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  1. Geez That’s terrifying With certain things it would be somewhat of a boost to our economy if we were to disallow the import of cheap and nasty substitiutes from other countries. The mind boggles that anyone would want to buy Australian beeswax from China, especially for eating. I am somewhat suspicious of any food that comes out of China, as are most Chinese people. At times like these if we were keeping things in house and spending money with our own people in our own country we would bolster our own economy and be less concerned with what’s going on in the rest of the world.
  2. Fonterra is going to go south rather quickly with the introduction of yeast created ‘dairy’ protein, when you know how much of our milk leaves the country as powder that goes into so many products like Panadol for instance, if they can replace it with a cheaper alternative then they most definitely will. I’ve been leaving honey on ever since I started beekeeping, price be damned, I don’t feed sugar unless I miscalculated
  3. With a truck like that I’m surprised too that thing is massive
  4. Got my offsiders first set of PPE, shame the smallest size is a 4, apparently babies don’t go beekeeping
  5. It’s good for humans but not if you eat it.
  6. Exactly. Bees make honey for a reason eh. I think there is a huge difference in hive health with bees fed on honey vs bees fed on sugar.
  7. Haha yup, Anzac Day That orange is poppin, I love it
  8. Stoked that you got some help, and now know what’s going on with your hive
  9. Good on you @M4tt that was a very kind thing to do. I don’t know how crooks like that sleep at night.
  10. Yes I agree. Most people check their texts more often than their emails these days.
  11. Hopefully me. I’m having another baby
  12. Mmhmmm. Not good. I don’t actually know if MH are importing propolis, I hope not because I really like their toothpaste and it specifically says it’s made with NZ Propolis, I would hate to find that it wasn’t.
  13. Of course they do. But their countdown price is between $1.60 and $2.10 per 100gm for clover and if they are supposedly paying that per kg.. well... I wouldn’t sell to them.
  14. Depends what you have agreed upon. I would say no, but it could be too late. I sell propolis to MH, I have gotten on.. ok. I have heard some horror stories from other people though. And I will say that last year I did not get my own mats back, I got someone else’s, which I found quite concerning.
  15. I hate these kinds of rumours. I certainly hope there’s no truth to them, and if there is then I would love to know why this isn’t reflected in their retail price.
  16. Interesting. I wonder if it was your propolis. I suppose you might find out if they send it back.
  17. I’ve not heard of 2 for 1 deals either. And just as an aside: Never throw away and expired epipen, buy a new one, but keep the old ones. If you are in a remote place you may need additional jabs of adrenaline, use the good one first and then the expired one. Old adrenaline is still better than nothing. As for keeping bees with a serious allergy, I wouldn’t do it. There is no way I would want to gamble with my life like that, especially when so many of my bee yards are so far away from help. I keep very quiet bees and I seldom get stung, however there have been occasions where I have been caned by a particularly angry hive and unfortunately you don’t always know it’s going to happen until it’s too late. I have no reaction to bee stings whatsoever, but I still carry an epipen and an eperb because you never know. I have seen someone have an anaphylactic reaction before and it’s bloody scary, I have never driven so fast in my life.
  18. They put us on mailing lists to receive unsolicited junk mail
  19. So be it. I’m not overly concerned as being labelled a vigilante, I’ve been called worse. I put this in the same basket as arguing with a flat earther or an anti vaxxer, there’s probably no point other than giving a 2 sided argument for anyone who might be reading and on the fence.
  20. A more accurate statement would be “Almost everyone here has decided they don’t like the look of the ad” To say it’s because of the colour of the honey or a spelling mistake? I think your being a little obtuse. Feeding unknown honey to beehives is super dumb, if you don’t know that then you shouldn’t have bees. Selling honey to others as spring feed honey is irresponsible, failing to answer pertinent questions on your dodgy listing implies you are shady, and withdrawing the listing confirms all of the above. If I have concerns I’m going to say what I really think, I’m not going to pussy foot around to protect people’s feelings when they are doing something that is DUMB Do I want to mentor someone like that? Haha no.
  21. So what you chuck a dehumidifier in the hot room?
  22. Really??? Geez that’s not very good. How long was the course? I would recommend you give them some feedback that they should definitely be covering swarming.
  23. When I had hives in town I put them as far as I could away from my neighbors houses facing in to my 6ft fence so that the bees flew up above head height and weren’t causing a nuisance to anyone. You really do need to consider you neighbors and make sure you keep on top of some of the more antisocial aspects of beekeeping. Its actually more important then a good sunny spot, you don’t know who may be anaphylacticly allergic and you don’t want to be responsible for that. When I worked my hive at home I tended to do it without a suit or gloves, reason being, if they are stinging me then they could be stinging other people too. Try to prevent swarming as much as you can it tends to make you unpopular and be ready with half a dozen jars of honey if you stuff up and they end up hanging in your neighbors tree.
  24. It’s dried to prevent fermentation. Its quite a new thing but it’s picking up traction. Basically my honey is guaranteed to be stable in storage over time.
  25. Good on you for waiting for the right time for you to get bees. I don’t know how much you know so I will make suggestions pretty basic and detailed, I’m not trying to be patronising Don’t be shy to look at your bees in nice warm sunny weather, swarm season is upon us and checking them every 7-10 days is not excessive. Check them too infrequently and they can develop Queen cells and swarm on you. There are a few exceptions to this rule, the main one being you don’t want to be in the hive when you have a virgin queen running around as they can be quite flighty and may fly away and not return leaving the hive queenless. You also don’t want to disturb them too early, or too late in the day, or when the weather feels changeable. This can make them quite grumpy. Use smoke and be as gentle as possible, if your squashing bees they won’t be happy. Spring is the perfect time to get familiar with your bees and learn what normal looks like. The main things you want to check for are that you have honey/nectar, pollen, and eggs, if you have eggs then you should have a queen. And that your bees have room to expand. It sounds as though it is possible that your hive may have swarmed, or that your queen may have superseded and could have been on a mating flight. You will need to establish what has happened. Open the hive, check for eggs. If you see eggs your probably good and there is a mated Queen, no need to worry if that’s the case, have a look around and see if you can find her, she’s usually towards the centre of the colony near fresh eggs. If you don’t have eggs you may be between queens, you want to see if you have small grubs(larvae) and uncapped brood, that will tell you how long she’s been gone. Then you will want to look for cells, if any of the cells you find are hatched then you likely have a virgin or maybe even more than one, if there are plenty of bees and young grubs then I would carefully close it up and check it again in 2 weeks to see if there are eggs and therefore a mated Queen. If there is no uncapped brood and you suspect there is a virgin (you find a hatched cell) then check again in week. It’s likely if there is no uncapped brood that your new queen may have mated but not be laying just yet, next time you look only look for eggs and if there are none close it and check again in another week. If you don’t have a new queen laying in about a month you will need to find a cell or another queen from somewhere else. Remember that a DECA holder is only to inspect for disease(AFB) and sign you off, the day to day running of the hive and health for the most part is up to you and you will need to learn and be confident keeping your bees yourself. This is a great place to come for help and advice, most people here will be able to offer you a lot of help just from a couple of photos. We all started knowing very little and the best way to learn is to look at your bees, watch their behaviour and inspect their brood even if your not too sure what your looking at for a start. @WebKiwiNZ Ok, so I watched your videos. It is hard to say what is going on from the outside of the hive, you will definitely need to take a look ASAP. It looks good and strong from the outside. Where you have your hive placed looks like a good hot spot. Is it on a solid base? I would remove your entrance reducer to give the bees more room to get in and out and make it easier to ventilate their hive.
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