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  1. I would wear some gloves,trial different pairs until you get a compromise between protection and being able to "feel"with them.I use a pair which are made of fine leather and are ideal.
  2. Yes, I have had issues as well,I keep checking with a square as I assemble them and usually have to plane them up when finished. I keep a template box which I place the assembled box on as a final check.Some boxes I spend too much time on trying to get them right.
  3. Boxes and Frames are Fixed assets and can be depreciated yearly, wire & foundation could be classed as consumables.
  4. A plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.
  5. I am in the electrical industry, and I agree with Trevor , if an extension lead is brand new, it has a factory Declaration of conformity - DOC,if you keep the receipt and can show the inspector that it is newer than 3 months, it will comply.I never cut the plugs off on offending leads but moved them to a quarantine area for assessment later.
  6. As much as you wanted,as there would be no record of the total kg harvested, just supply what you want to and be paid accordingly.An issue would arise,I think,if you were using their rental unit and selling else where.
  7. Looking at the promo material,I was under the impression you enter into an agreement that you supply all your honey exclusively to them.That is why the rental is cheap on the unit.If you want to sell honey to another packer,I think you will have to buy the unit outright.
  8. Great Idea with using a "hinge for easy storage,I am in the process of designing one of these now,thanks for the idea and photos.
  9. Aldude

    Cut out

    Great Story, Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
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