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  1. Industry_letter_to_Minister_Bennett_re_MPI_manuka_honey_definition_24_July_2017.pdf Is there a conflict of interest? Apinz putting forward the UMF standard to MPI, given that at least 3 Apinz board members are associated with the UMF club? UMF own the IP, does that mean more fees ( royalties to be paid? ) I did say at the time when the Apinz board was put together "It's like putting the Fox in charge of the chooks"
  2. Couple of things @Bron 1, It's an article posted on the Stuff site. 2, It's dated October 2015. 3, It's an article posted on the Stuff site. But let's pretend such a device does exist, the article says it measures purity of Manuka honey. Would such a device measure if the honey is "active" or if the honey is mainly Manuka honey. I think that's the big question hanging over the industry. "Over to you MPI"
  3. @Dave Black can pleases expand on. " clean comb ( refreshed with acetic acid )"
  4. I would feel embarrassed if I didn't spot it and let it spread but very satisfied if caught early and dealt with it. The more we talk to each the better. The secrecy around the AFB agency is a big failing in my opinion. Not to "name and shame" but be able to lend a hand and share information. I think it would go a long way for getting on top of it.
  5. I have seen some. I try and stay in touch with the local beeks and we swap gossip of what's going in the area, that helps a lot and should be more of it. Not so much with the commercials, some of them are far too secretive. A two brood box hive is no different to a wee nuc, shaking all the bees off a frame is a must to get a clear view. I tend not to inspect while honey supers are on, but do inspect when taking them off for harvest.
  6. I just spent a few minutes looking closer at your last photos and from post # 35. I would highly recommend you get an experienced Beek to look at your hive. I can see patchy, perforated, sunken, greasy brood. If this was mine I would be very concerned. SO hope I'm mistaken but best to check. Good luck.
  7. You might try watching the news first, before predicting the future.
  8. I still do mine with ink and a quill, envelope, stamp pop it in the post. Works every time. I do still use the site to cancel a site, that bit works.
  9. Can you please give more detail. Have you just merged 2 strong colonies to make make 1 mega Colony ?
  10. Excellent work Rob. How long did the bees take to figure out the entrance was way up there? Can you explain the one way valve at the base.
  11. Did you sort this pre or post registration? I'm thinking, keep things has is and just forward all scam emails to MPI, if we all did this I'm sure they would mend their ways!!!!
  12. Bumblebees ?? More high pitched than our bee's song. Especially when having their hairs being plucked one by one
  13. Chances are they have swarmed on you, deep breath and re check in couple of weeks. Then if no joy, take the above advise.
  14. Similar thing in the south. Previously crown owned pine forest land handed over to iwi. At the moment long standing family owned beekeeping business with permits, scraping a living, Being kicked off. Watsons taking over and have rights to it all. They won't stay because it's scraping a living, even for a mom and pop operation.
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