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  1. would that violate crown copyright if the document is availble on their website?
  2. do you know what is approx cost range in euro? Would they use one for every 10 hives or some other ratio?
  3. *just needs a thicker clear coat. New number plate, did the previous one fall off about 2012? Wait, what, you need number plates??
  4. very much on topic. So, what if I want to send a bottle of wine overseas as a gift. Is that like Marmite or do I need to be a registered exporter for that also?
  5. discussed in other threads. It is entirely down to MPI. The only solution is a political one for everyone who is affected to talk to their local MP and to copy any correspondence to the Minister for PI.
  6. If you are not sure if you have a drone layer, maybe you could put an empty box on the hive base and shake them into that. Then put on a QE and the rest of the boxes with frames on top of the QE. 24hours later, your drone layer might be underneath the QE. Normally a QE will hold out a drone layer too. If there is no queen under the QE then shake them out over the grass as for laying workers.
  7. mm or might have been giving directions of a place to go for afternoon tea, or it might have been GPS co-ord for the CNC machine where the guy is that keeps hassling them .
  8. the laying worker is not "like" a worker bee, she IS a worker bee. Generally the reason she can kill a queen is that she is not alone, most laying worker hives will have hundreds of worker laing eggs. That is why there are so many eggs.. Better to think of it as laying workers not laying worker. Normal procedure, already explained above by Dansar. Move the hive ~20m away, shake off all the bees. Take the hive without a single bee in it (using new boxes for the frames if you have to) back to exactly where it was before. The foragers will return to the hive in the known sp
  9. wouldn't it be better to harvest the manuka and collect kanuka seperately?
  10. This is a photo of the fun zone area taken fairly early before the hoardes arrived. BoP group is in blue gazebo in the back left corner of the photo second one along. I don't think it would have generated a great deal of new members, it was good to galvanise the group with a purpose and it was good to put something back into TECT park who have been fabulous considering their support and free use of land, building and facilities we've had. Not sure I would have been keen to be shot at in the paintball area, but I'd certainly have been keen to take a ride in some off the 4WD club rigs that were
  11. This year the TECT Park About the Park - TECT Park WWW.TECTPARK.CO.NZ had an open day for its 10th anniversary. They had the 4 wheel drive club taking kids (young and old) for rides through a long course, ponies, face painting, Santa arrived in a chopper, there were buses running nonstop between the different areas of the park from paint ball to model planes and to clay shooting. All the park user groups were represented and of course that includes us. In the Fun zone with bouncy castles, music stage, we had a gazebo beside story time and face painting with a
  12. @Tudor has pointed out in other threads that once you have solid box of honey across the top of the brood that the queen will not set up a second brood nest above it. With the OSB one size box approach any brood in the upper boxes would be pushed down until there was a solid box over the brood. So, regarding "Queen Excluder" in the OP some would say "not". The upper entrance could be a separate question.... However if you don't have a queen excluder I'm sure you'll get more honey and if you don't have a queen excluder the upper entrance isn't needed either. It is afterall there so you can avoi
  13. generally works fine if your bars are at a regular 33 to 34mm width, but they'll start to mis-align the centres after 3 or 4 bars if the top bar width is unusually narrow or wide. Also, a fast moving swarm can fill a box pretty quickly and the combs are inclined to develop a gentle curve that is magnified over subsequent bars. Before any of that gets out of hand it can be useful to reverse top bars 180 degrees so that then the curve they add cancels the curve they had and similarly any off centre issues are self correcting. It may not even be visible right now but ten bars later it might be to
  14. I bought the rubber gloves from Blackwoods safety. they are normally used for concreting or building work there are a lots of varieties and if you try them all on you can find something that not only fits and has good fingertip 'feel' but also not too bad to wear sweating. Of course they were even cheaper with my farmlands card too. So, for me this is pretty easy giving finger tip feel and good cover for the overlap to the suit from regular leather gloves made fingerless. I did post a photo of the gloves here once, but maybe is in the BoP Club posts.
  15. I find the OAG staples eat the leather and regardless of that gloves generally fail through holes at the finger tips. These days I cut off the finger tips and wear a woven mesh glove dipped in rubber. These are nice to wear and give me nearly the precision of single use blue gloves without being single use. The rest of the leather gloves over the top protect wrists and prevents hive tool tearing the ones underneath. Now my gloves last forever.. and the rubber finger tips are never stiff.
  16. So far as I know outbound tourists heading home on a cruise liner or an aeroplane do not have their baggage searched, nor do they need to make any declaration to NZ Customs on exit. So if tourism does restart, what will actually be done to prevent them taking home goods that they purchased legally in NZ along with their other belongings, souvenirs etc?
  17. good questions. I don't actually know. I must go and look at see what current prices are in Papamoa Plaza. So far as I can tell each Bin Inn uses entirely its own pricing plans and so may not relate to your one. Seems a little illogical to price the jars on the shelf to be cheaper (?). I think the bulk foods and whole foods area has had good growth in this covid era once they were allowed to trade again.
  18. I think beekeepers need to stick to the basics and common sense. No need for fancy options or fancy marketing. 1. go to the supermarket nearly all the jam is in glass jars. Look to the bonne mamon jams from france, wide mouth jar 350ml or 500g. No corner for the jam to get stuck in at the top, smooth taper inside all the way down. A whole pile of money has been invested in market research and common sense, just copy it. 2. Same supermarket, check out all the honey, in cheap nasty plastic containers. What is that about? I see the cardboard/paper being tested out, but I r
  19. green and brown beetles are a standard pattern. I have used green or bronze peackcock herl over foam for a floating version. Mostly used where stream crosses farmland. But in most Lakes, Whanganui and Waikato rivers you could use the naturals as bait, just not the small fly fishing only streams. F&G have a book of rules covering each region and individual details in each piece of water. Most small waters permit artificial flies and spinners only (so, not bait).
  20. I don't know whose bees you have caught. But I have seen enough to conclude that if a swarm on the move has several good choices of where to land for a rest, it will generally prefer to land near or in an existing apiary. I guess they like the smells of another apiary over going it alone somewhere unproven. It doesn't happen that often but it has been a surprise on multiple swarm collection list call-outs all over town.
  21. Not my swarm collect, but this looks a great way to do it. Pongakawa Bush Road, yesterday.
  22. ok. Well a 500m radius circle has an area of 785398m^2. That is 78.5ha. If the region can produce 1000kg/ha that is 78500kg of honey divided by 100 hives = 785kg per hive. [still too much]. So the figure of 1000kg/ha seems too much and is probably only 50kg/ha. In a NZL context that would create a harvest of 39kg per hive (100 hives) if there wasn't a single other apiary in flying range that seems feasible. Still it yields 3.925 tonnes from 100 hives in that example.
  23. If the bees fly 3km that’s 2800 hectares. If there is 1000kg/ha that is a lot of forage 2800000kg. 100 hives would have 28000kg each. I don’t understand because yields of 1000kg/ha sounds too high?? Can you explain more?
  24. We have a single frame with clear plastic both sides mesh bottom and some 3mm holes near top of plastic. We only borrow queen plus brood for 3 hours for school trips then return to hive. So the observation is only temporary
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