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  1. If DOC found out that would be a very expensive roast dinner .
  2. Our kowhai never get to flower , the pigeons destroy them . Clematis in full flower . Kamahi is late , saw some small unopened buds today .
  3. If the soil is too cold and wet they will sulk and rot .
  4. When do you normally plant your kumara ?
  5. Thats exactly my observations too .
  6. @jamesc Things are late here to compared to last yr . August and early sep were wet and windy this yr .
  7. I used a paint stirrer on a battery drill , a creamed pohutukawa/ clover blend for seed . Then took up a lot of fridge room for 3 weeks .
  8. that is a short term greed move that the NZ ag sector is very good at.
  9. do you think the hive controls the queens laying and when the bees think there are not enough of them to keep the brood warm and healthy they interfere with the queens laying.
  10. i have not yet found the queen in my hive full of bees. she was a late summer supersedure and i have never found her to mark. i would really like too, it makes all the difference to finding queens if they are marked.
  11. Of my two hives at home the staples did affect brood placement . They were winter hives . But the hive I moved down the rd into the hakea that filled a box of capped honey behaved like a summer hive and the strips did not affect the brood pattern . The queen layed underneath . This hive was bursting with bees which would have kept it warm and dry . Maybe its a temperature thing .
  12. With such a powerful hi pressure over the country you could probably cross the straight on a paddle board .
  13. I watched the program on tv 3 on cannabis and it reminded me of the bee keeping industry . A narrowly very usefull product hyped into a magic cure all . Weasle words like , quality control, regulation , standardisation, all shorthand for corporate take over . People who have never had any interest in the product or the industry jumping in for the money . I hope the bubble bursts and they loose their millions . It would serve them right .
  14. Whats your policy on cycling out dark frames of brood wax . I have read diverging opinions on whether dark wax matters . Some frames go dark brown pretty quickly but look very clean other than the colour . Beeks who have been bee keeping for many yrs do not seem so bothered by dark frames as new entrances.
  15. Do you think this is due to overstocking , to enviromental changes , to new diseases in the bees. If the hive numbers in NZ halve to you think bee vitality will return or have things changed permanently for the worse.?
  16. It would be if it were for bee keeping but its an art installation.
  17. @M4tt I am glad you got some sun . Are your boxes painted sun colours as a sympathetic magic strategy. I went through my hives today . The queen in the weak hive I gave brood too is now laying well. I gave that hive another frame of capped brood from a hive I wish to weaken and moved the hive out of the nuc and into a box . The 3/4 frames that had comb built at the bottom have had all that comb filled with drone brood . I bust open some drone brood and could see no varroa . I shuffled some strips around and removed chewed ones . After not really touching them all winter they are munching them.up now . I fed some frames of honey to the hives . They are bringing some nectar in but not enough I think.
  18. The summer setting is the hive right at the front covering the coloured plastic on the base . Over time the plastic slots in the base stretch and soften and the bees can get down between them but they can not get back up that way .
  19. I think people will still be making it up as we go along for a while yet .
  20. My strips sat in the hives mostly untouched all winter. But in the last 3 weeks they have demolished them and any new ones I put in . The ones I stored in plastic over winter have crystalised slightly but they still taste very tangy .
  21. There maybe a virgin in your hive . If you have any frames of comb with holes or broken bits its very easy for queencells to hide there . I have missed them there , even with very carefull looking .
  22. I had the same thing happen with my HD base and I posted earlier how to fix it . The gaps between plastic widen , the bees fall out and can not work out the orange dial because they did not leave the hive that way . The hive needs to lifted over the lugs and the bees given an entrance they can make sense of .
  23. At least shes probably not coming with rain . I have just finished watching , the loudest voice , a dramatised series about Roger Ailes and the development of Fox news. I think you would really enjoy it . Russel Crowe plays Roger . Perfect casting .
  24. If you watch Al jazeera regularly you will be informed . Anytime oil becomes really expensive it encourages the development of alternatives .
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