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  1. Tomorrow night (tues) on TV2 7.35pm, Junior MasterChef Australia features bees and honey. Thought some of you might be interested, no worries if not.
  2. Thanks for your replies. Good point Trevor, I will have a look to see if it used to have a ball bearing. Perhaps I could just drop in a new one? Thanks ChrisM, that is an option we could do faillng the ball bearing replacement. Thanks Sailabee, I'll find out these stronger types of plastic.
  3. Our bee club's aging manual four frame extractor is in need of repairs. In particular, the cup pivot at the bottom of the extractor that holds the spindle that holds the basket for honey frames is worn out (no photo, sorry, but I hope you know what I'm talking about). We are considering putting in a nylon pivot, that has a ball bearing at the base - pic as below. The spindle sits on top of the ball bearing. Has anyone installed this nylon pivot in their extractor and did it work? Reason for asking is that the existing pivot has to be cut out and this is irreversib
  4. I just did a search on "mated queens" on TM and found this. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/search?search_string=mated queens&user_region=100&bof=CZm4m2WK Good luck.
  5. Yesterday I got a text saying there was a swarm, could I catch it? I thought that was a bit early, but a photo was provided so it wasn't anything else. This was an easy swarm - it was at ground level. Shook the main bulk off a branch, and scooped up the rest from the ground. Took the swarm out to the country side to join my one other hive - fortunately I had a couple of boxes of undrawn frames.
  6. The Marlborough Beekeepers Association will be holding a workshop on "Preparing for the new season" at the club's hives at the Community Gardens, at the end of Ballinger Drive, off Budge Street, Blenheim, at 2pm, 30 August 2020. This workshop will cover most aspects of getting the hives ready for spring and summer, including checking the condition of the hives and honey stores, applying varroa mite treatment, and preventing swarms. If the weather is warm enough, the hives will be opened up for a look and varroa mite treatment applied. All welcome. Please bring your beesuit if you hav
  7. Do long, hot, dry summers lead to an increase in varroa mite numbers come late summer time?
  8. I found an interesting frame today...
  9. until
    The Marlborough Beekeepers Association is holding a workshop on "Hive manipulation". This will be held on Sunday 26th July 2pm in the lecture theatre at the Marlborough Research Centre, Budge Street. There will be no live bees. Topics include feeding, hive expansion, and frame manipulation. More information can be found on our Facebook page. All welcome.
  10. It's to keep the meat cool. Especially pigs, as they go off quickly in warm conditions. However, I agree that bull bars aren't a suitable place to put carcasses on, in terms of public display. (I hunt after deer, but haven't been out for some time. I would never display carcasses on the outside of my car like that.)
  11. @john berry Perhaps you could send a sample of the beeswax to a lab (and I don't know who) for testing as to what's in the wax?
  12. Here's what I've done, to evenly space out nine frames, using a batten. Initially I was going to do this every time i worked on the hive, but realised it was easier to mark out the spaces on the edge of the box with a marking pen.
  13. Great, thanks @Trevor Gillbanks Sorry I haven't seen the second vid.
  14. Hi @Trevor Gillbanks I enjoy watching your vids but I missed this one. Nice one. However, a suggestion if I may - have you thought of putting the wax cappings into a muslin bag before putting it into the melter? That way you don't have to scoop out the dross, and there'd be less dross that's in the bucket. Prior to removing the bag you can hang it up part way in the melter to drain off any wax from the bag.
  15. Thanks Yesbut, it worked. Here's a couple of pics. Thanks @CHCHPaul and @ChrisM, have advised the new owner. I have heard about swarms occuring during January just past, and I was surprised to see swarm cells in my hives as well. I think perhaps summer arrived late.
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