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  1. yep, my original post and this entire thread was a tongue in cheek dig at these totally rubbish claims. It begs the question, does nobody tell the truth on the internet these days?
  2. if one wanted to write tabloid headlines, then I suppose if bees live on average 6 to 8 weeks, then the entire population is 'lost' 6 or more times per year. So we lose 6 million hives a year by that measure.
  3. same here: Biologists Discover Billions Of Missing Bees Living Anonymously In Sacramento https://local.theonion.com/biologists-discover-billions-of-missing-bees-living-ano-1819578873
  4. Who knew?? Over 1/3 of New Zealand's bee population has been lost since 2006. https://www.honeywrap.co.nz/pages/links-to-interesting-websites-or-blogs?mc_cid=3b295014d2&mc_eid=9fd9fe9bfd
  5. a lot of people remove surplus brood and pour some of this into poly mini-mating nucs to repopulate them and they use three or four 4" square top bars and a feeder cavity with a entrance hole underneath. That way you can save your 3/4 gear for more valuable endeavours.
  6. I've heard this before, I think we all have and it does seem to be a standard feature of Customs, Social Welfare, Immigration, MPI etc etc. Do you think this is because the original plan was they saved a lot of money combining ag, forestry, fisheries and food safety to create a single department (MPI) and in actual fact are so confused trying to be so many things to so many people they can't organise themselves nor focus on a single issue? Was it like this prior to MPI or has it got worse? Probably didn't save a cent either. Should I point out to you that MPI is one department not several
  7. comb honey is covered by the Tutin Standard is a key part of NP1 if you register with your local council to be able to sell honey domestically and covered by the MPI link above and the food act. depends on the region but you need a budget of about $800 to cover the paperwork to be able to get started.
  8. fair enough, though I don't see a great future in RMP registered beekeepers who didn't make a harvest. Paying all that money for RMP and not producing any honey either, they'll soon be gone. Regardless, anyone who produces a lot of honey but has relatively few hives could be inspected to find out how many hives they really have? That might get the rat bags with less effort as I have to agree that another upheavel in charging regime would cause mayhem. So, if harvest dec's and apiary register turn out to be literally impossible then the costs of being thrown out of RMP and unab
  9. Procrastination is the key to flexibility!
  10. If the totally ridiculous 6 month audits for RMP were ditched, I suspect that AFB costs could be literally doubled and all commercial beekeepers would still be better off. So the AFB costs are relatively minor when the big problem the industry needs to focus on is MPI/RMP?
  11. based on 7c/kg of honey (effectively) it seems extremely cheap. But we should all give our feedback on their form rather than applauding or moaning about it on the forum. I don't know anything about the harvest dec, extraction, RMP process, but seems like you have to be registered with MPI and all the honey has to be closely tracked and accounted for. So making this fee a commodity based rather than hive based seems good if it will mean that true hive numbers and apiaries are disclosed with more compliance. For someone with 350 hives producing 25.1kg per hive that is near 9t of ho
  12. Implies that brood nest needed opening up in August for expansion?
  13. I don't know, 'all of nature' is a bit beyond my baliwick you'll need Dave Black for that. La Nina hasn't officially begun, so the Met people are sulking, but they still reckon it is going to happen eventually. Meanwhile a nasty spring can still put things back 3 weeks.. but honestly don't think it will. So far I think the forage is early too, I'm not sure if sea temperature is 3 weeks ahead of itself but possibly this is underlying reason for all of the above.
  14. I understand from a long time beekeeper that BoP is running 3 weeks early this year. So that is about now..
  15. So far as I know Beekeeping NZ has been on a crusade to get this 'fixed' and I imagine the other beekeeping 'bodies' are too (?). It is fair to say that MPI are dragging their feet like teenagers and anything else to say on the matter would be moderated if I typed it. Maybe before anyone complains about it here, they should first write to the Minister by email.. Because you know, it is an election year.
  16. not necessary to put it like that. Since this article came out and there has been a backlash, it is therefore only sensible that all beekeepers who can put up a defence to the article would do so. Essentially a further cost levied on all beekeepers.
  17. I mix up 25g of solution for every 12g of tape. This doesn't generate any surplus. I keep the lid on the bucket but not clicked down all around and I tilt the bucket on a skirting board, rotating it 90 degrees whenever going past it. When 48 hours it is all soaked in. I turn them over so bottom ones at top and vice versa. After ~5 days they can start to go in hives and are 'dry'. So, I don't do this drying step and don't need to. I'm not even sure that glycerine does 'dry'. It is more a draining step? If you have a lot of surplus solution and then end up drying/draining the amount of sol
  18. It has to follow a planned budget. If it accidentally overspends or underspends unexpectedly then this $$ is the start point to be put right in the following budget. The same if forecast income ends up higher or lower. Overall a balancing act to cover costs. This is as distinct from an SoE such as Asure Quality which I believe is trying to make a profit.
  19. That is an understandable piece of feedback that you can send back via their survey link in the email they sent to everyone. But to be fair they have to set a rate every year, regardless of whether it is per hive or per hectare some rate has to be set and this also changed when it was on the apiary basis. On the otherhand the extra work they are offering to do is worth something and if we want them to ramp up their work or not, that is the question they're asking us to respond to. They've asked for feedback and provided a form for that. Viewed as say 7c/kg for extracted
  20. Moments after typing that the Agency has proposed $1.70/hive for next year and are asking for our feedback. So, this is now a subject actually under discussion!
  21. When the helicopter search was done, the fees at that time were per apiary and so this was also a matter of income, not a matter of AFB tracing nor an AFB outbreak and I am quite sure did not result in a reduction of AFB in the Taranaki map of AFB for the following year. Now that the fees are per hive, I suppose the same rat-bags will just under-report their hive numbers... The next move in such a game is to levy the fee per kg of honey in harvest dec's and/or through rmp audits. That should/would not affect any honest beekeeper if the rate was reasonable, but for rat-bags it would
  22. Given that >90% of hives are commercial, I'm sure that these frames are aimed at commercial beekeepers. Ecrotek has to try to stay in business and commercial beekeeping is the only thing that can do that. However, if you go down the cheapest, most sustainable route using NZ pine and if you are a hobbiest, but NOT a commercial then surely the problem was already solved a long time ago. I'll repost an old photo I put on forum previously. I realise it is not to everyone's liking but even an unwired foundationless frame in a long hive would suit a lot of hobbiests...
  23. yes you can pour syrup on an empty frame and it will hold in the cells with surface tension. However you should do this away from the hive so you don't spill it all around and on the ground. The whole rescue sounds a bit late, but maybe if you can obtain a couple or three brood frames from another hive for modest $$ you can rescue the rescue. A lot of chat lately about people with hives wanting to get rid of surplus bees from hives starting to go thermo-nuclear and a possible early swarm season start.
  24. I think willows around here in spring are a good food source. I haven't checked but usually about now I think. It seems unfair to blame the willow for the introduction across the NZ border of the GWA. Talking of package bees, if bees are shaken off/out, and all the capped brood left then I guess there is some skill in making sure the right number of bees are left behind to keep the developing brood warm and fed in order to rebuild for the flow. Does all the brood make it or in terms of swarm control are you not worried if some is chilled. I guess the packages
  25. Yes. Dansar explained that at the time
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