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  1. That's good news. Please note that my post was not an accusation; I did say it was probably somebody transporting their own hives. Thanks Bren for confirming that :-)
  2. Yeah in retrospect we should have u-turned and taken a pic of the ute/truck including the number plate. We were heading back to Tauranga on Monday evening and nearish to MacLarens falls turnoff we followed a truck with hives on. Probably transporting their own, but this time I took a pic... Admin edit: image showing a privately owned truck transporting beehives and other equipment has been removed as there is no proof of association with stolen hives
  3. When did it happen? We saw some colourful hives on a small truck heading in the direction of Raglan on Wednesday. Hopefully it was folks transporting their own hives.
  4. Thanks Alastair, Roger and Nick. I'll try just taking the strut thing out and use wire/strapping if it proves necessary. Good suggestions, thanks. I've ordered the book you recommended, Nick. I see your point about the hole placement so will bung them up and ask hubby to make some new ones at the end.
  5. Hive structure questions from a top bar newbie. Hi, I'm a complete "newbee" and have a top bar hive ready, too late for bees this season. This was mainly because I wanted to put a viewing window in the back of my hive so I can take a little look without lifting the lid so often as I've read the ideal hive temp is 36 degrees and varroa can't survive over 33 degrees (Barefoot Beekeeper pg 23). I have two questions I hope someone can answer: My hive's entry holes are at the front of the hive like in the picture on the cover of "Top Bar Beekeeping in New Zealand Back Yards", can anyone please confirm that this is ok? My hive has a 'holding the thing together bar across the middle of the top. I worry the bees might want to hang comb on this too? or will it create too much open space inside the hive? Should I remove it or leave it? Thanks in advance :-)
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