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  1. My local club has forwarded a copy of the above to its members. There are definitions of different types of honey. At a quick read through, I was interested to note that "filtered honey" used the terms "significant removal of pollen". It would seem that honey that has been treated to this extent must be labeled and documented as such. I wonder if the labels on a lot of retail honey will have to change. Of particular interest to NZ keeps will be labeling of "Manuka Honey". In the UK more "Manuka Honey" is sold than is produced in NZ.
  2. What is a hive mat?

    I'm still having problems with NZ terms. A recent post mentioned "wet hive mats". I have not come across "hive mats". I could not find these in the glossaries of 3 international beekeeping forums. As a guess, I was thinking of canvas hive quilts or flat cushions filled with insulation or moisture absorbent material. When I used the search facility for posts with "mat" I found that the mat is often not a mat but rather a board like a crown board or inner cover. Could I request that further thought be given to adding a glossary ?
  3. Still figuring my way around this forum. I am in the NW of England. I am a hobbyist keep of 25+ years I have 9 National hives. The local climate is mild and wet. Summer temps rarely exceed the upper 20s C. Winter temps can fall below below freezing but only for short periods. [attachment=7291:name]