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  1. February 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    My guess would be lotus
  2. Manuka standards

    Yes I’ve heard similar
  3. Manuka standards

    Therein lies the problem.
  4. Science

    Never have any trouble getting rid of mine 😉
  5. Science

    It’s nice burnt. Try it. We get a pour of slightly burnt honey off when we melt our wax which we use for cooking and it tastes quite good
  6. Manuka standards

    The Manuka shemozzle has affected the price of all honey.
  7. Did you know your manuka was Taonga?

    No I knew that part. but I didn’t know you were allowed to sell it from your kitchen
  8. Did you know your manuka was Taonga?

    Eh. You learn something new everyday. Shows what I know lol
  9. Science

    I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that came off an American site so probably an American honey. There are so many types of Acacia some will produce nectar. I don’t know if it’s the dark and strong or if it’s that it comes from a plant that has medicinal properties, it’s very hard to find anything concrete online unless you really know where to look because there’s so many alternative quacks around making things up.
  10. Did you know your manuka was Taonga?

    Not supposed to. But people do.
  11. Science

    This isn’t a scientific paper, but section 8 has a little info about wound healing with honey, Acacia and Buckwheat honey appear to be superior to Manuka. I stumbled upon this while doing a little googling about Manuka essential oil. I found it quite interesting and I assume it’s reasonably credible, it definitely sounds feasible. https://www.superfoodly.com/manuka-oil/ Theres also a bit about eyelids which might be of particular interest to @Philbee
  12. Actually I think it’s probably the real beekeepers, the rag tag weirdos like the good old days 😉
  13. In that case.. 🤔 Im flying up to Auckland on the 6th to buy a car I might have to drive really really slowly and bypass it on the way home
  14. Science

    You were not having a good day by the sounds of it 😕
  15. Science

    I’ll have to try it, I failed my eye test for my drivers license and had to get a special note from the optometrist 😂