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  1. @kaihoka, there’s a winner for you despite the weather, what good beeses! Yay!
  2. Our top was 56 kg and that was a number of years ago!
  3. On that note, I think I’ll go to the supermarket! Riley eats an exceptional amount of Marmite! I need coffee before she comes to trash my house and climb on everything turning on light switches as she goes! No where is currently safe... We we have had rain, so day off, about time too. I told himself that getting the poly hives back in the clay track and boxed up before the rain was good management, not lucky this morning! (Image preservation!) Nearly time for a couple of days fishing up the coast, I’ll play count the beehives!
  4. It was 32 degrees here yesterday! I didn’t really care!
  5. Yep, that’s us! Except for the swarming bit! Hard to make honey when you have no beeses! Himself is in the hills on his own today! I went the sell the wares at a market, for my “hobby”! Hot under a black gazebo! Too much peopling, off into the hills tomorrow again.
  6. Wanted to reply to that earlier, but wasn’t quite sure how to respond!
  7. Bron


    I love ‘em! Mind you I’ve never really had to live with their havoc!🤣
  8. Bron


    Problem with that is that every now and then the try to relocate them. They tried early on into the Coromandel & they all died! I have no doubt that some of the dedicated locals (1 of our guardians married a local farmer) know where most the local weka are. Not keen on 1080, we’ve avoided so far and I’m hoping that it stays away from our East Coast. Possum numbers here were down due to a thriving fur collection for quite a while. Seeing a few more around in the last couple of years.
  9. Bron


    Funny how things come round. Himself and I were just discussing Weka & 1080 last week. When our children were small, our out of the way village got a DOC “Weka Guardian” as Motu had one of the last small population of North island Weka. There have been major trapping programs, cats, rats ferrets & stoats. A great deal of tax payer funding and huge volunteer hours. This funding was later transferred to Kiwi, but still benefits the Weka. In the last few years there’s evidence (to us, as we see & hear weka outside of this “predator free island”) when travelling and sometimes in our apiaries. It it would be a shame if 20+ years of trying, and beginning to build a population was wiped out (I’ve seen Weka eat road kill) so have no doubt they would eat dead poisoned animals.
  10. Not before I do! Shes a captive audience and mine out of working hours for a bit. Gissy rental market is few and far between & I have a four bedroom house with two people rattling around in it! (I love it when a cunning plan comes good!) Danielle is now an independent management consultant. (Or something like that.) It’s faster to jump on a plane from here than commute in Auckland. She’s open for business.
  11. @Sailabee, whooo, one step at a time...
  12. That very clever niece is coming to live in Gissy in two weeks! I’m very excited for five reasons... 1. She’s an active relaxer, give her an idea and she’s like a dog with a bone, she worries it until there’s a solution. She’s very outa the box. She has mad management skills & the paperwork to go with it. 2. She loves coming beeking, and is very bee friendly (so much so, I’m gonna buy her a suit) 3. Her partner is awesome & also bee friendly. Gonna get Daley to teach him how to make queenie babies. He also can lift heavy weights, loves helping out. 4. Dales on permanent maternity leave, so stoked, to have options for lifting heavy weights! 5. Gmas hard work, and what with the promise of a new great, grand baby & another handy grand baby, I’m a third less Gma already! Win, win!
  13. No, I’ve made bacon egg pie a quiche for a late night and two minis for my mum. The neighbours on one side got a dozen & I’ll drop them another doz - they have 3 kids! The neighbour on the other side will get a doz then I can manage the rest. Too busy to think to hard at the moment.
  14. My very clever niece has this to say about plant based proteins and milk based proteins. Scary stuff I knew nothing about. https://tinyurl.com/tednz
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