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  1. From.your description I think I have very little southern rata honey here .
  2. How can you tell the ratas apart in the frames . What colour is northern rata . It would be very hard to get the consumer to start calling borage honey ,echium honey . It would be a marketing disaster .
  3. That beautiful . What is the pink flowers . How far south does the echium grow .?
  4. What sort of alcohol do you use . I have some industrial stuff for cleaning my garlic . Or do you use whisky or vodka etc
  5. Is there more honey coming in if you wanted it . I have learnt if you want the bees to clean up and refil the wets properly you have to put them on when theres a flow. If I take too much wax off when I scrape and put it back in the hive when the flows nearly over they cap the frame over with thin layer of honey .
  6. Has your weather turned nice too . The temps are still a lot colder than the last two summers . The sea off the west coast has been consistently two and up to three degrees colder this summer . Last two summers it has been up to three degrees warmer . Thats 6 degrees difference . Our rata will finish in week I think . It starts flowering before christmas here and gradually works its way down the west coast . The cooler weather has delayed flowering this yr . Kamahi finished here beginning of dec. Since I have been discussing things on the forum I have realised that what happens here in the bush is a good indication of how flowering will be later further down the coast .
  7. Weather has turned great . Hills are full of flowers , rata , kanuka , manuka , mahoe , native jasmine and white rata starting . Me and the bees , we are very happy .
  8. the bees will get pollen from parsley. have you considered something like mustard, buckwheat or phacelia which will give a honey flow.
  9. Did you mean to say 60 ? Do you need all 60 queens or are you covering your self because you expect such big losses
  10. Are you optimistic about the results ?
  11. A lot of beeks will be thinking that . How they thought they could get away with that I do not know . The taste , texture even the colour is completely different . And the favour dominates . There is lots . Still rata , heaps of kanuka and manuka . I have lotus and bits of clover .And white rata vine just starting . If weather is good there is lots to collect . Nothing ever dries up with drought here . Do you get a good flower of manuka each yr on the Barrier island .?
  12. The wind will often come up in spring about 11am after a very calm morning , and it can be very strong . If a queen has left early and gets caught out theres very little chance she will make it home . Most of my sucessfull matings happen in an easterly , we are not so exposed to that direction. There are only two other permanent apiaries near me , each at least 5 klm away . This spring I had two sucessful matings which surprised me . I often loose queens in spring or end up with drone layers .
  13. Yes , I think so . There is a lot of mostly capped kamahi . I shall take the frames off and store them and wait and see how much I can have and how much to leave for bees . If the commercial beek has to take his hives away I will not be getting my bucket of honey . Does the manuka flower well each year on the Barrier ?
  14. Its a fantastic manuka yr here . I was in a part of my place with a pure manuka stand and it was like being near a bee hive and I could see the flowers full of bees .
  15. Looked through hives today . Pleased with amount of honey considering the weather . Once again wax foundation frames drawn plastic ignored. Another queen has mated and laying well. I will combine this new queen hive with another which has no laying queen . The lines company has noticed that the migrant beek on my place has blocked access to the power pole and is going to ask the beek to move them . I suppose he will have to take some right away . Its not like you can move a hive 2 mtrs .
  16. Only a percentage is blue . It didnt used to have blue in it.
  17. Are you saying that the bush burn , rye clover seed mix , that I throw around has neonic treated seed .
  18. What do you think he would say about things today. ?
  19. Was that manuka . Is there any money in any other honey.?
  20. The black currant growers may have gone through something similar after the ribena incident .
  21. @Nuc_man The general.public has no idea how bad the situation is for a lot of commercial beeks without pollination contracts . They are still caught up in the licence to print money for manuka , all beeks are rich , media stuff from.a couple of yrs ago . I expain the situation to my friends , they are largely unaware of whats going on ..
  22. You are looking to have a nice week , is there a lot flowering down there now . We are lucky we have 58 hectares so we have a licence to pollute. Also endless fire wood beech , manuka , rata , blackwood etc So we have a wet back . We can have whatever wood burner we want and we shut it right down at night to smolder away .
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