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  1. Our crazy kowhai is flowering again outside the dining room window. Riley watches the bell birds hanging upside down. The Tuiswill be along soon once there are enough flowers. Bird TV
  2. I’m a retired home baker, I was hoping to get some flour cos I actually know how to use it. Apparently there’s still none to be had in our fair city... not that I’m allowed out! Daley in beast mode is scary!
  3. All honey is capable of doing great things to the throat. I’m gonna start having a spoon a honey regular thru the day. It can’t do any harm and it potentially will do much good. I’m not short of the stuff. Reckon all us boomers should do the same! I’m gonna send parcels round the country to whanau tomorrow.
  4. I get to drive when there’s two trucks loaded up. Himself hasn’t managed to drive two trucks simultaneously. 🤣
  5. Iron patches are the bomb! Too hot to wear new suit. I’ve broken my rule of no patches on patches this year ‘cos of iron on patches. Check out spotlight or the $2 shop. I love darning socks in the winter. Darning is an art form!
  6. ummmmm! We may have done that! No saying who to thou. There’s enough pranking goes on at times...
  7. We spend a lot of time talking to our farmers. They seem more than aware of the down turn in the beekeeping industry. Aware, but not as much as those who it is happening to. We try to give them a greater insight. Word will get around as soon as the money paid for what are now non-manuka sites and overwintering sites starts to dry up. Some of this we have done to ourselves. However, the biggest damage has been done by the ministry and their complete misalignment with the realities of bees, trees & beekeepers. Also, the one size fits all, never mind that multi-sided figure may not fit into that square hole, but it will be near enough, that is the Manuka standard. What we had before wasn’t quite right, what we have now is untenable.
  8. We have rain! Got 2 truck loads in Saturday & it’s been raining off and on since. Yay! Compulsory days off. Gonna make pumice soap while Riley’s at Playcentre.
  9. Trying to catch up... Missed a whole bunch of stuff. Really busy. Sleeping is hard cos it’s so hot. Most of our sites are dry as a bone and the bees are nasty Robby and knarly. Have had more stings in the last two weeks than in my whole beekeeping experience. Got five in the same place day before yesterday and discovered a thumb sized hole by my hive tool pocket. Sewing machine out patched up. Suits dry really fast thank goodness. Too hot to wear new suit! Take care folks stay hydrated.
  10. Yep hot as! On the upside we discovered yesterday that our bees just don’t care if you put up a sun umbrella or two, if fact they quite like the shade! One more early morning to pull some honey then a couple of days off & hopefully it will cool down.
  11. @manzi remember it well! We had the world biggest fan, over 2 feet across probably closer to 3 feet (My brain is still too fried to think in metric) in the honey house. Terrible to clean but lovely to stand in front of even if it threw the odd bee at you. New yard tomorrow. No shade even for drinking water under! Coolest place is in the truck with the sunshade on the front window. Never rated them until recently when I worked out you could keep it up by attaching a couple of hair ties to the visor to hold it up! Drink the water, seek shade when you can. I three quarter freeze our water bottles and top them up to put in the chilly bin, works a treat!
  12. Was a bit warm in the shade less gully today putting in clearers. Drank rather a lot of water! Got some of the job done, spent quite a bit of time drinking water and lying under trees to try and lower the body temp to go back out in the sun. We always txt the Daley to tell her where we will be before we leave coverage. Amused to get txt late arvo after we’d done for the day, “Don’t die, it’s 35 degrees in town.” Our temperature is taken at the airport which generally gets a wee sea breeze! Dont forget to drink the water folks! This weeks gonna be hot for us. Lovely! Not!
  13. I’m fishing for another day! It’s very green driving on the Ngati side of East Coast, more green grass and clover than I’ve ever seen in the 30 ish years I’ve been coming up here. We had two nights of showers so perhaps that’s why. When we were up here in December (also fishing) the Hawthorne was flowering hard out and the Manuka & Kanuka beginning to flower at the same time. Tomorrow we fish then go home and think about work.
  14. I’m not surprised at all. We no longer have bees on the flats. I’d be curious as to what they use on the brassicas as well. The big question is what happens next?
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