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  1. Thank you. I'm genuinely mystified that there's so much anti-neonic and anti-glyphosate activity in other parts of the world but apparently less here, although lots of us care about bees and learn about them at school etc and the Buzzy Bee is our classic children's toy. I wish I'd learned more about all the other pollinators that are also affected by neonics and glyphosate, too. Maybe lots of you are quietly working away for change but it's hard-going because of the commercial interests involved. I'd like to know more.
  2. Thanks Rob. I have no idea what the NBA knows because I've had no response at all from there. I'd hoped that someone on here might be able to enlighten me because it's a place where there seem to be lots of well-informed people who care about bees. And I've loved the answers I've had to other enquiries I've made, really appreciate them.
  3. Hello Rob Stockley. Someone forwarded my enquiry about NBA seeds to John Maclean at the Beekeepers Association in September last year and I followed up in October but to date have had no response. And it troubles me, because as a consumer I think it's reasonable to expect a national professional bee association– to be aware of the volume of high quality research that shows that neonics harm bees; and to be aware that there's no NZ regulation of neonics; and to support the wellbeing of bees and beekeepers and those who'd like to support them, either by not selling seeds it
  4. I've been following usage of lemongrass and citronella to attract swarms. Would love some New Zealand examples!
  5. Note: Maria Spivak and co are themselves 'mired' in the neonics debate and their seeds are likely to be neonics-free. BUT the Ministry for Primary Industry does NOT monitor imported seed for neonics, so it is necessary for those who care to take the initiative and establish the neonics status of imported seed that the ministry monitors in other respects and approves for import.
  6. Does the National Beekeeper Association guarantee that their seeds are neonic free?
  7. So I had a close look and *think* it's the same and am happy it's a beneficial pollinator. Thanks, @yesbut!
  8. What is this unusual visitor to my calendula? Would love to know. Suggestions on general social media are a queen (but would she be alone?) and a mason bee (from someone in Europe)
  9. I experimented with removing borage plants, to see what other flowers attracted the bees. Learning more every day! Here's one of many bumbles to try larkspur. At least I think it's larkspur!
  10. That's pretty special. What colour were the flowers?
  11. They do like blue, have been researching the colour issue: Bee-Loved Flower Mysteries | Bee-Loved My next post is about what happened when I uprooted the local favorite, borage.
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