourage you to desist from this line of questioning Ted: Its inconsequential in the scheme of things
  13. While I'm not keen on being referred to as a 'nice guy' (you'll ruin my image) this is one of the most genuinely positive posts I've read in the Levy debate. A while back I was adamantly a NO voter for a variety of reasons some touched on here, many touched on elsewhere in this forum; then I took a step back, analysed the debate and looked at the options and didn't like the future I saw without a collective yes vote. I decided to see what I could do to open up debate from the perspective of all sides ultimately gaining what they're looking for under the umbrella of a commercial dominated organisation. APINZ's history to date hasn't been what I envisaged when I first to backed the unified organisation: They've been in a major learning curve and haven't delivered what a lot of commercial BK's were looking for hence myself and plenty of others voting with their feet: BUT FOLKS this wasn't by design, this wasn't an attempt by anyone to dominate anyone, it wasn't anti industry it was a learning curve bought about by the wrong initial board structure which set it well on the wrong track. The adjustment in the levy proposal to a commercial sector dominated board following a yes vote will deliver the structure I originally hoped APINZ would deliver; that is the ability of all entities within the commercial sector to gain representation on the board (by voting blocks if need be) and for the collective commercial representation to effectively send APINZ along a new path predominately exploring and working for the success of the commercial sector. This is why I'm vehemently opposed to dredging up negative aspects of everyone's interpretation of the APINZ past incorporating the anti corporate view (they're part of the industry and here to stay) etc in this forum. We've all been down this road ad infinitum. All I've asked is that you consider the option of working together under one umbrella (call it what you like but lets stick with APINZ) for the future of the industry. The new board (commercial sector dominated) will be able to shape APINZ governance Levy payers will able to structure and control the direction of levy expenditure Some posts in this forum have blamed APINZ for all the ills and negative events since their inception stopping just short of general plague, petulance and the Kaikoura earthquake and while others have said they're over the negative discussion and personalities, this will always occur when passionate people debate and the other ###### won't agree with them. Folks while I'm over the politics of it! I don't want to go endless rounds where we spar incessantly and then sometime in the future after a lot of antagonism and heartache end up with what's available to us on a platter now! Good luck and good voting
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