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  1. Yay! I’ve been trying to get my brothers foot wound dealt with using honey. Some people just don’t get it!
  2. I’m playing Tetris at the sheds at the moment! Tidying up boxes and frames, then trying to fit them back. It’s always worst at the beginning! Saw the tree lucerne beginning to flower out there last week.
  3. yep the listing states “DELIVERY & RETURNS Shipped from our China warehouse. Import tax and duty included.”
  4. Thank you for your posts @NickWallingford, I’ve learnt something! Someone should fill that market with NZ made beeswax.
  5. @CraBee I keep threatening himself with a dash cam, however we love our farmers and have decided that I can do some tracks with my eyes closed, and the “ powers that be” don’t need pictorial evidence.
  6. @Dennis Crowley, really! That’s a Mickey Mouse rule! No surely means NO!
  7. Until the craziness of high prices, that were obviously unsustainable, long term, there used to be a whole bay dedicated to honey in most of the big supermarkets. Currently at my local supermarket honey is now below eye level and less than half a bay. Consumers are either choosing to buy local at farmers markets or not as much through supermarkets and as a result honey has lost premium location and shelf space. Theres also less choice and variety. A group of beekeepers with different options could garner a market with wider choice, tastings and native varietals, once th
  8. Hi James, what are your ideas to keep wax and propolis away from your heating unit?
  9. I’ve been thinking about the mice on the wee wheel running fast going nowhere. I also wonder how many people who haven’t been stuck in traffic, have had hours that they haven’t spent going somewhere slowly, while juggling family life, dropping children at school & childcare are going to rethink the ‘price’ of these things. Maybe we will see a lot of regeneration of lifestyles after this.
  10. @Maggie James, I’ve popped my soap box in the corner so other than to say, teachers don’t get 12 weeks holiday, they get 12 weeks of non contact time, by the time they’ve caught up on the piles of paperwork & the planning and evaluation there’s probably 6 weeks left. I loved being a teacher, but it was making me a person I didn’t like anymore.
  11. Yep, admit to being a lifestyle beekeeper! Could make more money teaching, but not nearly as much fun as I get from opening a beehive or looking at a jar of honey.
  12. Toby, as much as I admire your enthusiasm for this idea, as you have mentioned, you are not a beekeeper, and have no knowledge of the work involved in keeping a beehive. NZ Beekeeping, surprisingly, has about 5 or 6 thousand members, (I haven’t checked recently) most of whom have the above experience. As a commercial beekeeper or a hobbyist, (I’ve been both), I wouldn’t go anywhere near the Beehive with a beehive. I’ll make a list. Security, Objects on the roof of the home of NZ politicians Access - difficult (see above) Weight - a full super o
  13. Hey Adam, @Boot. I don’t do what you do so I’m grasping at straws however, Some of our honeys are only found in NZ such as our mono floral native honeys and our multi floral bush blends. Positives that I see are We don’t use anti-biotic for AFB. We don’t import any honey into NZ (other than from some of the islands) We are geographically isolated. Can in most cases create a really great “story” about small generational family businesses. Etc
  14. @Trevor Gillbanks, I’m gripe is that himself has a double garage filled with useful things. I get half a bedroom wall!
  15. Yes, one of the best pieces of advice we were given was to start with new gear. We have burnt three hives almost brand new hives. Have been hyper vigilant since and don’t keep bees in certain places. I would burn everything again as heartbreaking as it is. We have no access to a dipper, and they are a dangerous piece of kit in the wrong hands.
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