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  1. They do damage when sneak under car hood - wires, hoses are main target for them. Pretty dangerous.. really crazy animal.. beside it is always blood thirsty.. everything what make move they will try to kill..
  2. There is left cluster on 4 seams. I think it was somewhat decent temp and bees managed to defend themselves with some losses. Now they are tightly clustered and hive is very heavy, I hope they will manage to survive. I just replace the bb, didn't went into frames cause it is around zero celsius these last few days, only one odd bee released from cluster. I will have to check this apiary more frequently..
  3. Bees are meat. Martens are known to attack hives in winter.
  4. Marten or its cousins.. Most likely marten.. That little nervy devil..
  5. We use Fomes fomentarius as smoker fuel, interesting.. Before someone also mentioned that it is good against viruses, now I can read something deeper about it. Thanks.
  6. Quote: " honey contain simple carbohydrates - glucose and fructose which are easily used for developing energy ( and lower consumption of insulin), surplus is stored as energy reserve ( glycogen). In difference to honey, commercial sugar in organism is previously degraded to glucose and fructose after what molecules of glucose and fructose are used as " engine fuel", and all surplus is converted into fat tissue. Beside that commercial sugar doesn't contain nothing more than so called " empty calories", while honey is abundant also in other nutritive and healthy compounds..." This year we made plum jam - roughly on 100kg of plums we added around 5-6kg of sugar.. Nothing else added for conserving, except cooked properly and placed into jars. Can stay for very long time in storage/pantry. Some even couple years last, if left forgotten. The best - warm jam into warm jars.. Perga is processed by bees and stored ( fermented) pollen in the combs. It has much higher nutritive and medicinal value than plain pollen. It isn't bee larva.. In line with topic.. Black locust honey price at my place is around 7 nzd/kg at large ( in drums).. But there isn't much of it and in purity needed this season.. For other multifloral honeys I heard some beeks went to around 3,5 nzd/kg - desperate or pulling out of business.. Such cheap honey I don't have ( for now 🤐)..
  7. At my place mostly is sold as alcohol tincture in small plastic or glass bottles with cap for drops or spray, usually 20ml. I have propolis and alcohol ( ethyl alcohol, I will use 96%) and can't put it together cause I am in " another movie" these days - hazelNUTS.. Some pics of bottles for propolis: https://www.google.com/search?q=bočice+za+propolis&rlz=1C1CHBF_enHR782HR782&sxsrf=ACYBGNRpVJ8u9ktgGt11ctP8dTiQmppLpw:1573512006912&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=fTwNTh3ze4EXAM%3A%2Ca_AdCtDkejzdIM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQhV__F_Q9yK9t_T397YYvCCYGJFQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiS8uKBnePlAhVBzaQKHew4A0wQ9QEwA3oECAkQDA#imgrc=fTwNTh3ze4EXAM:
  8. I have 4 frame manual extractor. For 50-60 colonies I usually keep is sufficient. Always think of putting motor on it, but always went nah.. One year even I had over 2 tons extracted, wasn't problem.. Since these climate changes strike badly, it is more than sufficient.. It is inox, and new cost around 300 nzd, also is wide and stable ( not narrow as on your pic), can extract dadant/jumbo frames also.. Only one horse power needed..
  9. You are also fan of poppy seed roll ( cake)? I can't resist..
  10. Heard some cheap imports of royal jelly over here turned to be mashed drone larvae 🤬 One year at our country was done testing of propolis tincture sold in the pharmacies - 70% didn't match standard (aka snake oil).. That also say how much I trust the labels written.. 🤑
  11. when mention antibiotics and humans.. some trivia.. At one lecture is mentioned that in research is found that using propolis ( tincure) when using antibiotics it enhance positive effect of antibiotics ( it is recommended few hours after taking antibiotics to take propolis).
  12. You mean in beekeeping? If so, it is banned also here and I believe in majority of European countries. There were some uses of antibiotics in fruit orchards, don't know is still actual. Then might theoretically get transferred into honey in a fruit flow, but I think highly unlikely and even if it did, it should be on so low margin..
  13. Mats above brood, not supers - right? Some here encourage bees to propolize more with few grams of thymol crystals on the top bars of brood frames. Some with formic acid encourage bees to produce more propolis. Also the most propolis I can get during summer, bees then propolize like mad.. those sticky bandits.. goes on my nerves then..
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