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  1. Thanks for your replies. I did wonder whether using Vespex stations were necessary - their website doesn't mention alternatives - obviously they want you to buy their stations. I shall use some other containers for use around my hives. However, as I do voluntary work for a conservation project, I'll get the organisers to pay for those stations, if they want to. (I'm not really keen on hanging on to stuff that may never be used again - much easier to discard lids and containers.) Thanks.
  2. Has anyone used different bait staions other than the one supplied by Vespex? or does Vespex only work with the Vespex designed stations? Thanks.
  3. Two yearly queen replacement. Plus, age of now-deceased queen was not verified, and her laying was either slowing down or inconsistent. So rather than waiting for the worse to happen, I decided to requeen now.
  4. Telepathic amongst bees? That is an interesting one and a recent incident made me wonder about that. Last week I had to put in a new queen in one of my hives. But first, I had to find the old one, and I had to, well, commit the coup de grace. But, it took till the last and 20th frame to find her. When I finally saw her I wondered if somehow she knew what I was going to do, and scarpered to that last frame. I hope it was just a coincidence that she was on that frame, which was actually a honeyframe - I thought queens don't hang around on honeyframes?
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    Thanks Mods, for the clarification. Perhaps, to avoid speculation, or worry on my part upon seeing stars/hashes (I thought I had used a swear word and wondered if I was going on the naughty step), you could put in place the following instead of a deletion? (Link removed by mods as this was connected to a banned forum member.) But back on topic. I really can't believe some people are paying so much to have a hive on one's own property, for little honey in return, not to mention mixed up with other renter's honey.
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    The website I mentioned was deleted by the mods. It would be nice to know why the linking of websites isn't permitted on this forum.
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    So it sounds like a rent-a-hive, where I've seen adverts for homeowners to pay $350 a year ($30 a month). In return the homeowners get 10-15kgs of honey. I have no idea if the rental owner sells off any surplus honey. I've just found this - $60 a month for 7 kgs of honey! or, $70 for 15kg, or $105 a month for 30kgs.
  8. Phone/email AQ, they'll contact the owners who in turn will or might contact you.
  9. Yes, I agree - if the other guy hadn't turned up I would have walked off. As I say, lesson learnt.
  10. On monday I got a text to say there was a large swarm in a hobby beek's garden - they said it came from their hive. But when I turned up it was very small, about the size of two rugby balls. With help from another hobbyist who was to have the swarm, we got it down from the tree easily, shaking it into a box. I used the water spray method, thanks to this Forum for that tip. Before we caught the swarm, and with catching gear ready on the ground, the afforementioned beek wanted payment for the swarm which was a rather awkward situation. Lesson learnt, always ask the owner of hives who reports a swarm if they want money before doing anything. I didn't need another hive but I'm happy to catch swarms for newbies for nothing (providing they are keeping the hive for themselves). I'd leave it to the new would be owners to decide whether and how much they're prepared to pay.
  11. Yes, I agree $40 is cheap. Ignore that comment in post #16.
  12. Is the cost of registering hives ($40) putting people off? Perhaps this fee should be reduced or maybe free for the first year? Perhaps AQ needs to do an advertising drive pointing out the implications of not registering - ie the potential to get and spread AFB. As someone (Frazz, I think) pointed out, there should be penalties for not registrering hive - if found, of course.
  13. Now there's a thought. Would it be cheaper to allow a bee sting in your gums on your visit to the dentist instead of the dentist injecting anesthetic?
  14. The Kiwifruit industry is the largest employer in the Opotiki region. An economic juggernaut that is reliant on the supply of healthy bees for pollination in spring. However Opotiki beekeepers are worried too many hives are now being placed in the region, threatening the survival of the pollinating bees. continues here Watch NZH Local Focus: Opotiki's spring pollinating bees under threat - Business - NZ Herald News
  15. This was the first ever inspection by someone in authority. In hindsight I should have asked for identification, or rather, given official notification by letter or email by the relevant authority to say inspector so-so will visit (but that could defeat the purpose of suprise visits to find any AFB). However, I did ask if he could sign the CIO to declare no AFB was found, so have his name. When I reported an unregistered hive last year, I got the impression an AQ inspector came from Nelson or Christchurch, so maybe there's no AQ inspectors in Marlborough? Perhaps it would help if inspectors gave you a copy to declare their visit, in case another inspector turned up. As I have no way of proving that someone from MPI turned up, apart from having his name.
  16. Today I had an unexpected visit by a MPI inspector who was doing random checks on hives for AFB. No AFB were found in my hive. I asked if he found any AFB elsewhere to date; he said no. So that is good.
  17. Over a three week period during winter I found three hibernating queen wasps in my firewood pile. Yesterday a queen wasp flew into the house (which was caught) and the day before there was also a bumble bee (which was released). I guess they were attracted by the wax I keep in the spare bedroom. Today I saw a couple of queen wasps in a red flowering shrub. It would be easy to use the flyspray but there were a few bees also foraging in the flowers. Squatting the wasps isn't reliable unless there was a hard background to, uh, squat them against.
  18. So should supersedure cells be completly left alone if they are seen in the hive? Do the new queen from this cell always return to the hive? if the first one hatches, what happens to the other new queens in any remaining supersedure cells? While you have mentioned the queen being old, are supersedure cells created regardless of the age of the queen? I ask this because last year I may have killed off supersedure cells (when I thought they were swarm cells), despite the queen was only, I'm told, several months old.
  19. I am a member of a couple of voluntary organisations. Sometimes, during chats or over morning tea I'd mention I'm a hobby beekeeper, or give them a jar of honey. At a later date, two people offered their place or someone else's place for me to place hives - not that they're seeking payment but wouldn't say no to a jar or two of honey. As tempting as it may be, I've had to decline as the locations are too far - not cost effective. So, Phil, perhaps within your circle of friends, work mates, etc etc, you could make the odd comment that you are a hobby beekeeper (I don't tell too many people I have hives) and see if anyone offers you a site.
  20. Yesterday I checked my two other hives out in the countryside, to put in strips and replaced honey frames with drawn combs for new brood. What I found interesting is that the one hive that originated from two swarms (merged together) was very strong, with lots of bees (is this typical?) The other hive was just as strong, but not as many bees. Along with the high bee numbers, there was some new nectar so I added another super for both hives. In contrast, my other hive in the urban area doesn't have as many bees - but is still healthy. This hive is more sheltered from the wind and rain but receives maybe about a third to a half less sun as the rural hives. Do hives in the rural areas generally do better than urban hives?
  21. Might this lead to an increase in the cost of wax foundation? If so, then it looks like making my own foundation with wax from my hives could be worthwhile. Alternatively, I guess the use of plastic foundation might be another option.
  22. I see from the Companies Office webby that Peter is also a director alongside Julian of Beezthings. I wonder, how did Seven Sharp get to know about these guys?
  23. I have heard that two swarms have been seen in Marlborough recently. I don't know if they were caught.
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