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  1. That’s a good story! I’ve got another story and a picture somewhere of a seven box stack with steps made from boxes on the deck of the trusty Toyota trying to box a swarm up a Puketea tree.
  2. So we are out at Dale’s Queen rearing yard picking up some cells yesterday. Himself is putting top feeders on the poly hives, I’m chatting to our farmer as we’ve known her for decades. We take turns with the chats then at least half the work gets done. She was giving me a hard time about bee bothering ‘her bees’ & telling me that the kiwiFruit farmer had been out there (Gizzys a small place, they are both in garden club) the day before, she also thought ‘her’ bees were looking good. Community ownership! So niceties outa the way we crack on! Then I heard the hum pick up pace. Lo
  3. @WebKiwiNZ this is how it begins! Make or buy more gear now! You’ve developed an addiction and it can suddenly turn into a gear gobbling monster. We started with one, ended the season with 11. Trust me, I’ve been there
  4. This is great. I hope that it will encourage other large beekeeping operations to do the same.
  5. Hey Phil, I’ve been watching your Queen journey this season. Good on you! We use a short length about 3-4 cm of garden irrigation pipe (left over from when I had time to garden cheap in a coil from the warehouse or Bunnings) when we put cells into queened hives. They have a bit of room & usually there a bit of wax to keep them secure or i mould some around to hold the pipe on. We don’t put protected cells in nucs.
  6. Welcome to the forum! The first post is always the hardest. Pollen comes in a multitude of different colours. Yes, leave your strips in for a full treatment. If your Queen is looking a bit tatty it was probably a superceedure cell. Two to four cells are not uncommon, (cups & cells everywhere - swarm more likely) choose to keep two of varying ages (one capped, one uncapped.) Make sure your Queen has plenty of room to lay, if your hive is starting to look cluttered add another brood box (if you only have one) or put a super on above an excluder so the hone
  7. Thanks so much for your stories @Nick Wallingford. I really enjoy reading them.
  8. Bron

    Cuteness factor!

    Riley the beekeeper
  9. Riley’s gonna grow into those gloves! She insisted that she have her “work boots” and her gloves on.
  10. Finally got @Daleyback to work today! Babies go beekeeping. Uff on baby duty this morning while Daley & I checked her hives, then this arvo Nanny babysitting in the paddock while Uff & Daley looked at the hives. We visited pigs & chooks checked out the coloured sheep & their very cute lambs. Riley had a great chat with our farmer hostess. A bit of play dough & some drawing as well as a few bemused logging truck drivers when Riley & I blew bubbles for them! Lovely picnic in between.
  11. @mischieftry using a “buff”. My hair is now quite long and even tied back there’s annoying whispy bits. I pull a buff over and all’s good! Deals with the glow as the days warm up. Practice and time makes you faster in the hive, but sometimes it’s just nice to really look at what’s going on. The more you look the better you understand. As long as the girls ain’t bothered then it’s all good.
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