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  1. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Ruthless requeening. Squash squash squash.
  2. Musings on waxed hive interiors

    Parrafin stops them rotting.
  3. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    First batch of hives into G3 kiwi’s last night, thought I’d better double check my second batch as some of them hadn’t had a check since I prepped them about 2-3 weeks ago, assuming of course they’d go in tonight. Man was I surprised, considering I gave them a right womping then, had myself a whole lot more work to do 😅 Ended up having to make 8 frankensplits to knock them back to standard to stop them hanging in the kiwifruit vines, and I’ll still have to cell check them in 10 days! Cracker bee day. And don’t have to move hives tonight wooooooooop woop.
  4. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    Not anymore we don’t 😂😂
  5. Swarm City

    If it was my yard I’d be spewing.
  6. Syrup, thick or thin ?

    Dry raw will stop them dying of starvation if they have enough bees to work it but that’s all it will do. I leave it on my hard to reach hives as a cheap insurance policy and it’s well worth it.
  7. What's happened to these swarms?

    Yeah bet they took it away as soon as they caught it. Thats seldom a good idea. Probably noobs.
  8. As a general rule you will get more honey if you don’t split. However, it depends on the strength of your hives and when you split them. If you have a double with both boxes packed out with bees and say 14-16 frames of brood then you will have no trouble getting them back up to strength before the main flow as long as they have some nectar coming in at the time you split them. If your adding a mated queen it’s even better. If you split them when they’re too weak or at the wrong time you’ll weaken them and they’ll take a really long time to get up to strength and you could miss the main flow and end up with no honey. Beekeeping is basically trial and error and as a beginner usually you will need to choose between making bees or making honey until you have figured out what to expect from your bees in your area. What works in one place doesn’t always work somewhere else as the nectar sources or lack of effects wether or not the bees will build.
  9. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    Wow. Great read. Much appreciated @dansar 😁
  10. Watsons and sons

    Well that should be interesting.
  11. Not just bees

    I see them from time to time.
  12. Not just bees

    That is AWESOME! 👍😁
  13. Jason. You are digging yourself a big hole here man. You shouldn’t come to a forum as a beginner and kick off by insulting respected and regular contributors. I don’t think your going to get anywhere here by dissing people. Some of the people on this forum have been on here for years and have formed close friendships, by insulting one you will upset many. I think the bulk of us here disagree with your notion of 2 half treatments make a whole treatment.
  14. But then currently there’s the issue of trespassing lol I’d definitely ask if I was going onto private land unless I knew the owner
  15. Unless the beekeeper that owned the bees is there than they’re considered fair game.