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  1. Yeah it’s good, gets in the way of working but managed 6 hours today so I can go to work a bit if I don’t go too far, she’s really good with Bron but I doubt she would go to anyone else, her Dad can’t manage her for much more than an hour 😂 Haha nah stay that way, it’s not worth hearing about
  2. That was said in Gisborne as well. I’m quite sure it was by MPI.
  3. Tommy, you might feel bad asking if you knew the circumstances. Probably a good idea to stop asking about it just in case.
  4. Without knowing the scenario I would be inclined to agree with you, getting AFB is seldom your fault, letting your hives die and get robbed out 😬 that’s probably your fault. If what you say is true.. 14 sites... that’s pretty bloomin appalling. That is incredibly harsh. For people who don’t know the extenuating circumstances (probably most of us here) it is definitely not a good look to have 14 apiaries with robbed out AFB. If that happened near me I would not be feeling overly sympathetic. Pretending you don’t have a problem doesnt make it go away, it just makes it worse and makes it a problem for everyone else. While we don’t want to demonise these people, it’s hard to pretend they aren’t causing the rest of us considerable issues.
  5. Interesting turn of events. Not one I was expecting that’s for sure. I have to say that it is quite clearly an overwhelming No. Obviously there were enough beekeepers with a ‘bee in their bonnet’ over this levy and they decided to actually vote. Kind of reminds me a little of Nationals terrible flag referendum. I must say I don’t believe it can be chalked up to affordability though that’s probably what ApiNZ wishes it were. I hope they will be smart enough to take a look at their approach and start listening to the beekeepers they are supposedly representing. I can imagine this debacle has cost them a substantial amount of money.
  6. Haha I’m only kidding around. Gender is important in some regards, like you say 😂 But in others it should be irrelevant.
  7. I won’t haha but it’s likely I will choose a gender neutral name 😂
  8. Currently at brunch, I am sitting at a table beside two women who are harping on about Manuka honey and making some incredibly bold claims which just simply aren’t true. I can only assume at least one or if not both of them got out of the blue corporate truck covered in sign writing across the road. While it was entertaining to listen to, it worry’s me that it could be these people who may end up with a voice at the table, I was tempted to correct a few of their facts but I decided I would rather sit in silence and enjoy the free entertainment that came with my breakfast.
  9. Haha I’m a millennial, don’t you know we don’t care about gender anymore
  10. Isn’t honey bacteriostatic? I thought pasteurisation was more about killing active yeasts to keep it stable on the shelf
  11. Get a good spade and dig yourself flat spots, go totally overboard, it takes a while but they stay that way and it’s worth it in the long run. With cattle if you can’t run a tape or your sick of it getting wrecked you can use steel reinforcing hammered into the ground and stapled to your bases, this will generally hold up to a fair bit of rubbing. Not ideal if your moving hives though. Also blocks of 4, one hive facing each way are harder to knock over and is a good deterrent to cattle. But it can also leave you with your butt in the doorway if your not careful
  12. We’re taking a bit of a break from harvesting for now. Sister is getting married on 2nd March so trying to organise bits and pieces. I’ve been going out for a few hours when I can and leaving Riley with Mum, I get about 4 hours before she starts to get difficult, then I have to give her a feed, still refuses to take a bottle but eating well. Good to be going out, suffered a little on the first day doing clearers because I was a bit out of sync and I upset the bees by being a clumsy oaf and copped 10 stings through the suit. And Dad worked more hives than me which was hilarious. Today was certainly a hot one, mostly spent outside in the shade with a baby who didn’t want to sleep in the heat. I chucked her in a basin outside and gave her a piece of watermelon which kept her occupied for a while before she decided to resume her favourite past time of trying to eat leaves.
  13. I hope it takes a bit longer than that. But the thought did occur to me.
  14. I always, always carry a spade. Amazing how quickly you can prevent fire with a spade. Wouldn’t be without it. And a fire blanket. Its still relatively green here which is an anomaly but I’ll take it. Defintely brown tops though. With the price of stock a lot of farms had plenty of grass but not enough stock. Light robbing here, it’s not too bad yet but I’m sure it’s due to deteriorate. February is normally ok. But March can be rugged. Heaps of bees with nothing to do, chilling around home making a nuisance of themselves.
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