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  1. Haha, thanks for your nice words. It was supposed to be a cunning plan to not end up with twice the number of hives at the end of the season. Looks like it might have worked - for now. One thing I've learned about this beekeeping lark is that no amount of reading and research helps - the little blighters will always surprise you. Although that doesn't mean I'm not out there rolling round in the grass with an ipad, a camera and a load of books, trying to figure out what they're up to. :devil:
  2. Thanks for that - very good points. I couldn't stand it any longer so I just went out and had a quick check. The original hive had almost no bees coming and going today but when I opened it up it had a pretty healthy population over three boxes so they're OK. I might pop a feeder of syrup on tomorrow just to make sure they have enough to eat, but the kanuka has just started flowering here so there's loads of food. The new hive/split was absolutely seething with bees. They had gone through the newspaper and were just packed everywhere. So I popped a new box with drawn out comb on top and sc
  3. Thanks for that! I would definitely appreciate someone to check over my bees. I'll get in touch.
  4. Hiya, thanks for your reply. I didn't want two more hives, I'm trying to keep my number of hives down till I get some more knowledge under my belt I have 4 in total - now - which I thought was enough to be going on with. I split as I had two super strong hives and I was trying to do some swarm prevention. Cheers
  5. HI all, Hoping for some excellent advice. I did my first split as per the Kiwimana website (http://kiwimana.co.nz/how-to-split-a-beehive/). I thought I'd be a bit clever and do two of my hives at once. Day 1 I made up a FD box from each hive, shook off all the bees and put in 4 frames of eggs and brood, 2 of pollen, 2 of honey and 2 empty - arranged around the brood - put them back on top of each hive with a queen excluder in between. Day 2 I had two boxes full of nurse bees so I took them off the two respective hives, put a couple of sheets of newspaper in between, combined them on a bas
  6. It could be a bot fly. They hover round horses especially and lay eggs on their legs. They make a buzzing noise that drives the horses absolutely crazy. The horses itch the legs, ingest the eggs, then you get a lovely load of gut parasites popping out in the poo, hatch into flies, off you go again. Seriously disgusting.....
  7. I've got 3 supers still to take off my girls and they aren't anywhere near capping. I'm just heading out to check them again but as of last week the frames were only around 70% capped. Shall I wait till they finish capping or pull the frames off anyway and pop a treatment in? Will the honey be ok or still have too high a moisture content? I guess I should do a sugar shake to find out how bad the mites are.
  8. Clearly my head is short because it was a whopper of a black eye:) Interestingly, after not much luck with all the Anthisan and antihistamines, a friend just gave me some homeopathic Apis Mellifera pills and within an hour it had gone down by half..... The stings I've had where I've got the sting out straight away (glancing blows) seem to be much, much worse than the ones where the sting and sac has stayed in for a while and delivered the full dose. Very weird.
  9. Hi everyone, My three hives are great fun and a pleasure to watch and play with. I have had a couple of stinging incidents though, one while opening when I wasn't wearing thick enough pants and then another on Saturday when I was wandering around and a bee got caught in my hair, panicked and stung me on the scalp. I put some Anthisan on it and took an antihistamine but the next day my eye swelled shut and it's only just going down now three days later. I didn't think I was super sensitive to bee-stings but this was a pretty full on reaction. Is there anything that people take or app
  10. Thanks very much for all your helpful advice with my problem! I went back as suggested a few days later and managed to get it all apart easily. They weren't grumpy at all that time, very easy to work with. I just pullled 21kg of honey off that hive, and there's another super being capped at the moment so I've forgiven them everything : )
  11. Thanks for the good advice, I'll have a go at chocking the front so I can see in and do a bit of levering. I was trying to move the hive forward and I thought I had to take the brood boxes apart but I think I'm just going to wait till night time and slide the whole thing forward. It will be less invasive for everyone. The smoker was going and in hindsight I probably could have figured it out but after a couple of stings my problem solving ability was at rock bottom so I decided to cut my losses - a full bee suit is most definitely on the cards!
  12. Hi there, I've got a couple of hives and all's going well. One of them is absolutely cranking and so yesterday I thought I'd check to see if they needed a new honey super. I've stupidly put the hive against a fence and needed to move it forward a bit so I can add on to the top. Got the top box off fine, cracked the two brood bboxes apart ready to lift off the top one. When I pulled it up I thought it was a bit heavy and soon found out why - half the frames from the box underneath came out with it! They've glued them all together somehow. All the girls started getting very irritated at thi
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