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  1. Glyphosate will kill most anything , even jasmine and wandering jew if it is used in the middle of summer during a hot dry spell. No penetrate is needed .
  2. when the north has had a big winter wet before how has that influenced the spring and summer flowering. the water tables must be pretty high now. will that be a good thing for the next season .
  3. I have treated nasty infected looking small wounds with alternating , tea tree oil, christaderm ( spelling ??) and garlic and manuka honey . If you apply crushed garlic to the skin and put over a decent cloth sticking plaster it will blister up the skin .The you can apply honey to the open blistered skin .
  4. I have never ever heard of gates being stolen before. I am stunned with what you have told me of your saga. Do people behave like that on the barrier. I think smaller numbers of people where you can run but you can not hide must slow down anti social behavour .
  5. I use jute sacks too and leave them outside for a few months. I do not think you can get cheap hemp sacks yet . I do not know how it burns .
  6. Good luck . I hope you track it down .
  7. Dont take a test. It may reflect badly on the govt if you are positive . And Jacinda may not get re-elected. And we can't have that .
  8. thats just terrible you must be feeling sick to your stomach and shattered. is it insured.?
  9. was this on the island , where are they going to go ?
  10. The same here. All our trees are braced for the westerly . the big windfall is from a soueast wind . When I was involved in pest control in the area I would never go up into the pines behind me in an easterly. I saw which way the trees were all lying that had blown down .
  11. does the easterly scream down the maitai valley ?
  12. Bees have been busy in the hakea . It has been warm but we have had a lot of cloudy rainy weather. For 2 days we had easterly gales with gusts of 80klm .
  13. I thought they only had to be built to bulding code standard .
  14. Remember you do not need permits for anything under 30sq mtrs now .
  15. after 8 yrs in the packing shed i learnt alot about marketing. the sellers used to come to the shed and inspect the crop . they were always happy to chat about what was happening as they walked around. a cultural palate for for a particular taste applies across many foods. i was not surprised to hear it was clover and rata going into china. if manuka was not medicinal i do not think the Chinese would eat it.
  16. if you lined the walls with cheap polystyrene sheet it would help with heating bills. you can get 6 " replacement fans for heat transfer systems from mitre 10 for $100. they work as extractor fans.
  17. Great for chutney and pies though. Golden delicious bruise very easy. my dad said they were never allowed to be picked till after 10am and they had firmed up . Pink lady are the same , goldens are one of their parents .
  18. Pics have sent their first load of honey to china. rata and clover. the whiter the better for the Chinese market. if the chinese get a taste for rata honey it will be good for all coast beeks. i remember when i worked in the packing shed that i learnt that the Asian market like sweet sugar ball apples like fuji. the braeburn went to germany and the english still ate sturmers. however that market was dying off. literally.
  19. i am hoping the la nina the boffins are saying might happen does happen.
  20. i think hes talking about punching cones
  21. do you have any mahonia longifolia near you.. Grape holly.
  22. Thats pretty rare here too. Lots of hoppers in the flax . They breed in there
  23. not really any five finger here. what other native have you seen them on that i should look at.?
  24. I like to extract my honey frame by frame and keep it unblended which would give all the problems of comb honey . The honey from my place arrives in a 20 litre bucket blended , but all from here . Down the coast there were fantastic pure manuka crops . Most of this honey came from more inland areas with scrubby manuka on sour pakahi soil , not tutu country. Now that MPI has considered us a high risk area and honey has to be extracted early it will be problematic . A lot of crops come late here . I shall really have to think about the tutin issue now .
  25. Did you get very sick . Does the honey have a distinct flavour ?
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