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  1. With respect @tommy dave, we have had to burn 3 hives in the 3rd year of beekeeping when we started in early spring with 66 Hives. 2 of of these hives were pumping double broods in September. There were three cells in one hive obvious on an almost completely laid out frame. They roped. The third was a lone hive in a known afb area, again unlucky, strong, until it wasn’t. Does that make us “scum”? They were all burnt as soon as we found them. Sometimes you’re just damn unlucky! We quarantined the apiary for two, nearly three very long years checking every frame every time we went to the yard. I hated pulling up there, the thought every time, that we could be unlucky again. We’ve not had any cases since, but we could have very easily, if we operated under the hive density that occurs now. There are now double the number of hives in NZ as there were then.
  2. It’s fabulous, a great resource & I thank you for your commitment, it’s plain awesome the amount of time must be immense 🐝
  3. Doesn’t look like any clover got looked at this year at this stage.😹
  4. Oh go on @frazzledfozzletake one for the team! @Grantvote for frazz as QBee
  5. Blutac and really sticky wide plastic tape.
  6. Well then @tristantry the wedge and save your fingers!
  7. I’m a female Beek & I have a wooden wedge in my pocket. I crack the corner and lever the first two frames with a bit of effort and a twist of the hive tool. Push the wedge in and then lever down each frame until I get to the middle. Then I lean on the back corner and lever down the rest one at a time. You get faster with practice. I add a couple of puffs of smoke in the gap as I go pushing the wedge in with my knee. Practice makes it easier. Bees will make burr comb & propolis where ever they can!
  8. We’ve stopped work for awhile too, just when I’d got @Daleyback into her bsuit! Her sister decided that getting married in very early March was a good idea! So I’m cleaning the house (this involves lotsa nasty words not acceptable here, and ewww, cleaning.) I’m gonna start on the gardens next, that’s bound to cause more nasty words... I love my girls, but this is a bit of a beeks nightmare! Save me...
  9. I’m for the levy but against the way it will be collected and the body that will collect it. The most reasonable place for the levy to be collected is at point of sale. The argument that bee keepers would be compelled to test is a nonsense, to seperate a levy for Manuka and other honeys. We are testing anyway. (These days more than once, with all respect to the labs they’re creaming it.) If not the seller then the buyer as this fixes the price paid. If the levy was 1c in the dollar we’d hear some squealing then. Id love to see a unified industry, working towards common agreed goals but I think that ships sailed, well before I entered bee keeping. I’d settle for politeness and agreeing to disagree. Beekeepers get dirty and sweaty, wearing beesuits not business suits. Im done too. VOTE
  10. Keith, our family decided very early in this debate our stance on the levy. I seldom comment on the forum these days as I’m far to damn busy out in the field or baby sitting. I am am also a moderator. i will be voting. To do nothing implies consent.
  11. Hey folks, while the debate about the levy is valuable it would be more constructive to talk about this without personal attacks which do not have any value. Please stay on the topic.
  12. @john Berry, there are two of you?
  13. Me too please, happy to pay postage, I read fast!
  14. I’ve been thinking about the Nelson folk too! Hoping that there’s not too many beeses & beeks effected (or is it affected? @yesbut.)Kindest thought for a speedy resolution to these fires.
  15. Honey colour and flavour. Regional honey varieties. Honey vs sugar.
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