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  1. There‘snow eG in Akl a Problem of oversaturation with hives, too. it‘s become basically one huge apiary and some of these are rental hives. if you do the right thing and visit often to check you have to put the fees very high and people have an expectation. If you don‘t and your bees die (often anyway these days) you get a bad rep. And don‘t forget the traffic jams and petrol costs depending where you are. our little bee group encourages all our neighbours to plant (the right) flowers for bees by eg giving out repackaged wildflower seeds etc.
  2. What is the treatment of combs? this year for first time O heated my combs up to 55 Degrees as per Mark Goodwin‘s findings.
  3. Thanks all! Is it contagious? We are thinking of moving the hive to a site away from the other hives. iIstill have some protein patties in the freezer, may that be helpful? Didn‘t think the bees liked them after feeding them the patties in March (learned at the Manawatu Field Days) We checked the hive today, saw the queen and a palm-size brood nest with small grubs. Still 2-3 frames worth of bees and now reduced to one box with two insulation frames on outer walls. The lower box had gone totally mouldy and we destroyed those empty combs. No defecating in the combs, no
  4. Just googled Cororapa and it only brings up John's comment but no other explanation. So I take from another comment that you mean Nosema Apis? The dysentry looks quite differently from photos that we have seen from Nosema - and everybody has to go at some time and if the bees don't make it away fromt he hive then they have to poop where they are. But it's not that the whole front is defecated. Why would I feed 1;1 sugar at this time of the year? I thought that might suggest to the bees that a honey flow is on and that winter syrup is 1:2? Or is it easier for them to take it on. We
  5. We don’t use an HD only one of the other people’s affected hives, he does
  6. After it started I gave them some camomile tea syrup which a long-time beekeeper recommended but it didn’t make a difference. I don’t force them back inside and if they don’t go in I don’t make them, just offering. I may take the advise and send some in, where is the best place? Two weeks ago we dissected about 15 that we froze, to check the bowels but nothing strange here we felt.
  7. Kaihoka, we have regular mesh bottom bases, my one friend has one of the new hive doctors and the other beekeeper also just a regular one. What’s HD stand for, please?
  8. Hi one of our five backyard hives in Akl displays this disturbing behaviour. Tens and hundreds of (young I think) bees are gathering outside rain or shine and sit and die. I built a ramp, I gather them in a container and take them inside and they warm up, look and crawl around well and when I put them out some walk back into the hive a very few fly in and the bulk turns down again. i see a few streaks of defamation but not really dysentery. we froze some and took the guts out but they look normal (paper on Nosema by Hamilton Hamadan) Now I hear from two other beekeeper
  9. Hi, does the denatured alcohol harm bees or is it just off-taste so people don‘t drink it?
  10. If harvested before 31.12. no tutin test is required as the Passionvine hoppers are not yet on the wing. maybe „sell them the whole box“ with „Container Deposit“ so they can work the frames (take them out etc)
  11. Our group has tried a few of these bottles with juice, jam and dog food with little success. also tried a wasp attractant, pea sized, don’t think I would ever buy it again. i also used a dead sparrow in a bottle, nada. but I see them fighting the bees that have fallen/ landet down and they shred them into pieces.
  12. Absolutely early here in central Akl; I actually saw the first fluffy buns about two weeks ago. today I sorted through my "nursery" and the underside of the younf lemon tree leaves were full!!
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