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  1. Goran

    More by-kill

    Human stupidity is infinite..
  2. Goran

    February 2019 diary

    About sweet juices, our wasps we treat with apple vinegar+ sweet juice - acidity keeps bees away and wasps seems not distracted from entering.. Usually is beer+apple vinegar, but works with sweet concentrated syrups and apple vinegar also. Not rarely I saw wax moths also in some combinations, I think the most I saw in comb. orange concentrated syrup+apple vinegar+ water ( not too much of water)..
  3. Goran

    Bees and babys.

    Long time ago I talked with one man whose kids had plenty of allergies.. Doctors told him that kids should consume goat milk daily and up till 1,5 years old had result on reducing of allergies. On the other hand, I think also isn't advised for the babies to consume goat milk before 8-10 months old.. So it is relative narrow window.. He told me that his kids were lot older when he talked with doctors, I think some 4-8 years. He said, he gave kids goat milk and after 6 months at one kid variety of allergies reduce from 16 to 8.. So is it due goat milk, who knows.. But since goat milk is healthy, and if someone has goats, why not..
  4. Goran

    Bees and babys.

    Our kid had couple years ago reaction to be sting, rush also. He also got treatment at emergency. Prior to that he had stings from bees, wasps without significant reaction - just swelling. I was also crushed, cause he liked the bees and had endless questions about bee life, queens, etc.. Now he avoid anything about bees. I heard in teen age all can be change, the immune system may reprogram and lose allergy to bee venom. Anyway we planned to do testing for our kid on allergies, and will see what is situation with that. I had long time ago reaction to wasp sting, also rush and had to get emergency treatment.. After that I've been stung by wasps with only swelling.. About my bee suit, kit and rest he didn't show any reaction. Maybe I should observe more carefully, will see.. Not little people I heard die of bee sting, unfortunately kids also. Even some long time beeks developed allergy reaction and died, as I heard.
  5. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Lol, when is strong flow over here and I shake so.. the whole lid would be covered. It spills almost as a water.. One year when I was selling colonies and I shake off some over top bars to they have something " to snack" while travelling, it was late afternoon, evening. It was wild cherry flow, the scent was strong and seducing.. Unbelievable how much of moisture they remove over night from honey..
  6. Goran

    Chasing the gold

    It is never ending story.. To enhance a chance of positive results, I think should include also drone selection ( drone mother/s)..
  7. Goran

    NZBF Identification please

    Ours mostly use pollen, the nectar I think only adults and little..
  8. Goran

    NZBF Identification please

    I am not from New Zealand but it looks as one of your solitary bees, Lasioglossum bee.. ?
  9. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Yes, this is his mobile phone..
  10. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Again: " Below video on Youtube is e-mail and phone number of the guy who invented it. " I think he has no website and link you posted.. I think these are copies.. I am getting feeling that I am selling something, but in fact I don't... To try to get him to register on this forum? It would be easier for me..
  11. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    " Below video on Youtube is e-mail and phone number of the guy who invented it. " By the way, the stainless steel used is for food industry ( no need for some surface protection) and welded with argon gas - about the quality and safety..
  12. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    I got the answer, the state post is OK. He said all he sent through it came to their destinations.. He mentioned if something doesn't reach destination he will compensate, but so far he had no such case. He mentioned that is paying by paypal. His email and phone is in youtube video.. I apologize to Admin for something I casually drop into this topic and it prevail as off topic.. If all should be deleted, please do so, I won't write about it more. By the way to be on topic, at my place short warm spell ( 5-10C) and await drop in temp and snow. Lost one colony ( some who love statistics 1,62% losses so far ). The rest seems, simply said OK. Honey of course I didn't sold, I got my stand and so far don't drop down.. Extra class black locust to go on extra low price... no way.. Lot of losses around me stunned me and got me worried when I lost one colony, but as time passes I think it will come similar as each season for me ?.
  13. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Our kid has better ruler..
  14. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    " For one piece package – DHL 110 euros ; state post 15 euros but travel 10 or so days longer. For 20 pieces – DHL – 228 euros; state post 45 euros." Later today if not a problem.
  15. Goran

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    He got few copies of his uncapper, he said after few days in honey they started to " yellow".. So maybe it is not just mass production, the quality is different.