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  1. Was a bit warm in the shade less gully today putting in clearers. Drank rather a lot of water! Got some of the job done, spent quite a bit of time drinking water and lying under trees to try and lower the body temp to go back out in the sun. We always txt the Daley to tell her where we will be before we leave coverage. Amused to get txt late arvo after we’d done for the day, “Don’t die, it’s 35 degrees in town.” Our temperature is taken at the airport which generally gets a wee sea breeze! Dont forget to drink the water folks! This weeks gonna be hot for us. Lovely! Not!
  2. I’m fishing for another day! It’s very green driving on the Ngati side of East Coast, more green grass and clover than I’ve ever seen in the 30 ish years I’ve been coming up here. We had two nights of showers so perhaps that’s why. When we were up here in December (also fishing) the Hawthorne was flowering hard out and the Manuka & Kanuka beginning to flower at the same time. Tomorrow we fish then go home and think about work.
  3. I’m not surprised at all. We no longer have bees on the flats. I’d be curious as to what they use on the brassicas as well. The big question is what happens next?
  4. Yep when you brush past or touch the leaves
  5. Yep, they rustle! Also come in variegated.
  6. I tried to find the country of origin of the almonds on almond milk the other day! I was curious. You don’t know, what you don’t know unless you are curious enough to ask. Do the non-dairy by choice people know about the bees & the almonds? Probably not. The producers of almond milk certainly aren’t going to mention it!
  7. Every third vehicle between Hick Bay & Lottin Point yesterday was a bee truck!
  8. Lol @john berry I think I need to go to your show & watch the fun. I had a bio teacher who was obsessed with weta. After 5 yrs in her classes I’m a weta fan as well! (Nearly 30 yrs later!)
  9. Add to @tristan’s list, overgrown shelter belts and turns that tight that you have to back up at least three times!
  10. Struggling to find pine needles to make any smoker go, (along the same lines as “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”, have resorted to dry cabbage tree leaves and kanuka bark. Smells nicer and burns longer. Put green pine needles on top. Thanks Alastair, I shall get himself onto this when he’s got a minute!!!
  11. @kaihoka, there’s a winner for you despite the weather, what good beeses! Yay!
  12. Our top was 56 kg and that was a number of years ago!
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