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  1. Driving around chatting to our farmers and doling out honey & soap and nice things for everyone from the winter hobby. Lucky enough to be small & used to running on the shoe string.
  2. @Alastairlol! I’ve sat some weird exams, but that takes the prize!
  3. Not recently round here. The big suckers drop off the roof every now and then. We have them under most of our lids freeloading on the hive mats. Ugly damn things. You can stick them in the freezer and they defrost & come back to life. Ewwwww!
  4. My understanding is the big black ones were found here first. Probably via the port, spread probably by rail, when we had one😭
  5. Another bee themed ad popped up this week! wish we were off the grid!
  6. We started cleaning up our boxes this week. Bit like eating an elephant when you first start!🤣
  7. Twelve to twenty four months ago these ads would have been spot on. Now they are a sign of how little understood our industry is unless you’re in it. When we first lived in Motu, at the time the children were preschool & primary school age we used to have some cracker floods that shut down telephone (dial up internet), power & roading for days. Nobody noticed except us, we coped as a community, cleaned up and lived in a house with a moat until the water receded. We laughed when power being out in town (Gisborne) for 3 hours made headlines & front page in the paper. Telecom always offered to credit our cellphones, which of course was really helpful because there was no cell coverage! Kinda feels like those times again.
  8. In the last two weeks I’ve seen a bank & a business/accounting company that’s advertising on the telly using a bee theme. Kind of have to think that they’ve well and truely missed the boat with their marketing campaigns!
  9. Thats nothing! Riley really, really likes pasta! She’s into people’s food right now. None of that baby mush for her!
  10. Here’s my winter project
  11. Is the crime the terrible reporting?
  12. Daley & himself found a couple yesterday
  13. Not seeing very much willow dew at all for the second year. We had the ladybirds between the hive mat and the lids in big numbers last year.
  14. Hi Adam, Perhaps a chat and the opportunity to catch up with other Beekeepers. It costs nothing to listen to ideas. Also perhaps an injection of a bit of positive after harvesting a years crop. I think you are very good at what you do. You have no doubt earnt your salary, and are appreciated for the work you do. However, there are a lot of bee keepers out there right now who are also very good at what they do, who love the lifestyle and can see it eroding around them. The work is done, the crop is harvested, but the honey is not getting sold. Right now any ideas are worth following up.
  15. With respect @tommy dave, we have had to burn 3 hives in the 3rd year of beekeeping when we started in early spring with 66 Hives. 2 of of these hives were pumping double broods in September. There were three cells in one hive obvious on an almost completely laid out frame. They roped. The third was a lone hive in a known afb area, again unlucky, strong, until it wasn’t. Does that make us “scum”? They were all burnt as soon as we found them. Sometimes you’re just damn unlucky! We quarantined the apiary for two, nearly three very long years checking every frame every time we went to the yard. I hated pulling up there, the thought every time, that we could be unlucky again. We’ve not had any cases since, but we could have very easily, if we operated under the hive density that occurs now. There are now double the number of hives in NZ as there were then.
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