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  1. Goran

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    My personal opinion: We have subsidies for agriculture which stimulate all but agriculture, it looks as stimulating to produce less or pretend to produce anything and get money for it.. There should be zero subsidies and help agriculture industry in other ways.. I am not in any politic party nor I am willing to join any, this is my free thinking, well mostly that left to me - beside couple barrels of honey and pile of hazelnuts not yet sold even I desperately need a money - I just said ENOUGH, rather it will rot than sell it for nickle and others laugh at my misery.. Forgot, to someone don't overlook, this I talk about my place not for New Zealand..
  2. Goran

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Difference in demand for premium and " regular".. Other thing all agriculture products at my place.. premium products are forced to go for lower price if they want to be sold at all, not rarely to absurd at same price as regular junk food.. That was happening gradually in years.. and that killed our agriculture which is now " dead man walking".. one of the reasons of high emigration from country which is still on high pace..
  3. Goran

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Be very careful to don't get burned.. At my place You would be deeply wrong..
  4. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Adapt and diversify maybe? What is market for other bee products.. Moving bees.. something we have over here as bee containers, packing within 30 minutes as same installing in new place about 40-50 colonies.. Don't know about your roads..
  5. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Around me are mostly using sweepers, lately heard some blowers. Escape boards.. since is SHB present now in Europe their use should be forgotten as it spreads.. I still use one horse power ( me) with brush, funnel and bucket.. for around 50 colonies.. One year when I had above 2 tons o honey extracted.. after that I could go for arm wrestling tournament..
  6. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Or thinking of some sweeper or blower..
  7. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Today first snowflakes started to fall at my place, bit shy but to remind us .. it is winter..
  8. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    When mentioning.. I had really strange pic couple years ago at my apiary.. Maybe some nature phenomena..
  9. Goran

    Dee Lusby's Bees

    I think the most of imports are related to A.m. ligustica and as new " fashion" buckfast... To me it is done by illiterate people no matter do they have phD, Dr. or whatever diploma.. Ligustica and buckfast in our conditions is risky for overwintering and I should have tons of sugar in stores to keep them alive. We don't have continuous flows as stationary, in fact I have 2 flows which I can extract ( and third totally lottery - lime/honeydew). So the rest of the season such big colonies would " eat me alive". Our carnies are rational with stores.. We also have a brood break which is God giving gift to combat varroa ( let's say it last 2-4 months usually) and due to that we don't know what is acarapis woodi.. I don't say that for your conditions are better carnies which honestly I don't know ( I would have to spend few seasons at your place to get the picture), just I am saying not for my place.. With uncontrolled imports we will bring unknown into our " routine"..
  10. Goran

    Dee Lusby's Bees

    At the beginning of my beekeeping I was at the apiary of my mentor ( I think it was first work for me into the real hive, don't take me by every word.. but), I had one gloves which were not giving enough protection.. We were working one hive at the end of a row and that was really colony from hell ( I think mentor purportedly took me to this one). When one strike at the weak spot on a glove about 20 others on my unfortune followed the example.. My hand was as boxing glove.. Nowadays I don't have such reaction to a sting, but still dislike to get stung. It distracts me from my work, instead of thinking what I am doing I would think when will next sting me.. So I get good protection to don't think a second about calm/angry bees just about I have to do with opened hive.. From time to time some of colonies get really nasty ( like a swarm on a veil), they do die in hundreds and I don't care and with first opportunity that queen is history.. No matter of general thinking that carnies are all calm.. But there is happening some illegal import of other bee strains which may help such nastiness. Next year will be done gene research of samples taken this season and will be interesting to see how pure our bees are.. They have done morphometric analysis and by that we are " pure"..
  11. Goran

    Dee Lusby's Bees

    Sheesh, then I have africanized bees.. Once they hit a jackpot, they continue to hit it again and again and..
  12. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Our honey dew is considered high in minerals, antioxidants, amino acids.. So I believe is yours. Here is in a higher class of honeys considering its price. But it doesn't occur each year in abundance to you can say it is honeydew..
  13. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Few years ago I solved my honey this way.. Only this way seems we can over here get decent price for our honey.. Right now I have excellent black locust honey which seems will wait " better" days.. Spring honey goes at doorstep nicely, some went to bees, some for us and some .. etc..
  14. Goran

    Laying Worker

    Sorry didn't answer earlier, older bees are gonna hardly accept new queen ( even if not laying worker colony) so that is why I place a qcell which they consider as their own ( I give 12-14 days old qcell), sides of a qcell I brush with honey from their hive. Requeening is then better when is later in queenright state.
  15. Goran

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Don't worry, queen won't be the first to explore new teritory, before that accepting period should be finished. If the queen is lost is by my opinion by bees from above which entered lower box where is queen. Without QE bees from above are forced to unite or die trying to pass. With QE, they have options which I don't want them to give, or more longer will last unification. Forgot these two I united I found later queens in lower box..