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  1. I read an article that bees can get drunk too.. In fact funny to hear that they act similar to humans, being bully and annoying. Also got corralled by other bees in some corner until they get sober. It wasn't written how they cope with hangover though..
  2. They should arrest and fine each bee which cross the border and.. extradite?
  3. Away from debris from a hive, easier for your back, exposed entrance - visible to predators, so mice are more vulnerable if try get in, easier to read what is happening with colony by looking at entrance.. May be also.. 😀
  4. Who knows, maybe there is some underdog lurking and in a finish line will pass first before favorites.. Wouldn't be the first time.. To cheer a little, enough of grim talk.. Few pics..
  5. We are distilling alcohol from fruits ( plums), no methanol, no headache if drink too much.. In fact I inherited distilling equipment from my late grandfather - for our personal use, not selling. Even we have always some alcohol in the house, not rarely pass more than a week I drink some as aperitive or to cool down ( beer). I never had problems with alcoholism even with alcohol always present around. I tasted once I think a whiskey and dislike it. I like to smell aroma of the fruit in our schnapps. Our schnapps are in range of 44 -50%. Connection with beekeeping - plums, bees adore plums and if weather behave bring lot of pollen and nectar into my favorite spring multi floral honey..
  6. Well, we do roast hazelnuts and eat that way.. It is really addictive, hardly can stop until I move away bowl of it. I didn't mix it actually with honey, call me lazy.. I was thinking to make sort of choco cream with honey and grinded hazelnuts without any oil added. But also bit lazy for that. One my fellow hazel producer thinking of acquiring professional grinder for hazelnuts to grind into flour ( actually it become pasta), I think to wait till then. Beside that here temps are finally around zero celsius and ground is frozen as concrete. It is sunny but cold, yesterday we had strong northern wind - cold. Brood started ( dew on nylon). Hazels started to open catkins and every temp rise bees rush to collect pollen. These days will start to make fondants..
  7. Weapons causes massive harm in society.. I always imagine to what boundaries we could reach if all energy spent for destruction is directed toward creation..
  8. As I learned in school, prohibition created great american mafia.. So, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, heh?
  9. At one bee fair I saw jar with honey and with various nuts in it ( walnuts, hazelnuts, etc..) and called " Jumpy", recommended for men..
  10. Before all climate changes I count on human stupidity and radioactive waves sweeping across planet.. What is use of nuclear weapons if we don't use it, especially when more and more players are in possession of it. So I don't believe in overpopulation at all, I am counting on our human nature. Killing drones, smart bombs, hypersonic ICBM rockets, etc.., keeps reminding us that we are on the right path to glory. Beside that, watching these fire tornadoes and piles of burnt animals is sad to watch from far away, I can imagine being there and living it..
  11. As I am said, to buy imported honey in a Croatian port would cost me around 2 dollars. I am expected to believe that is honey? Still such imports going smoothly, what do " authorities"? So how not to be apathetic when own authorities by not doing what they should destroying own production. Also what research shown this year.. don't buy " honey" on the stands by the road on Croatia.. The vast majority of it isn't honey.. and selling such to tourists go smoothly.. It will be normal that authorities not just shut down such stands, also some put in prison for endangering human health. But knowing where I live.. I would like to see positive resolution.. but it would be miracle.. At same time is expected from beeks to lower prices for their honey to match all these mumbo jumbo.. Apathy or not, it's reality.. If someone doesn't know Croatia is in EU...
  12. No way, I will stick only to enjoy watching it.. For about 200-250 dollars is available decent telescope.. I would rather buy it instead if I decide I can..
  13. Never get deeper into it. Now when started talking, will have to try it to see can I loosen a bit.. If it is the case, what a heck I will move not all the bees onto it.. I will throw myself above the hive roofs " to help" them to forage.. One more drone, won't hurt.. 😏 Now I can see a potential in selling such pollen 🤑
  14. Near me are planting each year huge areas by hemp ( couple hundreds of ha), I already saw beeks installed bee containers around during blooming.. The fresh plant is having so strong repelling scent, such that I sometimes think it can hit as it's " hippie cousin"..
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