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  1. Daley

    Sunglasses for beekeeping

    Polarised sunnies are $10 on one day sale 😁 https://www.1-day.co.nz/onsale/10dollar100918/
  2. Daley

    Bee Tree Hive

    I’m not sure there would be many people who could lift one of those without damaging it if it were full of honey. Lovely wooden frames, top bar would pop right off the staples with that much weight hanging off the bottom of it and you’d be left with a floppy piece of wax. It’s a good theory but it probably wouldn’t work. If want to take care of your back, make a set of steps, and don’t lift boxes lift frames, take them out one at a time and put as many as you can manage in an empty super to carry, or fill it up and move it with a wheel barrow. I’m all for alternative hives but I’m yet to see one that would work better than a lang - they’re popular for a reason.
  3. Daley

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    I think it should be because they’re getting plenty of money out of it.
  4. Daley

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    It’s quite easy to disguise how funds are truly being spent with broad titles on a pie chart.
  5. Daley

    Sunglasses for beekeeping

    $50 from the pharmacy, cheaper on sale. I get the moby ones
  6. Good luck 😊 @ZoeSoutz
  7. Daley

    Sunglasses for beekeeping

  8. Daley

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    You may have to self declare depending where they set the cut off weight from my understanding
  9. Daley

    NZBF Not too well!!?

    Some people do. Ive never seen anyone using insulation, but a hive mat is fairly common place
  10. Daley

    ApiNZ Commodity Levy Proposal

    I went to the meeting.. sort of.. Riley had a little bit to say, she thought it was pretty boring, she prefers to stay home and read books. So I didn’t catch as much as I would’ve liked, question time is always my favourite part of any consultation meeting. Didn’t really take much away from it. 40% research is pretty crap average. Wasn’t overly impressed because that’s about the only thing I deem worthy. I am not against a commodity levy if it’s allocated properly but I have serious doubts as to wether or not ApiNZ are going to get their 50% support. I do think that a commodity levy has the potential to be a very good thing.. but it is also just another bill to pay, and god knows we all love those. Definitely not interested in the levy board being comprised of anyone who isn’t paying the levy, don’t really understand why there needs to be marketers or hobbyists on the board unless they’re paying - sure they can have suggestions bought to the board but no pay = no say in my book. I also would be quite interested to know what constitutes a ‘beekeeper’ in APINZs eyes, because I have a feeling they may have a very loose interpretation of that. Probably my biggest issue is that as it stands there is a serious loophole with some people needing to self declare as to how much honey they have extracted, and it’s a more than a little naieve to assume this isn’t going to be abused. Where this levy is going to be collected is probably the most important detail and I wasn’t convinced they had it covered. If ApiNZ are as in touch with the industry as they claim to be, why the heck are they doing this now??? Probably the stupidest time of year to try and get industry opinions on something this important. This entire thing could fall by the wayside because of bad timing.
  11. Daley

    NZBF Not too well!!?

    How many bees are in it? Its not worth saving it and weakening your other hive if there aren’t enough bees to keep a frame of brood warm, you just end up compromising your other colony early on you could lose both of them. If you don’t have more than a third of a box of bees and a queen then you might be better to unite them for now and split again later. It can be hard to give the best advice without all the info 😊
  12. Daley

    Guess who I thought of?

    Hahaha how many wines have you had 😂
  13. Daley

    Guess who I thought of?

    😂 @tristan I’m thinking it’s probably you
  14. Daley

    What does 'pure manuka' mean?

    There is quite an interesting documentary series on Netflix called Rotten which has an episode on honey adulteration. Well worth watching. I don’t know that we do need to fight against it, it’s like if you buy a counterfeit Gucci handbag for $20 - do you blame Gucci? Or should you have been a little bit more clued up when you bought it?