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  1. does this include your black queen?
  2. I don't know I don't use FD Supers; I'm not manly enough However, I think it depends on the frames; maybe measure height of actual frames and add 9mm to suggest an ideal height of box. If the frames are all 230mm then 239mm or 238mm for the box seems commonly accepted. Boxes with excessive rebates for the lugs can upset things too. Maybe it is best to mark both sides of the stick-up to review later. As if everyone hasn't got enough to do!
  3. I agree with this statement and it seems well worth marking the few boxes with this problem so they can be measured and checked after extraction. If all the frames are the same size, then the boxes might need a skim on the table saw to provide only bee space under the frames but no more than that. But it is difficult to drain the swamp, when you are up to your waist in alligators.
  4. and then once you are done with that you weigh it, and have the ideal precursor to make mead. After cleaning the wax in water, weigh the wax and you will know the difference was honey and according to the recipe might add more water or more honey to meet the recipe/ratio.
  5. general rule of thumb is never to buy any vehicle previously owned by a beekeeper
  6. is it a two man operation, one guiding the forks and one on the crane remote buttons? Is the yellow ring is purposely slid along to make the pallet lift on an angle? then slid to the other end to help extract the forks after? I thought balance lifting point would be shackled / fixed; preferably.
  7. I only visited very briefly for the first time in the 90's. Connected by roads and highways, I had imagined Golden Bay in the 70's was overrun with hippies, free love, communes and drugs? Maybe proof if it was needed, not to generalise nor stereotype or just media bias. Maybe it was freudian, we all wanted what Golden Bay had, but we weren't allowed
  8. not sure I really understand the writing in the original post. Are you saying you left two wet frames outside the 10 frame box in the open (aka open feeding of wets) and that a plastic box dripping with honey was left out in the open too? If that's what happened and there has been no harm that's great, but I wouldn't recommend you try that twice. Sorry if I misunderstood. I would not give any kinds of food outside of a hive in case it triggered robbing / drunken brawl. Swarms come with their own honey so I think it is better to put all wets on the hives they came from. If the swarm is not fed and later is found to be starving, then ok feed them syrup at that time.
  9. The Barrier in the 1970's was rather isolated with a low population. There were only about five surnames / families and they were all a bit odd. Some people less kind than me used to suggest there was some in-breeding responsible for that, but maybe it was too much sunshine. There was nowhere on the Island that could issue a warrant of fitness, and some of the vehicles on the 'road' were hilarious. It used to take 6+ hours to get there on the passenger ferry and the freight ferry only went to Fitzroy unloading by cargo net and davit. The cargo net was responsible for tearing the RF upper suspension arm/damper off my morris minor, still drove it though, fun times and an indelible memory. I recall only one beekeeper in the Kaitoke/Medlands area and he sold comb honey. These days it is all changed, it is the new Waiheke with houses everywhere. I think Golden Bay was a different kettle of fish.
  10. I came across this photo today. I guess it is one way to test your trailer coupling strength.
  11. would it be easier if you gave two 3 frame Nucs to beekeeping club members at a nominal price of $40 each. They could bring their own hiveware and give you 6 replacement frames of the type that describe.
  12. I agree that is possible, your shake-test above would establish that.
  13. Most trucks seem to have a very harsh ride when empty/unloaded that causes passengers a lot of fatigue; long distance. All fine and good for the driver on a suspended seat. Don't buy a truck of any size that doesn't have a suspended seat. If the truck has hiab arm for pallets an idea is to have only one person in each truck. At the right scale, send two trucks so there are two guys doing it for safety. Harvest time with 3 in the cab is uncomfortable, but ok if it rarely happens. Can't answer the original question; depends so much on your situation...
  14. I agree with Yesbut and Otto, but going back to the original question, I don't think that feeding them a light syrup will encourage them to cap honey. The reason it is not capped is because it isn't ready to be capped not because they don't have wax available. You don't have to extract a whole box, you could just extract frames that are 75% capped and then consolidate those others left behind into one box with some emptys to complete it. Feeding syrup is more likely to end up with more uncapped "honey" not less, so mixing this with the honey is something to avoid. But eating your own sugar probably will not harm you if you want to experiment.
  15. it probably writes off a day regardless. If one of these is held every time 20 or more (?) people sign up for it, it probably involves some travel within each province. So, if the start is 10am and finish is 3pm then it is kind of half a day with people travelling a couple of hours each way including the presenters themselves needing to get there and home again; cost effectively.
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