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  1. I have 4 frame manual extractor. For 50-60 colonies I usually keep is sufficient. Always think of putting motor on it, but always went nah.. One year even I had over 2 tons extracted, wasn't problem.. Since these climate changes strike badly, it is more than sufficient.. It is inox, and new cost around 300 nzd, also is wide and stable ( not narrow as on your pic), can extract dadant/jumbo frames also.. Only one horse power needed..
  2. You are also fan of poppy seed roll ( cake)? I can't resist..
  3. Heard some cheap imports of royal jelly over here turned to be mashed drone larvae 🤬 One year at our country was done testing of propolis tincture sold in the pharmacies - 70% didn't match standard (aka snake oil).. That also say how much I trust the labels written.. 🤑
  4. when mention antibiotics and humans.. some trivia.. At one lecture is mentioned that in research is found that using propolis ( tincure) when using antibiotics it enhance positive effect of antibiotics ( it is recommended few hours after taking antibiotics to take propolis).
  5. You mean in beekeeping? If so, it is banned also here and I believe in majority of European countries. There were some uses of antibiotics in fruit orchards, don't know is still actual. Then might theoretically get transferred into honey in a fruit flow, but I think highly unlikely and even if it did, it should be on so low margin..
  6. Mats above brood, not supers - right? Some here encourage bees to propolize more with few grams of thymol crystals on the top bars of brood frames. Some with formic acid encourage bees to produce more propolis. Also the most propolis I can get during summer, bees then propolize like mad.. those sticky bandits.. goes on my nerves then..
  7. As we learned over here N. cerana isn't followed by dysentery, it is followed by bees disappearing. As long there is lot of pollen, infected colonies might seem healthy even some with heavy load of N.cerana. When pollen stop coming, bees start disappearing ( flying away and dying out). Lot of scientists here say that N. apis is nearly extinct and its niche is filled with mean N. cerana. Majority of winter losses over here is combination of varoosis and nosemosis.. according to the results of specimens taken from dead colonies.. How is said none of misfortune come alone..
  8. Not a problem. Maybe it is a bit scary to say in every hive. But, it is more to me to be aware of seriousness of this disease. So to have in mind to try as best to work in spirit of good beekeeping practice to reduce possibility of occurring of disease. When talking about %.. I read some researches from 4-12% of colonies always have spores of Paenibacillus larvae. Some claim that is far higher in some geographic areas.. Long time ago I attend some lectures and is mentioned in one research they found in samples of honey above brood at one geographic area around 70% of positive result - but now memory fading was it EFB or AFB.. I would have to search for notes.. N.cerana is "bright" sample, one year ( before I started to beekeep) they found in 98% of samples positive result.. That was at my area..
  9. Maybe to get distributed into more colonies, to work such drone comb in half frames.. When sealed, just one half frame with other half frame - plain into other colony. That way I think will suppress drone production of receiver colonies.. but I might be wrong.. Maybe I talk too much..
  10. I don't know how many extra time you have, but filling drone mother colonies with drone comb and distributing such drone combs to the rest of the colonies.. might help some.. To be true, I have no time for this, even occasionally whenever I have a chance couple such frames I switch to the other colonies. Other thing which might help.. produce the queens in dearth of flow when rest of area kicking drones out.. your constantly fed colonies keep them as treasure and fit to be champs.. Also I read some researches that when in longer period brooding is in slower pace, the eggs are " bigger", and better queens can be obtained.. Come to the dark side Luke Alastair..
  11. I learned from my mentor, that for AFB I should look first at the strongest colonies ( they might robbed weak ones).. So far had no contact with that menace, or maybe it passed unnoticed ( cleaning behavior). As I learned AFB is always in the hives, just waits to explode - that way my mentor learned me to accept.
  12. Since we over here have carnies seems as one oldie worker bee.. I saw some virgins, badly mated, but all seems slimmer than that worker bee..
  13. Carnie or Italian? Just my curiosity..
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