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  1. Fonterra is going to go south rather quickly with the introduction of yeast created ‘dairy’ protein, when you know how much of our milk leaves the country as powder that goes into so many products like Panadol for instance, if they can replace it with a cheaper alternative then they most definitely will. 🤷‍♀️ I’ve been leaving honey on ever since I started beekeeping, price be damned, I don’t feed sugar unless I miscalculated
  2. With a truck like that I’m surprised too 😂 that thing is massive
  3. Got my offsiders first set of PPE, shame the smallest size is a 4, apparently babies don’t go beekeeping 😆
  4. It’s good for humans but not if you eat it.
  5. Exactly. Bees make honey for a reason eh. I think there is a huge difference in hive health with bees fed on honey vs bees fed on sugar.
  6. Haha yup, Anzac Day That orange is poppin, I love it
  7. Stoked that you got some help, and now know what’s going on with your hive 👍
  8. Good on you @M4tt that was a very kind thing to do. I don’t know how crooks like that sleep at night.
  9. Yes I agree. Most people check their texts more often than their emails these days.
  10. Hopefully me. I’m having another baby 😅🤣
  11. Mmhmmm. Not good. I don’t actually know if MH are importing propolis, I hope not because I really like their toothpaste and it specifically says it’s made with NZ Propolis, I would hate to find that it wasn’t.
  12. Of course they do. But their countdown price is between $1.60 and $2.10 per 100gm for clover and if they are supposedly paying that per kg.. well... I wouldn’t sell to them.
  13. Depends what you have agreed upon. I would say no, but it could be too late. 😬 I sell propolis to MH, I have gotten on.. ok. I have heard some horror stories from other people though. And I will say that last year I did not get my own mats back, I got someone else’s, which I found quite concerning.
  14. I hate these kinds of rumours. I certainly hope there’s no truth to them, and if there is then I would love to know why this isn’t reflected in their retail price.
  15. Interesting. I wonder if it was your propolis. I suppose you might find out if they send it back.
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