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  1. When such thing happen to me, I leave open BB for 5-10 minutes more. So if she cruise around to have time to cool down temper and return back.. This happen mostly with young queens, or when she is in diet in preparation for swarming..
  2. Goran


    When reading this, first what come to my mind is Walt Disney " No hunting" episode.. Sorry.. for.. offtopic 😏
  3. Goran


    I am not vegan, nor hunter. BUT when I was walking through orchard ( watching massacre of what we grown for years) day by day, if I met deer I would go after him with bare hands regardless his antlers ( in such situations fear doesn't exist, just pure anger)..
  4. Goran


    I am not familiar with your 1080 pesticide, but if it can keep numbers of deers down, how we can import the " cure" since herds of 50-100 deers are menacing us really hard as lot of people quit sowing and planting fruit trees cause of them.. I myself had heavy damage on about 200 fruit trees and on the other over 1000 " some less" ( eat the flower buds for next season). When I was walking through the orchard by the smell I was thinking I am in a stable.. The hunter's hands are tied, cause they are allowed to kill few per season, and deer population growth are hundreds per season ( does now have to 2 fawns each since such " paradise" for them).. Lately seems some disease got them ( due overpopulation, I presume nature found it's way to keep it down), which may struck them hard to my relief.. For a year I had no visible damage ( few attempts with braking electric fence). Smaller roe deer is decent animal, it come to fence and walk around, but deers break in and carve deep in trunk of fruit trees, strip off bark of fruit trees, cut in half young fruit trees. To don't get wrong there is abundance of available food around fence. Some says all animals are God's creatures, somehow I believe deers are of " Other" guy creatures..
  5. I got used to it that way. Now when drink without honey it feels empty to me. Especially I use multi floral honey which has strong flavor by itself. I also like tea with honey, except sage I have to drink it straight.. Forgot, I don't drink green/black indian tea. Decades ago when I was drinking it, also I liked it more straight than with sweetener.
  6. In season when we have decent weather and black locust offer its nectar I manage to get nice quality. It doesn't crystallize for 2 years. Unfortunately I have to wait pretty long to sell it for decent price. I demand minimum 4 euros ( about 6,72 nzd) per kg at large but stand for its quality. Black locust - young trees in foot of the mountain preparing to open flowers, uphill I have more time. I wait to black locust flow start and then extract multi floral honey, that way I also get pure black locust honey. When weather is right, and colonies prepared, the black locust flow is must see and feel. Whole area is filled with one synchronized pulsating buzz, bees are then like one organism.. and when evening come seducing smell of black locust flowers flood area and make you so tranquil.. Sometimes then when I watch starry sky while walking on hill some quiet sadness overwhelm.. For multi floral honey, they offer me 3,62 nzd per kg at large. My multi floral honey is from the mountain, no OSR near. The yield in good years is 5-7kg per hive, extremely I got around 15kg per hive last season.. It is weather dependent ( unstable spring weather). I tell them that I have no so cheap honey and no more discussion about it. I personally eat mostly this multi floral honey, share to friends, family and they also like it as myself. I don't use sugar in my coffee..
  7. Not for the pig.. For the hard work which isn't appreciated much.. When someone tell me: Aaah beekeeping, easy money.. No one appreciate how is this physically and mentally demanding work.. All just count the money you receive. The costs, setbacks, the stress, job load - no one ( cause that are not their backs in matter).. I know it is not advisable, but I returned much of last year spring honey to bees rather than to " sell" it for low money. At least bees knows that is first class multifloral honey. They will return it to me with black locust honey - hopefully..
  8. You should read more news from my country and compare with reality.. You would be in danger of stomach aching due to laugh.. You are amateurs 😁
  9. One respected ( late) beekeeper said over here: " Beekeeping isn't hobby, beekeeping isn't occupation, beekeeping is diagnosis"..
  10. To don't trick you look. It is tough and thick, especially when is cold, these days it is really hard to pull it out from barrel even it isn't crystallized. When you let it drop from above it slaps in wide thin layers not as beam/stream. Its high demand is cause it is neutral in color, taste and You should ask yourself.. how much of sage, lavender honey is in the jar of declared sage/ lavender honey or some even more expensive honey. Declarations here are just joke.. Like when is written origin of honey on the jar ( from EU and none EU countries ).. People here don't believe what is written on labels, cause lot of it is false.. So I can freely import honey from Martian Federation and " mix" with my honey in same jar.. 👿
  11. Window frame ( pics taken in front of window).
  12. When showing jars, for some trivia this is last year black locust honey..
  13. At my place is old say: As long there are sheep, there will be wool..
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