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  1. If you need some more got plenty give me a call ,I just put it in those small packets because most of our members only have a couple of hives
  2. Hi nicci haven’t noticed much of a bee fire up on barberry but have had MASSiVE varroa loads this season in taranaki I have found that hives with high varroa loads are pretty grumpy At first I thought we had a big resistance to treatments but have since thought it may be re infestation due to high overwintering density’s normally we can grow hives and draw comb on barberry this year we can grow hives but varroa are a real problem and I think are making bees very grumpy certainly takes a lot of joy out of what we do
  3. Pleasant day in new plymouth ,all the town hives are cranking with between 2 and 3 boxes of brood and some have almost finished capping the first super ,lots of cabbage tree in flower and heaps of dandelion, unfortunatley had to feed almost all the hives in the country but looks like kamahi is going to crank up very soon .three weeks ago the country hives had quite a bit of dandelion stored but the bees have eaten it all
  4. I have had several white tail bites over the last 25 years ,each time the potency seems to have increased .my kids used to ask hows the spider .now they visit the hospital , white tails take over another spiders nest ,they do not create their own spider web . Their potency grows when they feed on daddy long legs which is nz most toxic spider but fangs are not long enough to break human skin they are not a joke the venom creates an absess which ends up like a boil . The toxicity of the white tail corresponds with the type of spiders web it has overrun im a bit of a cowboy b
  5. Hi Jason i see you are a new beekeeper ,if you would like to look through a few hives and have a discussion on ,and look at various treatments try giving me a pm to organise a time please don't be experimental with treatments until you have a few years experience,and can recognise and react to what is happening in your hive Resistance is a very real threat and under treated hives stand a strong chance of failure
  6. I have had up the nostril and the tounge Both were fairly painful but I think the tounge was the worst
  7. Looks like a stink bomb tree ,photos a wee bit blurry but tree should have a wattle foliage with heaps of yellow brushes ,later they have a brown seed pod with about six to eight seeds in each pod .when we were kids we would bite the seeds and try and drop them in someones pocket or put them in the school desk or teachers waste paper bin .they have a very unpleasant odour
  8. I was I neiafu in tonga a few years back,a couple of kids decided to smoke some bees and raid a bit of honey from the building the bees were in .almost every building on one side of the Main Street got burnt out Never heard how much honey they got
  9. Pelted down here for last 24 hrs ,checked the rain gauge and we have had 112 mm in last 24 hrs Plenty of mud and most paddocks have surface flooding
  10. Give fiona at <Content removed> in new plymouth a call She may be able to help
  11. And be carefull not to overfeed
  12. If you put in a frame feeder with a hole in the hive mat above the feeder you can feed day or night without opening the hive ,just take off the lid poke a funell in the hole and pour in a bit of syrup
  13. Chap came to our bee club night on monday He said the spray was non toxic to bees in small doses but need 14 to 42 day with holding period on fruit and veges Recommended that you close ,cover or remove hives as spray may be lethal if sprayed directly on hive Spray is applied every two weeks for a six week period so three applications Spray is applied with hand sprayer starting with underside of leaves and working up ,cherry picker for tall trees Every tree or plant on infected property is sprayed,they do not spray grass There was more info but it was enough for me to spend last two da
  14. Boxthorn honey is very nice ,barberry tastes like you have done an oil change and licked your fingers
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