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  1. Update, I found the queen, and is in great shape and big. Never seen a virgin queen before etc and she must of been hiding or out mating.
  2. Feel a little disappointed now that she isn't a normal Queen. From what I read, I thought bees would only feed larvae and cap cells that were the right age to be queens.
  3. Never heard of Intercaste, and just googled it. I've never seen a new queen before, and thought that this is her, I could be wrong as I didn't want to muck around too long looking. I have read that she could go on and keep the hive going until the bees supersede her. In which case if she is the queen I'll let her have her time as shes my 1st and earned it. I'll wait a few more weeks and see if shes mated and laying before I make the call.
  4. [USER=102]@dansar[/USER] Yes, I've been trying to find breeds of honey bees online but can't find anything with a list and photos of them to find out what she is
  5. I believe this to be my New Queen that just emerged from my 1st attempt at grafting. Sadly the 2nd one never emerged. She is a lot darker than the other bees and darker than the Queen she came from.
  6. Photo of one of my Queen cells. This was encased in wax right over the 2nd cell and they had to be cut down the middle to separate them. Hopping the queen can still emerge for them.
  7. [USER=470]@tristan[/USER] This is what I was told to use by Ceracell, what are the Normal cups?
  8. [USER=470]@tristan[/USER] Yes they are. I got 2 strikes out of 8 for my 1st attempt
  9. Hi, I just had a strike of 2 out of 8 on my 1st grafting, and the bees have drawn out the cups and should be capped tomorrow (15/1/16), with moving them into mating Nucs on tuesday (19/1/16). how do I start of the Nuc? do I remove frames from my main hive and let them go queenless the day before I insert the queen cells or make a nuc with a frame from the starter and empty drawn frames for the queen to fill once hatched and mated. I have 3 frames in my starter with the 4th being the queen cells, and 2 queens to mate. Any help is grateful Thanks To help...At the moment
  10. Hardgrave A8041


    Close up of eggs in cells
  11. Playing around with my camera. wasn't til I checked photos, I saw two larvae in one cell, have been told that the nurse bees would sort it out.
  12. More Eggs and Larvae
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