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  1. Yes, I wait to sell some honey to renew some wooden ware before winter. Firstly I didn't bought in winter because I was hoping to sell some colonies. Since no buyers and bees were growing I had to pull some cracked and faulty boxes from storage cause in this covid-19 all stopped. It was tricky.. Bees were building comb instantly and nicely. But duct tape really saved me for boxes
  2. Temps for now around 20C here, bees when feel the short period of sun pour out like they are swarming.. Now I saw that I missed a month.. oops..
  3. At my place RJ is taken from queen cells not drone cells..
  4. I would avoid royal jelly from China in wide circle.. Crushed and strained young drone larvae in mix as in some which appear here.. Maybe this is no more the case, but hey why I would believe them again.. I still don't drink Brawndo.. So if You have to compete in price with proper royal jelly against that.. won't happen..
  5. Once I gave sample of my black locust honey to one company buyer at large. They return the answer that in my honey is too much of pollen of false indigo-bush. Area where it grows was nearest about 20km. The few plants if somehow were somewhere near cannot influence the black locust honey so much. They tried to reduce the value of my honey. I declined their offer, next buyer at large said samples were OK for black locust and paid rightful price.. At the moment I felt pride cause my bees travel for forage 20 km and bring honey and pollen back to hives..
  6. I have a cunning plan or to say counter plan... I will make mix of honey+chocolate+hazelnuts and with such combo export my honey in disguise to New Zealand. . I just miss couple millions of dollars, bees and such little things.. It will be advertised as: " It has electrolytes"
  7. There are many things I saw people eat and I would never put in my mouth, but hey if it sells my product in qty and price I like.. So be it. For example sweet and bitter in mix I dislike a lot ( like chestnut honey).
  8. Product diversification - can lead to increased sale. James what would you say I plan to try to mix hazelnuts paste and chocolate with it?
  9. Two seasons ago, if I didn't miscalculate I tried as summer treatment OA/GL - I mixed it and cut strips of material recommended in Argentinian paper. It had some success in beginning but later when I test with other treatment it falls more varroa than I can accept. So I didn't wait and knock varroa down with other type of treatment. There may be true that in what one poster here said - to change strips in 15 days, I didn't - I left near 4 weeks and test. I wish to try once more but there is always more important things and I take easy route.. Only for carrier if I can use plain cardboard - does anyone tried? For robbing, I didn't notice any. I did notice silent robbing when applied thymol based treatment. I believe when all bees got scented with thymol it is harder for guard bees to identify, or this is my wrong thinking?
  10. Hi I am a bit tired at the moment. Easier is now to for me to just write it what I do. First thing is antivarroa and nosema prevention in late summer and usually is dearth of flow and needed feeding to queen don't reduce laying significantly - end of July, whole August - if not so, will have little winter bees and colony will dwindle till January. The stores.. well I work with deep langstroth. 1st and tenth frame are stores, the rest 8 frames are with heavy arches. Even the colony is in two boxes, cluster is mainly in upper box with small part or none hanging in bottom box. Bottom box is with empty comb or very little remaining stores which bees when can lift up above their heads. The boxes, i forgot to mention, when flow for extraction is over, I take q excluder out and switch brood box on top and upper box ( super) with some stores below - which bees in time carry up and form arches. The bees are carnies which have brood break and also are rational with stores. We had usually cold winters, but as climate changed rarely happen minus 10C, and even snow become rare.. But in normal winters when is lot of snow and minus temps if I did all mentioned I don't think will they overwinter. They will. I think in some literature is mentioned our carnies when there is no brood they spend only around 1 kg of stores ( from 0.8 to 1.2kg) per month. Sorry if I just throw this here unconnected, but at the moment my mind is in sleep mode.. Next time will try to write better..
  11. Nah, they will throw nukes on hornets and will save their bees same as they intend to do on tornadoes..
  12. Some ideas for stands - type in google picture search " postolja za košnice".
  13. Over here we have days with over 20C, then after couple mornings with frost and again.. Madness.. Mana ash isn't scorched totally, I think about half left and offer nectar and pollen. Flow visible in the hives.. Seems will have some spring honey to exctract but with such berserk weather no one can tell with certainty.. I am hoping we are done with frosts, also that black locust isn't hit hard - time will tell.. I am in process of placing qe, adding foundations.. Overall, I must not to be totally unsatisfied. 59 colonies at the moment, 3 of them with chalk brood, 3-5 won't be ready for black locust ( bad queens, slow buildup), the rest seems fine. Lost one colony in December and one shook out recently - lost queen and laying workers.. Swarming season started.. found in couple qcs, I reshuffled them and gave them time to rethink, if intention still exist they will be dealt ( light split or removing queen, etc..). Some already spread at 12 frames with brood, but some stay at 6 and don't want to go further ( these are ones which I don't like, these usually want to swarm endlessly)..
  14. I don't like to get sting, it distracts me from work I need to do. I suit up and don't stop nor hesitate until I am done. From time to time occur some really nasty colonies - and I don't pull back even the veil is covered with bees. When I am light wearing I concentrate more on estimating where and when it will sting not on work. I am such, good or bad but that is my mindset.. Of course I don't like stings as stings - I am not masochist, especially when I read the venom affect on calcium content in human body ( decreasing).
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