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  1. Daley

    Congratulations Daley and Chris!

    Nearly 5 weeks old, met our well child nurse yesterday, she was lovely, and she gave me a whole lot of stuff for Riley including these 2 quilts, people make stuff and donate it to them and they give it to the new mums ☺️ I absolutely love the buzzy bee quilt, such a cool coincidence. Riley is now just over 11 pounds (5180gms)
  2. Daley

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    One of my dogs will catch rats, but she is too big to be able to get to them most of the time. I tried saying it was a fire hazard. The council told me it was ok because it was on a trailer 😒 well, it’s been there for about 3 years 🤔
  3. Daley


    I’m just guessing. Maybe it’s just here, I give away a lot of honey each year, hundreds of jars probably thousands, and I know of so many people selling it from home, I wonder how there’s enough of a market for everyone, there are sometimes 3 different sellers at the farmers market and they all seem to move stock plus all of the little cafes and shops also selling ‘raw honey’ I would love to know how much the supermarkets are moving to be honest but I doubt they would tell anyone
  4. Daley


    I don’t think the bulk of NZers are buying their honey from supermarkets, I would think farmers markets and friends of friends/word of mouth sells most of it. People like to get honey off a beekeeper
  5. Daley


    Most definitely.
  6. Daley

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Hahaha dreams are free. I have no idea why ‘we’ feel the need to set such unattainable goals, it can only lead to disappointment! I’m a huge fan of rat poison. If everyone in NZ decided to start baiting it would be the best chance we’d have. I get rats at home, they come out of my dole bludging next door neighbours 7foot tall rubbish mountain, I’m disappointed that their collection of half a dozen feral cats doesn’t take care of the issue. The council is even more toothless than the cats. If I was a less law abiding citizen and wanted to lose my firearms license and likely go to jail I’d be sniping them off my porch with a silenced .22 but alas, I’m confined to pest off, and hoping the cats come into my yard so Chris’s dog can get them. We had bee gear stored in an old wool shed once and the rats ate heaps of frames before we realised, they’re such a pain in the butt. God knows why they would want to eat plastic.
  7. Daley

    Secondhand Boxes

    Prior to the gold rush I would be in agreement with you. Now if I see someone selling gear or hives I’m instantly suspicious. There are too many players in the game that lack the level of skill required to keep bees, often when they figure this out the hard way by killing all their hives they try to recoup some of their costs by offloading their gear. These people often have no idea why their hives died and aren’t really bothered wether or not they create problems for other beekeepers with their diseased gear because their interest in bees in the first place was solely a financial one and they’re only worried about trying to get their money back. My advice to anyone would be Do not buy used gear off anyone you don’t know, or who doesn’t come highly recommended by someone you know well and trust. Because it is not worth it. I started from the ground with all new gear, you do not have to buy other people’s old rubbish and if your smart you won’t.
  8. Daley

    Congratulations Daley and Chris!

    Starting to have some good look arounds, holds her head up for quite a while now
  9. Daley

    Secondhand Boxes

    Bro.... I really hope your being facetious
  10. Daley

    Congratulations Daley and Chris!

    4 weeks old today
  11. Daley

    Nutritional supplements

    Haha it was always Tequila shots which got me in trouble, but I have learned my lesson long ago and I’m now a boring and responsible adult
  12. Daley

    Secondhand Boxes

    Sounds suspicious. It is definitely buyer beware with this sort of thing, people should know better than to buy secondhand gear off a stranger especially nowadays. End up with a very expensive load of firewood
  13. Daley

    Nutritional supplements

    It’s quite good with red bull if you ask me, by itself it tastes like cough medicine
  14. Daley

    Nutritional supplements

    Jagermeister is good for colds