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  1. how come you are always employing them? Is it because they wear out or because they breakdown after a while?
  2. this is what I was told by mentor. Both my mating sites are in relatively small narrow valleys 20km apart. I raise very few queens and never sell them. I don't raise enough to give a percentage, but I have come to expect that mating is a 'given' from those two sites. A couple of times I have put a cell into a full size colony on flat land; well, I wouldn't ever do that again.
  3. I think he has come up on the forum a while ago, he is reportedly already a beekeeper, so he will be used to working for nothing https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2019/03/20/morgan-freeman-converted-his-124-acre-ranch-into-a-giant-honeybee-sanctuary-to-save-the-bees/#4004b5fcdfa5
  4. there is an idea, and maybe we get Morgan Freeman to stand as a candidate...
  5. yes this is one of the changes that I think are good thing and is why I feel confident they are going to do better, it also feels like it removes a whole layer of admin. That is not to say AQ have done anything bad, I think all SoE are problematic.
  6. what was it that changed? no law, act, statue has changed, has it? elected by who? The NBA was charged with AFB elimination, so I guess only apiNZ members would vote, if they decided to open it up to their members instead of their own board appointing them (?). I am not an apiNZ member, so probably still no vote for the majority of registered beekeepers. I think nearly all of the recently announced changes have been improvements, I presume these have come from management and that board has approved what was recommended to them. In any case I think there are a bunch of improvements and while I have been a very harsh critic writing letters to Rex in the past, I have been super pleased with changes. Feeling confident they are doing much better. The Agency's board can't really change any of the statue around AFB. For example as I understand it they can't just suddenly invent fines and penalties that are not in the law without putting a new Act through Government again. However, I think we all support some level of cost recovery from miscreants. That said, with absolute power comes absolute corruption and they need to be careful: there are plenty of cases of frustrated/angry/clueless MPI officials wearing jackboots. I also think that the Agency should take the trouble to have an appeal route for anyone who thinks they got dealt with badly. A Beekeeping Ombudsman if you will. So, while I'm not sure what the board could change because they have to follow statue. There is one thing the board could change. The annual accounts and budget are impenetrable so if you ever want to find out where the moneys goes and for what, I would challenge anyone outside of those organisations to explain the published accounts in plain english. Don't we deserve plain english? It is all smoke and window dressing in my opinion. If we were to try and judge fair beekeeper fees, apiary fees and hive fees, (if all or any) it is totally impossible to understand from reading the accounts where money actually goes. We only know they want more.. I can only gather from reading what is in the accounts that very little of the budget is left for any kind of hive inspection (the sort of thing we might imagine them doing) and that most inspections are done under resourced or effectively free because the agency spent its money on other stuff. I say this based on very rushed and stressed AP2 doing exotic disease inspection and then a different AP2 who was sent to check AFB hives due to infected secondhand gear being sold into the local area. So in other words the agency doesn't look after its people in the field that well, but the money does go somewhere and presumably the SoE Asure Quality makes a profit that it gives to the government (?), I don't know.
  7. it would be good to get some reactions from others about length of the tapes if you have time to answer. My hives are essentially single jumbo depth for brood with two inches of capped honey at the top of 300mm deep combs. I've been using Phil's tapes 600mm long to very good effect. But as others have said, sometimes this did divide the brood when I went down the middle. I know about putting them in a diamond pattern around the spherical brood cluster... but I worry about the brood contracting over autumn and losing contact with the treatments, so I wanted to ask about something else... Are there bk's using FD singles and 400mm tapes? I presume there is a gap around the bottom of the tape for the queen to get to both sides without rubbing on the tape? Did anyone doing that still find brood only on one half of the hive? How big do you think that gap need to be in order to work? I'm thinking about cutting some tapes to only 500mm instead of 600mm so that a 50mm gap is left for access. I might do some hives like that straight down the middle to see what happens. Unless there is a resounding "no". Maybe 400mm tapes are ideal for my case to provide a big gap around the bottom, but it looks really short I must say. So I guess this idea is to make the tapes as long as possible for a treatment to work, but also short enough to avoid dividing the hive. If I end up with less treatment in the hive due to the shorter strips I can compensate by putting two tapes in the middle of the brood instead of one. Would it be fair to say that if Bayvarol strips were 238mm long that they too would also divide the brood in half? Phil is no longer supplying 600mm long tapes, but he kindly sold me some rolls, so I can cut them to length to Jumbo depth. I'm thinking about what length(s) to use next once my current batch of 600mm tapes runs out..
  8. Eeek, I thought I read that on this forum, but now that you ask me, I can't pinpoint a document, it was a very long time ago for sure. I took it as true and always thought that is how all these strips work. Didn't we all know this? Someone, help !? Let me quote a bit about Bayvarol from the internet, I hope this is saying the same thing as me, but in a different way.. The last sentence is the important one for the brood cells.. Bayvarol Strips rely on a novel method of delivery to provide diagnosis and control. Treatment is by means of plastic strips impregnated with an active ingredient which destroys the mites on contact. The strips are specially designed to be suspended in the spaces between the combs in the central brood-rearing area. Bees crawling over them distribute the active ingredient throughout the whole colony by physical contact, giving fast control of existing mites, and lasting control of those which hatch with the young bees from the sealed brood.
  9. (The post was in relation to Matt inserting strips in proportion to brood.) IMO Matt was exactly right. I insert a leg of tape down every seam of brood. You are half right to say OA only kills phoretic mites, that is certainly true of OAV vapour. But if you consider any long term treatment such as apivar or bayvarol those rub on the bees and only kill phoretic mites too... One can't puncture the brood to insert bayvarol strips in cells!! The miticide (any) is rubbed on the bees and in cleaning cells some miticide is deposited on the cell wall and later kills the mites trying to develop in the capped brood cell. That is the whole point of these OAG tapes and not using OAV. So in this regards the OAG tapes are no different to other strip treatments; just to spread around the active ingredient so it gets into 'clean' brood cells waiting for an egg. Phoretic mites are something of a barometer for washes and shakes, but not really the problem when they will eventually die of old age, the problem are mites breeding and ~doubling in population in the brood every three weeks. So our focus should be on the brood and on nurse bees looking after the brood.
  10. When I did my course I think it was run by a volunteer. I agree the course was light and very easy to pass. However, I had put in quite a bit of effort prior to the day. We did have a very old frame of AFB we were allowed to practise roping with and while not part of the pass/fail aspect of the day, I was glad of that opportunity. One thrust of the OP, was (I think) the idea that WE collectively put in more effort and don't look at the Agency to do everything for us.
  11. Regularly makes it into the news at Papamoa Beach every year or two. I believe they are foraging salt but aren’t great with tides and waves
  12. Are you in a valley with a stream running down it or are you in a relatively flat area and quite open? Flat open areas can be exposed to a lot of wind whereas gorges and valleys always seem to provide better options with shelter available somewhere and simpler navigation.
  13. The MPI website is pretty clear. There is now no such thing as a licensed food kitchen, that was something from the old food act, the new food act 2014 is now itself no longer that new and is finished its transition period from the previous food act. About your only chance of evading the rules is to apply to donate the honey to the school, for which there is an exemption and then the school can sell the honey no problem. This too is on the MPI website and your local council will have the form to enable you to do it. Here is the link for the Tauranga one https://www.tauranga.govt.nz/Portals/0/data/council/forms/public_places/application_activity_in_a_public_place.pdf You can sell food for fundraising up to 20 times per year and this is allowed for in the food act; that every council follows. So, this allows legal extraction with rego and totally free apart from filling in forms. This is probably all you need (?). If you want to have a business program that is realistic, then you really need to follow the food act according to the rules and working with your local council. This is part of the education process to teach your students (?). It could well be that the council might sponsor you to the extent of waiving your verification fees and/or that a private verifier (much much more expensive) will be prepared to waive their fees for NP1. Either way then you are left with the MPI fees, but this is only about $250 per two years? So, you would be set up as a real business, but at minimal cost if the council will support you and there may be a process where you can apply for council assistance in terms of their annual grant, event funding or to campaign your councillors to make a special exception. The MPI fees are paid to the council and they forwards that money to MPI. So, it isn't out of the question that the council can sponsor that too, but it might be more of a stretch for them to actually give cold hard cash. This might be good to attempt in the second or third year if you have success with the whole thing. Other things that might be possible are to apply for $1000 from untold pokie trusts, power company trusts, ASB Bank and various community and charitable trusts, this will give the students something to do. This would then give you the funds to go through the process with the council with cash in your pocket to get the job done.
  14. no idea. The scientific effort has gone up as well as the temperature since then and many have switched sides as more information came to hand. It is not about being right or wrong nor losing face, it is just what it is and as more information is uncovered, we often learn how much we'd didn't actually know. Right now all the information is pointing one way and media are spinning it out a good deal further. To then use previous mistakes or U turns against all science / scientists, as some have, isn't very smart. We have come along way since bleeding people to death to get rid of infection aka bloodletting, but maybe some people should go back to that if they want to malign medicine, science and engineering.
  15. Augie Auer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augie_Auer
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