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  1. I already shuffled them for winter. QEs are out. Up is brood. But since we had unexpected flow of goldenrod and white clover bees press the brood down with stores. But this is temporary cause after it, hardly any food will be available. So at the end most of cluster will be in upper box with honey arches in mid frames and full with stores at the ends. 10-15kg of stores are enough in October to colony develop nicely in spring. When I see in upper boxes nice arches and side frames full, I don't have to worry. Bottom box usually is empty with stores going into winter.
  2. I watched it closely while it was moving to the high grass. It moved normally and haven't seen some damage, I presume it would be with dirt and squashed if stepped on it. At my place we have a lot of snakes, not rarely I see them but never had bitten by one. They move away when people approach. Only one venomous species is at my place - common European adder.
  3. I didn't know. Interesting. This one is non venomous - The Aesculapian snake. Even it tried to bite me or fainted bite toward me, for which I can't blame. Cause seconds before I ran with car over it ( luckily not harmed). I went to see is it OK, it was scared and reacted so. It looked as old branch on the road, in a moment I pass above it I realized it was a snake..
  4. We are coping with temps over 30C and at least next week also.. Really dry and hot.. Bees strong ( too strong), not rarely with 10 frames of brood.. Now I can see starting of making honey arches.. There will be quite an army to feed overwinter.. But I believe they know what are doing.. Some queens failed and I will merge mostly with others, since I am motivated to reduce the colony numbers.. The hazelnuts are now in focus for me..
  5. This is one of " Tops" varieties, I think it is Topfirst variety. At my place the most popular are some Čačanka varieties.
  6. I would lie to say. But before when more queens occur ( like when old queen is lost and lot of emergency queens emerge), I saw in many occasions bees curl around some of them and kill ( when they kill I believe take her out). I believe bees sort the supercedure or old lady just let it go and die..
  7. Hi. Not much of pics.. Full hands of qcells to distribute.. on 30-35C at peak in shade.. Managed to get one batch of new line using jenter with cloake board.. Hopefully to requeen a lot. I am all sticky, sweat and in hurry and have no time to take pics around hives, cause want to be as less as can under scorching sun ( blue sky, clouds non existant and that yellow star..). The mother is 1st generation of carnie mix ( slovenian+our local carnie). She outperformed the majority of others, on the even rank as my favorite " line". Please, don't nitpicking fussy, this my lineage and queen management is full of flaws and rudimentary. Mostly is reason lack of time and other works ( hazels, pay job). I just keep tracking mothers.. The reason I take this one queen from 2017.: calm on comb ( no bearding on frame), excellent spring buildup ( crucial for me cause spring forages are mostly all I can get), gentle, no swarming desire, top honey yields, not signs of some disease, hive bursting with bees.. So it will be interesting what her daughters will show.. On the other side, just want to catch woodpeckers and other birds into hands to show how I feel when they all day feast on my hazelnuts 🤬 My cats seems can't keep up with their numbers.. Maybe to try to throw them up in sky when see woodpecker fly above to be more efficient.. 🤔
  8. At my place is told: full-fed doesn't understand the hungry. It is hilarious when some no meat eater come and praise our food which has some animal origin.. I always say live your life and let me live my.. While I was in visit in France we eat food as all mortals from supermarkets. The meat I ate hardly go down the throat and I felt as having some stone in a belly accompanied with some unpleasant odor. If I live there more likely will eat little or no meat, since vegetables didn't taste as bad as " meat".. About these honey replacements.. I hardly believe have any positive effect on human health.. Only it is sticky and sweet.. In our local beek disputes, one beek mentioned that industrial glucose-fructose syrup encourage diabetes, to see scientific proof I have to look what research he refers to. Seems someone has too much free time, maybe to try to work some.. I would say, better they work on themselves and lead by example and lead normal human talk. Installing on force their ideas into my mind only create resistance..
  9. Appointed commissioners for each territory which rule where can be placed apiaries ( sedentary and migratory) - distance between and numbers. If some not oblige, problem is solved with veterinary inspection followed with " gentle" police escort on the complete cost of person who is in offence.. I just say somewhat we have here ( not to think that it always function, but some order has to exist). I don't know your regulations and real possibilities at your place. But as you describe it, at your place is like in wild, wild west..
  10. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein
  11. One of the smokers which I use rarely from time to time is often clogged with " clay nests" of mason bees.. Also they are everywhere.. They like my mnucs which sit in the storage.. I place somewhere here a pic with their nests in one of mnucs ( when removed a lid interior of nests are visible which is interesting to see).
  12. Nice.. I admit, I am not very comfortable to swim in the sea.. Once in high school we were on excursion in Spain. I went into sea and swam until there were visible little dots of people on the beach.. I stopped and relax, for a moment I asked myself where are guarding nets or some guards to warn of some hungry fish near.. Since I saw none of mentioned, I think I broke some records in fast swimming to the shore ( shame none filmed it, it could be really funny).. Call me coward but I am real inland type, more for hills/mountains and " sweet water" where I am at home..
  13. Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  14. We are on heat wave these days.. 34C in a shade.. Not pleasant to work in a suit.. Lime and bramble flow but nectar evaporate quick on such temps.. Scale is somewhat positive zero, honeydew.. think nothing yet so far.. Bearding down to the ground, seems as few bees and queen left in a hive.. Annoying when sweat is going into eyes. Bees want to be grumpy, but even them these temps seems making dizzy.. They show intention to show muscles, but they fast get down ( my subjective comparison is like the dog with tongue all out)..
  15. I think it passed near 2 decades when in market showed " fresh lamb meat from New Zealand". People were telling it was sooo bad.. still some people when want to be sarcastic.. tell fresh as New Zealand lamb meat.. So about meat here better not to mention is from New Zealand.. Knowing us.. I wouldn't be surprised that also labeling was wrong.. but it was written New Zealand. On the other side.. we have different sheep, so it might be strange taste for us of your sheep. Once when I was in Switzerland was served fresh lamb meat from one local swiss farm.. It tasted to me as cardboard, empty taste.. I didn't tell nothing to don't offend anyone..
  16. Just to tell that I tried the new fork of which we were talking a lot before. Unfortunately there were not much capped frames due to horror weather ( which still whipping with storms and all the joy with it). Maybe we used to work with ordinary fork.. With this new one, not too bad. But when comb is uneven, have to return deeper. More wax is going off, it does drip more than when we are using ordinary fork ( take more wax). It doesn't ruin the comb. But for now will stick to ordinary fork. It needs some time to get the feeling to work faster. If we had decent season more likely will use it more than ordinary fork..
  17. We over here glue boxes ( The Box Wood Joint) along with zinc screws. I also other wooden hardware ( mnucs, feeders, bottom boards) glue ( pattex waterproof) beside using screws. But lately have little time and need for making hardware..
  18. I have some bottom boards dipped in paraffin ( higher quality paraffin), excellent. Even I used sheet of scrap plywood from pallets for bottom, it holds superbly.. For bottom boards excellent solution as prolong its life, even of low quality wood/plywood..
  19. Maybe he will understand to You say to him, that all what he listed need a servant not a master..
  20. When mentioned moat, scenes with inspector Jacques Clouseau crossing moat come on my mind..and had to look it again..
  21. When such thing happen to me, I leave open BB for 5-10 minutes more. So if she cruise around to have time to cool down temper and return back.. This happen mostly with young queens, or when she is in diet in preparation for swarming..
  22. Goran


    When reading this, first what come to my mind is Walt Disney " No hunting" episode.. Sorry.. for.. offtopic 😏
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