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  1. Well standby for a bit of a rant. I think there are around 6000 hobbyists, practically nobody has NP1 because of the cost (separate topic about the Food Act 2014 causing an own goal). If 6000 hobbyists did post out 2kg of their very small harvest, this would be 12 tonnes of honey in a market that is measured in thousands of tonnes in the MPI Apiculture report. So, in other words well beyond any possible likelyhood and also invisibly small in that unlikely event. Hobbyists = not plausible. If you sell honey at a market with NP1, you are in business; not hobby. In terms o
  2. sorry I disagree. Any honey sold in the domestic market has to meet or exceed the food act 2014 under NP1. So it is not correct to say it is circumvent laws, untested or illegal. If honey is being sold illegally by a hobbyist (which I doubt) this move by MPI will not affect that and I don't for a second believe that is a widespread thing either. The limit of up to 2kg would effectively permit one-off gifts that is 99% legitimate. The region from 0 to 2kg can hardly be described as a "larger scale". But yes sure over 2kg there needs to be a level playing field for what are commercia
  3. The one on the roof has been inside and is now drunk on honey; yeehaa. The one at the window is a sneaky robber (probably Italian) and wants to get drunk if she can find a way in.
  4. Well, if the honey was extracted and packed in an NP1 facility for domestic consumption, I am not sure this can this be sent (under 2kg) as a gift maybe as well the registered exporter (including associated fee) needs also to be RMP audited and only sending RMP honey overseas? The business case for the latter doesn't exist. If non-RMP honey can be exported person to person as a gift where it is under 2kg then a business case might exist. Thirdly, a really good business case might also exist for individuals overseas to order a particular honey under 2kg and then have this delivered to them
  5. how much does it cost? I could not seem to fnd out without making the full application first.
  6. very sorry to hear this kind of thing, horrendous.. As an aside, do you have the option and/or the interest in having an afb dog sniff them? It could be interesting to split and separate the apiary into two quarantine sites where any that were indicated were put separately and see how it plays out over 24 months, essentially two honey producing sites with low feeding requirement where they could each become a permanent apiary for 2 years. I don't have any position nor agenda on the AFB dogs, just seems good to explore in a case such as this where as you say; the chances
  7. yep, my original post and this entire thread was a tongue in cheek dig at these totally rubbish claims. It begs the question, does nobody tell the truth on the internet these days?
  8. if one wanted to write tabloid headlines, then I suppose if bees live on average 6 to 8 weeks, then the entire population is 'lost' 6 or more times per year. So we lose 6 million hives a year by that measure.
  9. same here: Biologists Discover Billions Of Missing Bees Living Anonymously In Sacramento https://local.theonion.com/biologists-discover-billions-of-missing-bees-living-ano-1819578873
  10. Who knew?? Over 1/3 of New Zealand's bee population has been lost since 2006. https://www.honeywrap.co.nz/pages/links-to-interesting-websites-or-blogs?mc_cid=3b295014d2&mc_eid=9fd9fe9bfd
  11. a lot of people remove surplus brood and pour some of this into poly mini-mating nucs to repopulate them and they use three or four 4" square top bars and a feeder cavity with a entrance hole underneath. That way you can save your 3/4 gear for more valuable endeavours.
  12. I've heard this before, I think we all have and it does seem to be a standard feature of Customs, Social Welfare, Immigration, MPI etc etc. Do you think this is because the original plan was they saved a lot of money combining ag, forestry, fisheries and food safety to create a single department (MPI) and in actual fact are so confused trying to be so many things to so many people they can't organise themselves nor focus on a single issue? Was it like this prior to MPI or has it got worse? Probably didn't save a cent either. Should I point out to you that MPI is one department not several
  13. comb honey is covered by the Tutin Standard is a key part of NP1 if you register with your local council to be able to sell honey domestically and covered by the MPI link above and the food act. depends on the region but you need a budget of about $800 to cover the paperwork to be able to get started.
  14. fair enough, though I don't see a great future in RMP registered beekeepers who didn't make a harvest. Paying all that money for RMP and not producing any honey either, they'll soon be gone. Regardless, anyone who produces a lot of honey but has relatively few hives could be inspected to find out how many hives they really have? That might get the rat bags with less effort as I have to agree that another upheavel in charging regime would cause mayhem. So, if harvest dec's and apiary register turn out to be literally impossible then the costs of being thrown out of RMP and unab
  15. Procrastination is the key to flexibility!
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