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  1. I can help with the German The report talks about experiments a science teacher is doing with his biology class in order to help his bee hives. The interesting facts they are talking about are: - pseudoscorpions (ps) have historically been in all bee hives but have been destroyed together with the varroa through the use of chemicals to kill varroa. - ps love a temperature of 15-25 C - ps don't survive formic acid treatment - they test if ps would survive oxalic acid treatment - ps of course only kill phoretic mites and therefore can only be used as a supplement to other treatment until a low number of mites has been achieved and - the number of ps is high enough to counter the mites - a 'normal' hive is not a good breeding ground for ps (that's where he shows the piece of timber with the grooves and the holes in the hive wall) - for the experimental hive in the video they think they need about 150 ps to keep varroa low They think that ps should be researched better by official organisations. Anything happening here in NZ in that regard?
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